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Community Spotlight: Your Favorite MMO Character

Posted by MikeB Thursday June 3 2010 at 4:10PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “Your favorite character you ever rolled?” by Amathe. Simple enough, Amathe polls the community on their favorite MMO character creations and offers his own:

“Most folks have made lots of characters over the years.  Did one stand out as being your favorite?

Mine was a Trando TKA/Rifleman/Brawler back when SWG was new. I liked that the skill sets complimented one another, in that they made up for the other's weaknesses. Plus they both had a way to target the mind pool, so you could do mind attacks from a distance and then do more mind attacks up close. Most people had itty bitty mind pools so that was very effective.

It was a fun character to play. Plus he looked cool. :)

What was yours?”

Comnitus is a bit conflicted, offering a trio of characters:

“Believe it or not, Ironbreaker in WAR (near launch, when they were "kinda" OP). Warhammer Dwarves beat any other Dwarves hands-down, and the Ironbreaker was the best example of that.

In second place would come my Thane, Thorious Blitzkrieg (hey, I was young when I played DAoC. I know it's not creative). No matter what you say, hurling lightning bolts and smacking people with hammers (and Mjollnir itself!) is just plain fun.

Ehhhhh... I guess my Warden comes in third. I'm still leveling him up, but the gameplay is fun and LotRO has just the right level of mob difficulty/downtime ratio (in my opinion).”

InEccess offers his “Wookiee hairdresser” from SWG as his favorite character. You read that right:

“Favorite for "role-playing"? It would have to be my Wookie Hairdresser from SWG. It was fun because I think I was the only one. I miss that class.

My favorite character for actually doing combat and PVP stuff, my Minmatar tackler in Eve. 1 little ship (rifter) and so many things could kill me, but when it works, it works very well.

Favorite moment with that character was solo-ing and killing someone camping our station in a Jaguar while I had my tech 1 rifter (with tech 2 guns). I conceed he probably spent alot of that battle watching for people to come out and assist me, but I killed a 25million isk frigate, with my 250k isk frigate.”

Illius clearly had a great time on Dark Age of Camelot, offering four characters:

“In no particular order:

Shadowblade (DAoC):  I would hit people so hard I could literally hear them cry out in pain over the internet.

Berserker (DAoC):  If I were to rank them this one would stand out because I was part of an awesome guild of people on the Merlin server by the name of Dragons Blood.  I miss those people, and to this day still talk to a few of them.

Skald (DAoC):  Was the first character I rolled on the Galahad server and was part of another awesome guild by the name of Loki's Minions.  I had to stop playing that game due to school and lack of money and what not.  By the time I got back to it I couldn't find the people again because they split the guild up and changed names so I rolled on Merlin.

Warrior (DAoC):  Classic server, I think it was Ector but later they were amalgomated to just one big one.  Made him a good split between offense and defense and I stayed in the newbie starter guild the whole time helping people out and stuff.  Great time all the way up till I quit because I didn't like where the game was headed.

All the other characters in all the other games I've played never really clicked and are usually acompanied by some stupid drama that I'd rather forget.”

First, I’m going to admit I’m a geeky roleplayer, yes, yes have your fun at my expense. With that out of the way, I also cannot decide on just one character, but instead of four I offer two:

In Star Wars Galaxies, I had a character that took part in the amazing Mos Eisley RP community on the Europe-Chimaera server. These folks were some of the best role-players I’ve ever met, and all my best RP experiences were typically on MUDs. My character in this community was a bit of an experiment. I started him out at a very young age, perhaps mid-teens and he worked as an apprentice under a renowned Ubese bounty hunter who took him in. I grew the character slowly over the span of a year and it was one of the most interesting RP experiences I’ve had.

My second favorite character was on The Matrix Online, where he played a significant role in the in-game storylines and events orchestrated by the game’s amazing Live Events Team on the Syntax (formerly Linenoise) server. Yeah, sorry guys, I’m not going to be able to regale you with tales of my best accomplishments and kill streaks. I appreciate my RP experiences the most!

What was your favorite character, and why? Let us know in the comments below!

malrod writes:

by far was my avalonian necromancer(daoc). he was my powerleveling toon, just non stop pulling oj/reds. he was also my lgm tailor, and trinketer(in game money machine).

Thu Jun 03 2010 7:23PM Report
Drafell writes: deleted Thu Jun 03 2010 9:34PM Report writes:
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