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Community Spotlight: Movie or RL Event as an MMORPG?

Posted by MikeB Sunday June 24 2012 at 7:00PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight we focus on the thread, "If you coul take a Movie,Book or RL event and make an MMORPG, what would it be?" by Wakygreek. In the thread, Wakygreek puts the exercise to our users as such:

Are there any books, movies or rl events that you think could ever be a good MMO?

Please list what you feel would be a major success as a MMORPG if you could chose the companies to produce it.

The only rule is that you have to chose between Books,Movies or a RL event.

I think the world of Terry Goodlkind, from the Sword of Truth book series would be one of the best worlds to create an MMORPG in. You can have factions, pvp, sieges. I mean you could really go nuts.

What'd the community come up with? Read on to find out!

Loke666 feels that Britain (in the period of 1066) would make for a great MMO:

Real life event: Britain and the land around it 1066. It could make an awesome gameworld with vikings, normans, celts, saxons, angles, scots, picts and cunrus fighting for supremacy against eachother.

Think it rather sandboxy were guilds and alliances could build towns and forts, and crafters could plant crops and herbs, raise cattle and mine. 

As for transports players and guilds should own ships (horses should be more for battle). Imagine a longship piloted by 1 player and getting speed by having players rowing it. 

Mix in some themepark PvE, mainly DEs of the type GW2 have but a bit more random in placement.

No levels, no magic, no healing (but auto-healing after each combat to cut out downtime), no friggin fantasy whatsoever and a rather bloody combat system that is based on your weapon with a dynamic skill bar that differs depending on what attack you did last and whatever attack the opponent last hit you with if any, all based on actual melee combat.

For advancement something close to Everquest 1 & 2s AAs, points you get for certain achivements which can buy you certain things, and a seperate AA point system for crafting(which mean you get points for crafting a rare item but just once for it, for discovering a material and other craft related things).

And of course high customization on crafting so real mastersmiths using rare materials actually can craft items them theyselves name (like Attilas meteorite iron blade "Mars" IRL) and decide how they look based on the mats they use and skins they unlocked with crafting AA.

I have plenty of more ideas for that but it would turn into a wall of text. I also have an idea for CIV styled games which have tiers depending on technology so your character starts in the early stone age and moved to the early 19th century by crafting or defeating challenges. That one would be rather gear based though.

I am tired of fantasy MMO and some historical games without magic and healing but with a kick@ss combat system would liven up the genre. :)

Wolvards feels the film '300' would make a solid MMO:

I'm thinking like a 300 mmo would be bad ass. Location is Mediterranean Sea/ surrounding area's.

classes, not sure but something like..

Spartan, priest, assasin, archer. Maybe another "special class". This could be your greeks or something.

then Persians! Immortals! Another form of an archer, don't know about priest type class, but something similar, maybe like a song player or something? Chants more than direct spells? Then a Messenger? (rogue type class) and the bomb throwers!

Then you could have.... Crap who would a third faction be? Arcadians? Hmm might need to re-think this one...

Anireth offers up a couple of suggestions:


The IP doesn't change the game, but that's true for everything, whether fiction or textbook. This whole thing is pointless if you assume the same old mechanics. I believe no one here would want a Firefly or Naruto or Terry Goodkind based MMO with the mechanics of SWTOR or WoW.

Personally, i would love to see:

.hack - The perfect candidate, it's already set in an MMO (mostly) after all. And they even made a single player game that simulates an MMO..especially funny when many people solo MMOs. We'll see how the next best candidate, Otherland, which is also partly MMO, will turn out soon enough..

Dune - compared to Dune, even LotR is only child's play.

Babylon 5 - One of the best sci-fi series ever.

The Foundation Trilogy of Isaac Asimov and related works, like the second trilogy by Greg Bear etc.

I'd love to see 'The Thirteenth Floor' come to life as an MMO. This film is fairly similar to The Matrix (and came out around the same time) but is a bit more generic and doesn't have the same stigma as The Matrix series did. It's a simple idea of people jacking into a convincing virtual reality and living out their fantasies. You don't have superpowers, you simply get to be someone else and experience life in a different time period or setting. I won't spoil the amusing twist of the film itself, but everyone should check it out if they haven't already!

Runner-up: Dark City. Need I say more? :)

What about you? What RL event, book, or film do you feel would make a great MMO and why? Share your thoughts in the comments below!