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E3 Preview

Posted by garrett Monday June 14 2010 at 10:38AM
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Hi Everyone,

I am lucky enough to get the last Blog spot before E3. So I am just going to be blunt here....

This is our E3 Schedule. Please come along for the ride.


E3 Schedule 2010

Tuesday, June 15th    -

12:00 pm – THQ – Warhammer  40K MMO

12:00 pm – Trion - RIFT

1:00 pm – Star Wars: The Old Republic

2:00 pm – Nexon

3:00 pm – SOE

3:00 pm – Turbine / Warner Bros.

4:00 pm – Gazillion

4:30 pm – Final Fantasy XIV

Wednesday, June 16th   

10:00 am – TERA

11:00 am – Global Agenda

11:00 am – Perfect World

1:00 pm – All Points Bulliten

1:00 pm – Hunted – Bethesda

2:00 pm – 38 Studios

2:00 pm – Battlestar Galatica MMO

2:00 pm – Gamersfirst MMOs

3:00 pm – Gala-Net  

3:00 pm – Gamigo

4:00 pm – Need for Speed Online

4:30 pm – LEGO Universe


We will bring you the best coverage possible this week! You may see Guild Wars 2 and Cataclysm not on the list, unfortunately they are not showing at E3. Regardless we will bring you the best coverage possible.

Kanester writes:

SOE = Planetside Next? Hope so.

Mon Jun 14 2010 1:10PM Report
UNH0LYEV1L writes:


Mon Jun 14 2010 1:24PM Report
Khalathwyr writes:

Ouch. No CCP/World of Darkness? That's disappointing (I know, at least am pretty sure, you guys wouldn't have left them out so I guess it means they are a no show).

Good to see 38 Studios is at least there. And lately, for some reason or another, I've gotten on the Rift bandwagon so it'll be good to see that too.

Mon Jun 14 2010 1:50PM Report
DSWBeef writes:

is this 12 pm PST?

Mon Jun 14 2010 1:53PM Report
Grotar89 writes:
Tuesday, June 15th    -

12:00 pm – THQ – Warhammer  40K MMO 

Rejoice Brothers, your slavery to the false emperor ends tomorrow :) !!!

Mon Jun 14 2010 1:54PM Report
DSWBeef writes:

Sweet Rift Swtor TEra and what Bethesda has to offer is my highlights.

Mon Jun 14 2010 1:55PM Report
Robdc84 writes:

Rift as in the THE RIFT and 40k mmo GLORY IS TO BE HAD!

Mon Jun 14 2010 2:05PM Report
desiriel writes:
Tuesday, June 15th    -

12:00 pm – THQ – Warhammer  40K MMO


T H I S !!!

Mon Jun 14 2010 3:32PM Report
Tazlor writes:

is this EST? cause that's what i'm in.....also, is there any way i can get video coverage of all this? will be giving us video coverage?

Mon Jun 14 2010 5:05PM Report
DataDay writes:

I'll be there! Hey if there is any swag, save one for me. =) It amazes me that NC Soft still refuses or isnt allowed back at E3.


@Kanester, SOE will be showing off DC Universe, Free Realms and Gods & Heroes. No Planetside.

Mon Jun 14 2010 6:09PM Report
WarpHunter writes:

12:00 pm – THQ – Warhammer  40K MMO

Hell yeah its about time.

Mon Jun 14 2010 6:43PM Report
ForceQuit writes:

Color me quite skeptical of any 38 Studios coverage.  I've not seen any official indication from E3, 38 Studios, or even Curt himself that they will have a presence there.

Hopefully we'll get some good info on SWTOR, Rift, and 40K though.  Heck maybe even Turbine has something new to show us.

Mon Jun 14 2010 7:02PM Report
mrbizarro writes:

12:00 pm – THQ – Warhammer  40K MMO


Mon Jun 14 2010 8:26PM Report
Zippy writes:

Is that 12:00 pm EDT or PDT?

Mon Jun 14 2010 9:00PM Report
Inktomi writes:

We're finally going to see something on WH40K MMO.

I can't wait. Have fun guys!

Mon Jun 14 2010 9:22PM Report
StandStrong writes:

 Fuck yeah! SWTOR, Tera, Rift, FFXIV... All i need is GW2 and i'd be in heaven.

Mon Jun 14 2010 9:30PM Report
loyaltrekie writes:

Hopefully we'll get some decent info on FFXIV...and I'm honestly surprised there is no DUST514/CCP on that list.

Mon Jun 14 2010 9:57PM Report
magess writes:

The Warhammer 40k MMO bit has me curious; didn't know there was one in development!

No GW2 mentioned has me a bit :( Wanted to hear more about it.

Mon Jun 14 2010 10:48PM Report
Rohn writes:

Can't wait to hear something more from 38 Studios!

Mon Jun 14 2010 11:15PM Report
Lorgarn writes:

40K? Yes!

SoE? Give us what we want.

TERA? Hell yes!

Gazillion? Yes!

Gamigo? Yes!

Tue Jun 15 2010 12:49AM Report
Rageahol writes:

Anet does not go to E3     its a personal choice by the company    so NO GW2 will see them in about a month and a half with a hands on demo in Germany 

Tue Jun 15 2010 2:01AM Report
13luerose writes:

somebody please clarify if this is EST or PST, because if it's PST that's another 11-odd hours :(

Tue Jun 15 2010 4:18AM Report
Badem writes:

the one I am most looking forward to is the WH 40K MMO, i MUST have more news and details, if you dont post lots and lots and lots and lots about this I am going to start a riot in your forums :)

Tue Jun 15 2010 6:12AM Report
arcdevil writes:

12:00 pm – THQ – Warhammer  40K MMO



Tue Jun 15 2010 8:42AM Report
Redec writes:

I'm guessing since its in CA that it is PST

Tue Jun 15 2010 9:32AM Report
garrett writes: Hi all. We have to get thru 40k and then Star Wars before we can post. So expect 40k up some time around 6pm EST . Again we'll do our best to get stuff up. The next few days will be busy! Tue Jun 15 2010 10:10AM Report
Osias000 writes:

If only we could get a live video feed =P

Tue Jun 15 2010 10:19AM Report
Ingjald writes:

I somehow doubt we're really going to see this...Rift and WH40k are scheduled to show at the same time as the Sony presentation is scheduled? What's up with that?

Tue Jun 15 2010 1:17PM Report
Kniknax writes:

woah there a minute... Battlestar Galactica MMO? 

how did I miss that?

Tue Jun 15 2010 3:32PM Report
Gabby-air writes:

38 studios would be awesome

Tue Jun 15 2010 5:12PM Report
Tazlor writes:

what does this list even mean?  are there going to be videos from E3 on these games?  where are they on the site?  some info would be nice if anything has any.

Wed Jun 16 2010 9:45AM Report
grimfall writes: The list is the time they're schedule to visit the companies at E3. They're going to bring the best coverage possible, two days later than I get it from other sites who are able to report in a timely manner. Wed Jun 16 2010 10:22AM Report
KaSuYa writes:

anyone knows of a livestream for "En Masse" on e3 ?

Wed Jun 16 2010 12:10PM Report
Pain_K1ller writes:

The only thing that interested me in the E3 is the N3DS, nothing more =[

Mon Jun 21 2010 2:09PM Report writes:
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