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Community Spotlight: New MMOs: What Do You Want?

Posted by MikeB Thursday June 10 2010 at 4:09PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “What would you want from new mmos that you’re not getting?” by Amathe. This is a bit of a hat-trick for Amathe, as this is his third time being in the spotlight! Amathe offers a few of his own ideas below:

“This is not directed to old mmos, current ones or even ones we know are coming. The idea is, if a game development company were reading this thread for ideas on something totally new, or at least something that needs total improvement, what advice would you give them?

I will chip in my own idea (not to say no one ever thought of it but me lol). But try to make the thread about your own wishes and not the merits of mine. *wink*

Personally, I would like my avatar to seem less like a clothes rack and feel more "alive." He or she should sustain wounds, be subject to illness, grow older over time, perhaps need a shave or a haircut, and so on. Items should have weight, as they used to, and weight should have an effect. The more activity I engage in, the stronger I should become, not simply as a +10 stat bonus from an item.  Armor should look more weather beaten over time and with use. My character may sustain a permanent scar that has a story behind it.

I'm not wedded to one particular mechanic. But the overall effect I am looking for is an avatar that feels like a living person who needs care and benefits from it (or who suffers from neglect).

Anyway that's mine. What is yours?”

Illius wants to see physics come to the forefront:

“I would like Physics to play a role in future games.  I'd like things to have weight, momentum and so on.  One of the ideas I was thinking of was the ability to lay in wait in a tree for ambush purposes.  Once my inteded victim got under it I'd be able to jump out of the tree and land on them causing them obvious bodily harm.

I just want the option to use unorthodox ways to accomplish my goals... whatever they may be.  This is one of the many things I'd like future games to have.  I'll see if I wanna add more in future posts.”

VooDoo_Papa might want to take a closer look at Guild Wars 2:

“Id like to see MMO's start to abandon pez-dispenser quest givers and linear quest paths.  I know its a lot easier for developers to design around linear progression, Its just becoming extremely redundant no matter what the genre or storyline is. 

I would also like to see developers go back to the MMO pioneering days when MMOs were thought of as being a role playing game on a grand scale in a world to be molded by a massive amount of players.  Lets bring back player cities and player/guild run shops. 

Aside from that, Id like to see more variety as far as game worlds go.  How about a Planescape/Rifts type game?  More sci-fi or a full blown steam punk mmo.   Until developers start thinking outside of their box that they constantly feel they need to fall into because its making another game developer money, we're gonna keep bouncing from game to game to find out its just more of the same.  Long live the MMO tourist!”

Arieste would like to see an episodic MMO:

“Immersion.  World interactivity.  Overall design based around creating an MMO, not a single-player game with multiplayer options - this means dynamic and player-created content and ever-changing world.  (And I don't mean the "solo" vs "group" thing, i mean a story that's designed to have a thousand heroes, not one hero - a story where EVERYONE helps save the world, not each person on their own).  

I'd love to see an episode-based MMO where the world you log into play today, is completely different from the world that someone logs into play 2 months from now.  A game built this would also be able to take focus of grinding / level-cap based gameplay if done right.

(Simple example:  in the first episode you're defending a (massive) city from a siege by orcs.  there are quests and storylines based on this.  the episode lasts two months, after two months, there is a major event, the city is destroyed and then episode two, you're either living under the city as "the resistance" or are out in the woods -rebuilding.  any new people that join the game, join one of these places.  the content that existed in episode 1 is gone forever.  what matters is what you do NOW.”

As for me, I guess if we’re shooting pie in the sky ideas, I’d have loved to see a game like Star Wars Galaxies with modernized combat gameplay and a huge focus on RvR both in ground and space. I’m hoping for all of the latter elements to be present in Star Wars: The Old Republic (maybe not space at launch) but I’d be kidding myself if I thought SW:TOR will offer me the sandbox elements I’m also looking for.

I’m also interested in tangible effects when it comes to PvP. For example, the sacking of a capital city in WAR resulted in tangible negative effects for the losing side, which stirred up enough whining to get those elements removed from the game. Why? What’s the purpose of sacking the city then? Why fear losing it? Why fight for it? Removing the fear of losing your capital to the enemy seemed silly to me. In short: I want a world that feels believable, that you can lose yourself in, and I want a strong PvP offering to give conflict a purpose.

What do you want from your next MMO that you aren’t getting? Let us know in the comments below!

Mykell writes:

God knows what i want but i want it now!!!

I want totally new systems (sick of the same old leveling mechanic) but its needs to be familiar as well. I want intricate and complicated game worlds that are easy to understand by even the simplist of persons. I want player driven open worlds with thriving economies and old world dynamic adventures as long as it doesn't impact on my ability to enjoy the game how i want to play it.

Thu Jun 10 2010 5:56PM Report
foxmyzt writes:

I want to save the princess, and she stays saved.

Thu Jun 10 2010 6:19PM Report
DSBHR writes:

I would like something besides the usual quest/level/PVP grind.   The game companys lazy methods of build a map and let the players kill on each other is getting old and is really saturated in the market.  I will play counterstrike if I want that.

More along the lines of player housing, exploration, meaningful crafting experiences would be something I would like.  Also good graphics and smooth fluid gameplay matter too.

Thu Jun 10 2010 6:36PM Report
Morv writes:

In one word what he is saying is he wants an MMO that is "realistic" in a fantasy setting. I share his thoughts as I want the same thing.

The actual term "living breathing world" is what I consider the definition an MMORPG. An actual persistent world where NPCs are interactive and actually do things, live their lives out in a fictional world with a level of realism.

No matter what kind of gamer you are being put in a setting where it's possible to care about your character is the ultimate immersion and gaming experience. That is the victory every game developer should strive for.

Thu Jun 10 2010 6:46PM Report
Palebane writes:

Neuro-receptors from Strange Days would be pretty neat. Or maybe the Star Trek Holodeck.

Thu Jun 10 2010 7:29PM Report
Osirrus writes:

I want a game where there is no more auto targeting, no more same old button bashing 123 etc

I want no Buy To Win cashshop

 I want no levels, I want skill to matter more,

I want immersion and excitement, i want my player character's life and death to matter to me! no more corpse runs

I want a player controlled item crafting/selling game with endless amouts of 'Recipes'  that are fuly customizable - literally thousands of recipes. that way monopoling the market would be extremely difficult even for hardcore players

I want player Housing that is again fully customizable even on the outside, i want to be able to build my own house damn it! the way i want it to be, not just some generic box

I want huge massive open world sandbox MMO with no forced linear path. i want to be able to play the game the way i choose to for a month or a year or whatever but, then be able to change the way i play the game completely, doing completely different things, if i dont want to kill another soul in the whole world even NPC's there should be many many alternatives to just quest/raid/pvp

I want being in a Guild to matter, for them to value me and for me to value my guild above all else, no more /GQuit after baby throws there rattle out of the pram! Player Respect should be a key area of the game

I want huge massive Player made Vehicles, Whole Guild Transporters,

hmm you know what? That Sounds Like a good game in any genre  ---- Darkfall it is then ;)

Thu Jun 10 2010 7:32PM Report
Morv writes:

Osirrus, I like your post up until you mentioned DarkFall, while fun and entertaining doesn't really have all the things you mentioned nor is it fun to grind ALL skills up to max in order to be viable to do anything.

Thu Jun 10 2010 8:02PM Report
Athcear writes:

I'm very much in favor of getting away from pez dispensers.  I'd rather explore a world than be sent on missions to murder all the local wildlife.  Exploration and discovery are sorely lacking in MMOs right now.  There are settlements everyhwere you go, and cookie-cutter quests to do, and nothing that actually feels like you're an adventurer.

Thu Jun 10 2010 8:04PM Report
Osirrus writes:

Ooo i got a biter :) hehe

tbf i agree with you there Morv thats kinda what the winking smiley was about :) Darkfall is by no means Perfect and in some respects falls way short (character creation is verk poor) of the game ideas i was describing

I can hoestly say its the closest i've come  to the 'game' i was describing :)

If you know of a closer match to the game i long for, the please please let me know :)

Thu Jun 10 2010 8:14PM Report
Morv writes:


Well, that game doesn't exist in graphical form, MUDs are the closest that have come to such a game, Ultima Online was very immersive, and Vanguard really embraced the exploration of MMOs but all too often they fall short.

I figure SWTOR is going to be something like that... Innovative in one way dreary in another... cookie cutter. Perhaps not, I hope not, a good entertaining game would be nice even if it is not a living breathing world or galaxy.

I think its safe to say many of us have seen the graphical capabilities out there and know for certain aging is possible in games, but also, I have seen AI programming in Darkfall and other games that was just astounding and I keep thinking, "Why don't they just implement some of that! Over there!?"

If you want something done you gotta do it yourself. I've been in school for game design for 3 years now, hoping to get my shot at it some day. We'll see. ;)

Anything is possible why say otherwise?

Thu Jun 10 2010 9:28PM Report
jodina writes:

uhm my idea is SUPER long, like SUPER DUPER klong and its not done yet =/ want a tidbit? k here ya go :

A giant world, larger than any current MMO, a world that is completely travel-able, even the steepest mountains.

Become your own 'class' train for what you want to be, maybe some sort of assasin-priest

Different travel options, if you want your own horse, go capture it and tame it

interactive weather
(you might get dehydraded in the summer and pass out).

and thats just the tidbit! ya i have HUGE ideas =D if any company going to make a new MMO and wants all of my ideas PM me

Thu Jun 10 2010 9:47PM Report
erictlewis writes:

What I want is an mmo that comunicates with me.  Honesty goes a long way.  We have so many of them giving us lies and half truths becasue they are afraid of the backlas.  It would be refreshing to be told the truth, that way instead of being strung along I could go ahead and make my desision to move on.

I also want an mmo that does not create godly abilities, then a month later nerfs taht down and calls it class balancing.

Content,  tons of content.

Thu Jun 10 2010 10:58PM Report
heimer73 writes:

I want meaningful endgame content when the game launches.

I want a game that has PvP but focuses on PvE.

I want a Western MMO or a good Horror MMO.

This would make me a very happy camper :-)

Fri Jun 11 2010 12:39AM Report
Trioxic writes:

OK you asked for it! I am a sci-fi fan so i am looking for evolutionary multi combinational progressive quests, worlds that turn in solar systems with cities and continents on living planets as well as dead planets to farm and mine. Space ships that trans atmospheric abilities toons that walk around your ship while you fly it and other players on your ship while you play and live. I want historical story based interactive crafting where if it is in the game only player craftsman can make it. Profession and class interdependency,  Capital ships down to fighters all controlled and maintained by players. Travel times that make since, exploration that makes sense, discoveries for groups and individual players. I want to see dust fly when my boots hit the dirt and flowers bloom in the spring and snow in the winter. I want to be part pirate, part historian part fighter pilot ship captain and maybe even a scoundrel too. I want an mmo that I can be anything from a corn farmer to a solar system hopping hippie with a big cargo ship if I want to be that.

Fri Jun 11 2010 3:16AM Report
oldgr1ff writes:

A world with a storyline that gives my effort meaning. Really don't care about the setting (medieval, sci-fi, horror) just a story that is compelling. Also community building. Give me a reason to care about my friends/guild besides getting gear.

Fri Jun 11 2010 7:41AM Report
biogerm writes:

with the way thing are looking atm, for me it seems that gw2 will answer my prays.

Fri Jun 11 2010 7:51AM Report
astoria writes: Second the motions for interactive weather and add interactive terrain. Would like there to be a need for clothing to cope with the elements. Along with the usual health, stamina, and magic/energy/capacitor bars, I would want a temperature bar. If you are running around in hot pants and tank top armor in the snow I would your health to degrade over time and your movement slowed. If you are wearing heavy armor in the desert, your stamina and quickly degrade, and your movement slowed. Wearing light armor in temperate weather allows faster movement, but less protection. As for interactive terrain, I want swamps, sand, dirt, pavement, gravel, an inclines to matter. Want to travel through a swamp and look for rare mobs/bosses? Be ready to walk slow, fall down occasionally, and keep on the lookout for quicksand. Want to travel to the next city quickly? The road gives a good movement bonus and bonus to stamina drain for sprinting, but also has a lot of robbers that might randomly spawn. Want to set your guild up on a good defensive position? Build your camp on a mountain. Whenever someone tries to climb it there is some chance of slipping down, not usually to their deaths, but projectile fire on steep terrain increase the chance. Fri Jun 11 2010 8:13AM Report
Tanemund writes:

I would like the option to choose a viable career path.  For example I would like the ability to decide that my character will be a Grand Master swordsmith.  I would like to dedicate my time in game to discovering the secrets of metalurgy and blacksmithing.  I would like my character's growth to be centered around that path and the exploration and adventuring the character does would be dedicated to unlocking more and more knowledge in those areas.

Finally after he is wise enough I'd like for my character to be able to set up shop in some remote location and begin to craft weapons of such epic strength that only the greatest warrors would be able to wield them.  I'd like for him to be able to use the knowledge he has gained to do magical type crafting and actually "fuse" the weapon and the wielder so that only the wielder can get the stat benefits of the weapon and the weapon's stats are actually dictated by the wielder.  Meaning it's a nice sword in someone else's hands, but put it in the hand of one it was made for and it becomes epic.

Along with that I'd like to be able to send the warriors that come to me seeking such a weapon on a quest or series of quests to prove their valor and obtain the necessary ingredients. 

And to obtain such a weapon there must be great risk involved.  The fusion process would have to be very dangereous to the person who is being fused to the weapon.  Possibly they could lose huge amounts of experience or even levels.

I'd like the choice to be Hatori Hanzo (See Kill Bill) and craft one of a kind works of the deadly art of killing.  Mainly what I want is the ability to chose to be something other than a tank, healer, caster or stealther, yet be a truly impactful character instead of a "crafting alt."

Fri Jun 11 2010 8:25AM Report
Rodentofdoom writes:

I prefer games with

  • No XP
  • No Levels
  • No Classes
Freeform Skillbased choices really make me happy, it's the major reason why i put up with Eve's flaws and faults.
Crafting should be a viable skillbased standalone concept, that is not dependant on combat expertise/experience.
Crafting materials to be salvaged from the damaged equipment of defeated mobs, aswell as harvestable items.
Loot obtained to be appropriate to the visual image of the mob fought (If the mob is wearing heavy plate armour, sword & shield ... thats what i SHOULD BE LOOTING)
Attributes should have a visual impact on my avatar .. Lots of points in STR should mean large well developed musculature on my avatar.
Charisma to do more than just "affect npc vendor prices" ugly people should be unpopular!!. Maybe limit group size allowed for ugly (low charisma) leaders :D
A magic sytem with several seperate 'magical skills' with knowledge in a skill allowing you to unlock base effects (through npc's, items, quests or even other players) .. Spells would then be designed by the player from thier pool of base effects
Fri Jun 11 2010 12:49PM Report
stayontarget writes:

Right now all I want is to try out Tera, I need that combat system right about now but I guess I can wait...

What I don't want is another tab targeting, 1-9 skill button mashing game,  Even if the game looks cool, if it has those things....I'm out.

Fri Jun 11 2010 3:10PM Report
soldats12 writes:

I must say, what you guys are all asking for is coming out within a year or so, TERA, GW2, and SWTOR. Those games, or at least what the producers are telling us, will change the MMO genre. Or at least start the fixing process. We can finally stop play WOW for the first time in 6 years lol.


For me GW2 is what i am going to be playing when that bad boy comes out. Cant wait! 

Mon Jun 14 2010 6:32PM Report
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Thu Jun 24 2010 10:02PM Report
Flaime writes: I'd like to see....GM's randomly spawning world bosses in cities without warning....a more freeform way to develop your character that does not rely on "go kill ten rats", that leads to "go kill twenty wolves", that leads to "bring back fifty wolf pelts", only to have the wolves you kill drop everything from shoes to the kitchen sink and not a wolf pelt ......   How about real exploration for exploration's sake?    how about being able to wear whatever you want to wear, instead of being locked in to "priest = cloth"...   just some ideas tossed out to be considered.   Fri Jul 09 2010 2:00AM Report writes:
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