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Community Spotlight: Does League of Legends Fill the MMO Void?

Posted by MikeB Sunday June 3 2012 at 5:32PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight we focus on the thread, "Do you know why everyone plays LoL right now?" by Lonzo. In the thread, Lonzo asserts that LoL's popularity with MMO players has much to do with the general sense of dissatisfaction many fans of the genre have had for MMOs released over the past couple of years:

There is no alternative for us MMO-Fans out there. LoL is the perfect thing to play between MMO releases and right now there is really no MMORPG out there that is really worth to play.

Does the community agree? Read on to find out!

gaeanprayer feels LoL is a great in-between game, but doesn't hold a candle to even the most basic MMOs:

LoL is actually a good game. I played long enough to get Sona and long enough afterward to piss everyone off with her :3 But ultimately it's very shallow, and I don't see how it compares to even the most KTx quest-driven MMO where my characters advance and grow and do more than just lane-then-kill.

I agree though, it's a great game between in, something to play while an MMO is downloading.

InfinityD completely agrees:

You are absolutely correct in my case, at any rate.

Quit WoW. Started playing LoL. Nothing else has held my interest since. Rift is bland, SWTOR was fun for the one month, Diablo 3 was fun through normal and nightmare and then meh. Tera got dull before the beta was over.

At this point im inclined to think that perhaps I just enjoy MOBA gameplay more than MMO gameplay now. Maybe my MMO days are over. Or maybe Guild Wars 2 will do the trick. But i've hyped over way too many games to do it again. I'd rather not care, and be pleasantly suprised later.

Banegrivm weighs in:

My two cents.

I prefer the original old school MMO's to the "modern MMO's" which well, just bore me to tears. I miss the days when people actually RP'ed in games. I miss the days when there was permadeth (NWN on AOL), I miss the days when games had actual purpose and an actual point to playing (MPBT on GEnie), I miss the days when MMO's were just fun and not a loot grind and level treadmill. By those comparisons, all MMO's right now are just not fun at all for me. I am looking forward to Guild Wars 2 to a degree because it's alot different. I am most excited about Mechwarrior Online because for the most part it's going to be a reincarnation of the original Multi-Player Battletech from GEnie which was one of the first MMO's. I'm all over that like white on rice. That all being said however...

I loves me some LoL. I love it because I can just play it and have fun. I think alot of game devs miss the point nowadays. Games should be about fun and not about a work ethic. I don't enjoy any game because I need to "level up" or "grind away" gear. I play a game based on whether or not it is fun, not on how much I have to work at it. I love LOL because it's so laid back. I can pick it up at any point in time and just play. It's FUN, and that's something most modern MMO's just don't seem to really get which I think is very very sad.

I don't know why 'everyone' plays League of Legends, but I can personally attest to the fact that I end up playing the game more often when I'm in-between or not actively playing an MMO. Sometimes I take a break from my 'active' MMO and just play League whenever I have time. However, when I am actively playing an MMO I tend to avoid League. I just have to be in a certain mindset, I suppose.

I don't necessarily agree that the game's popularity hinges at all on what's going on in the MMO genre, but I'm sure there are many MMO fans like myself who get tons of play out of the game. It's just fun and addicting once you break the ice and get comfortable with the fundamentals.

What do you think? If you play League of Legends, does it have to do with the fact you're in-between MMOs? Or is League something you'd enjoy even if you were actively playing an MMO? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

fenistil writes:

Don't like MOBA-s too much, which might be weird cause I played alot of Warcraft 3, which is grandfather of MOBA-s (DOTA mod for W3 was / is actually since it is still going).


I DO have some hopes for what MOBA's can do for mmorpg's.

MOBAS can offer online entertaiment for those people that were / are looking for arenas entertaiment in mmorpg's and that don't like 'rest' of the game.

Lobby dungeon crawlers can hopefully offer similar thing for those ppl that like running instances but don't like 'rest' of the game.

After more titles come to MOBA & lobby dungeon crawlers - then mmorpg genre may lose of popualrity BUT at same time reinvent itself by partially going back to roots by becaming bit more hardcore & virtual world massively experience and use some new technology possiblities to make this kind of experience better.


I would like that.  Current mmorpg's that go for single-co-op lobby like experience bore me to tears, so I want a drastic shift in mmorpg design, smaller amount of titles, and lose of playerbase to MOBA's and if that could bring some really virtual-world, massively bit sandboxy experience.


Current mmorpg's are stale and that why there are so much flops.

Sun Jun 03 2012 7:26PM Report
Rohn writes:

While there are a lot of complaints that current MMOs do not have good MMO gameplay, I think the same can be said of MOBAs, in that they also do not have good MMO gameplay.  As far as I'm concerned, they actually have no MMO gameplay, and wonder why they would be listed as an MMO alternative.

Sure, they can be fun games, as so can be a good filler game between main games.  But, any good game - shooter, RTS, turn-based strategy, sim, or MOBA - can be a good filler game.  I don't know why MOBAs are being specifically identified as alternatives to MMO, when they have very little in common with them.

Sun Jun 03 2012 8:05PM Report
mcrippins writes:

I think LoL is a great game. I think SMITE will appeal to more players who are MMO players. Smite is like a mix between WoW player view and your popular moba such as dota, hon, or LoL.

Sun Jun 03 2012 8:53PM Report
BigHatLogan writes:

I don't see how big lines of idiot mobs running into each other fills the MMORPG void let alone any void. 

Mon Jun 04 2012 7:23PM Report
Yamota writes:

Competetive PvP beats PvE anytime and that is the issue. There are no good competetive PvP mmorpgs out there.

Tue Jun 05 2012 3:17AM Report writes:
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