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Community Spotlight: Star Wars Galaxies to Shut Down

Posted by MikeB Friday June 24 2011 at 10:03PM
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This week's Community Spotlight is a bit different than our usual spotlights. Today, we're focusing on what the community is saying in the wake of this week's announcement that Star Wars Galaxies will be shutting down later this year. Star Wars Galaxies has had a long and tumultuous run as a game that was once heralded as the ultimate sandbox experience only to fall from grace with the launch of the New Game Experience or "NGE". The implementation of the NGE was divisve to say the least, sparking a mass exodus of players from the game, a downturn the game just never recovered from, despite SOE's ambitious and continuous updates to the service.

So what are community members saying in reaction to the announcement? We'll be focusing on the responses in Aktalat's thread.

Zinzan doesn't feel many gamers will be bothered by the news:

This has always been a talking point, would they let two SW mmo's run at the same time or would TOR be the end of SWG. I guess now we know.

Doubt many will be bothered, SWG is the shining example of how to take a brilliant mmo, release it too early, break half the classes, reduce the game to profession grind and then piss off the entire community by completely changing the game into a watered-down version of itself at which time they reaped the biggest single exodus of gamers i think we'll ever see in an mmo.

Misles finds the announcement somewhat bittersweet:

This is one of those bittersweet moments.  A part of me is glad to see the abomination that is the NGE now crashing horribly to the ground.  And then again, the other part of me is sad to see the IP being shut down.  Has Sony Online Entertainment not learned from their mistakes?  Have they not learned that if it wasn't broke, they shouldn't have fixed it?  And I hope you get what I mean by that analogy.

All I have to say is god bless and god speed Star Wars Galaxies.  May you find eternal peace after such a long time enduring your pain.

"You where the Chosen One!  You were suppose to destroy the Sith, not join them!  You were suppose to bring balance to the Force!  Not leave it in darkness!" -Obi Wan Kenobi

Malickie has something to say to those who would say "good riddance":

I'd hardly say that, I've been playing again for a couple weeks, people still love this game and rightfully so. Compared to what's on the market today, there's still no replacement. For those who like a game with as many options as well as community focus, there will be nothing to turn to.

I doubt a lot of thsoe playing will have much interest in TOR, some sure, but the reason to play SWG is far different than the reason to play TOR. SWG still has an excellent community, and 3 nicely populated servers. AOC and funcom wish they could say that.

To be honest, my heart sort of sank a bit when I heard this news today, I'm one of those "SWG nerds" that many people like to poke fun at, but so what? I wear that with pride. Star Wars Galaxies was my first MMO and boy was it a hot mess at launch, but I loved it nonetheless. Some of the closest friends I keep in touch with and game with every day were met on Starsider back in the game's heyday, and while the game had its ups and downs from launch all the way through to the NGE I'm glad I got to take part in the experience.

By the time the NGE rolled around I was already pretty unhappy with the game, I hated the perversion of the continuity with all the prequel film tie ins (especially in space, prequel ships were the best, huh?!), and the community had never really recovered from the great Holocron Fiasco, but still, there wasn't another game on the scene like it and there certainly weren't any other Star Wars MMOs available.

The NGE still serves as one of the biggest if not the biggest mistakes in MMO history and one that likely every developer in the industry today is keenly aware not to repeat. However, if you can take a moment to breathe and really look back on the years since the NGE launched SOE has honestly done a great deal to update the game in ways that have made it better in many areas and I think they should still be commended for that. Star Wars Galaxies today is likely close to the vision they must have had for the NGE when it was released, but it would have perhaps been better as a separate game itself.

In any case, I'm sad to see the game go, but it's future beyond the launch of The Old Republic was likely to be grim anyways, despite being significantly different from a design perspective.

To all of you who are still on Starsider (and especially Starsider natives), best of luck in your MMO travels!

I'd like to leave you all with one question this weekend: do any of you plan on coming back to the game before it goes down? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Distopia writes:

Definitely a very despondent moment, while I don't think I've ever been letdown as much by any business, I also do not think I've ever had a better gaming experience (while it lasted).

There are so many mixed feelings surrounding galaxies for me,  strong bonds and friendships, great memories, I really don't think I'll ever find an experience in a game, like the one I had in galaxies.

My only postive from this is I know I'll see many friends from B-fin in TOR, maybe not as many as I'd like. I do know a good portion of my old guild is playing, and that's enough for me.

Sat Jun 25 2011 9:39AM Report
Warzod writes:

I really just can't. I have started the SOE launcher a few times and just closed it back down again. What's the point? First MxO now this... I hate you SOE.

Sat Jun 25 2011 9:54AM Report
dx2killa writes: It will surely be missed by many, and shrugged off by many. Sat Jun 25 2011 10:55AM Report
Khalathwyr writes:

I'd like to leave you all with one question this weekend: do any of you plan on coming back to the game before it goes down? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

I'm not sure what the point in going back would be. SOE made it clear I'm not wanted as a customer with the NGE which I accepted long ago. I haven't felt the urge to log into any of their stable of games since. Even though, at one time, they provided the best MMO gaming experience I've ever had.

Sat Jun 25 2011 11:22AM Report
Dengar writes:

The thing that saddens me most is that this will only reinforce some opinions in "the biz" that sandbox games are not profitable =/ 

Sat Jun 25 2011 12:19PM Report
Noobkilar writes:

glad some schmo bought my account off me a while back lol, but sucks sony shafted the few people left playing.


I wonder if lucas arts forced it, and a soon pending release date announced for SWTOR? I can feel a disturbance in zee force!

Sat Jun 25 2011 12:43PM Report
Foomerang writes:

I'll keep playing til Dec 15th.  Ive been there since launch day, Im gonna see it when they shut it down.  I think I need the closure aspect of being there when they pull the plug.

Sat Jun 25 2011 2:22PM Report
phil_james writes:

I'd have thought that SOE would have taken the game down the hybrid payment model before pulling the plug.  Maybe with their recent difficulties there is pressure on them to trim the fat.

Hopefully we won't see a similar announcement for Vanguard.

Sat Jun 25 2011 4:30PM Report
wmbyrne writes:

On the bright side we have a New Republic release date, or at least Dec 15th.

Sat Jun 25 2011 5:29PM Report
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Sat Jun 25 2011 10:38PM Report
zaxxon23 writes:

My first mmo and my favorite to date, minus the NGE of course (I left near the combat upgrade).  It's unfortunate that such a finely crafted and large digital world will be retired, particularly in light of the theme park aspect nowadays which makes virtual worlds smaller, more confined, and funnels everyone to the same few places.

I will miss the true freedom SWG provided before they knee-jerked and felt they had to copy wow to compete.  Had they stuck to the original vision SWG would be the premiere competitor to wow today, offering a quasi-sandbox option that many gamers wish was available.  But as in the famous song, you don't know what you got until it's gone...

Sun Jun 26 2011 12:11PM Report
Mitara writes:

"The NGE still serves as one of the biggest if not the biggest mistakes in MMO history and one that likely every developer in the industry today is keenly aware not to repeat"

Are you kidding me? That would be a first. Not a single developer out there has ever learned the lesson by the predecessors. They have done the same mistakes over and over and over for the last 10 years, since the abomination they called EQ1

Thu Jun 30 2011 3:01AM Report
Monthigos writes:

SOE revamped and simplified combat in Free Realms (if simplifying was even possible) much to the dismay of their player base.  They did not learn their lesson at all.

I am actually really sad to see it go.  Even though I got bored of the game years ago, some of my best MMO moments were from SWG.  I can attribute most all of those moments to exploration, socialization, and other sandbox features.

They should have focused more on the OT instead of throwing in all the NT stuff.  They should have not done the holocron craze and just left jedi out.  They should not have let armor, buffs and FOTM crap get so out of control that they felt the need to introduce the CU.  They should not have ditched the skill tree with the NGE.  Shoulda, coulda, woulda.  Oh well.

SWG should have just been a generic sci-fi sandbox game.  Maybe it would still be alive if that were the case.

Tue Jul 19 2011 6:04AM Report writes:
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