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2010: Star Wars, Bioware and now Star Wars, SOE...

Posted by garrett Tuesday June 1 2010 at 1:15PM
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There is so much to Star Wars in video games that we can discuss. The modern myth of our generations over the last 30+ years lends itself to the new form of media, video games, quite well. Space ships, blasters, light sabers, Knights, Stormtroopers, it kind of never ends does it.
So now along with Star Wars: The Old Republic we will be getting the kids game of Star Wars: Clone Wars from SOE.
Ok MMORPG readers…here is your chance; SOE is making another Star Wars game…..go!!!
So now we will have Free Realms in space, at least according to SOE that is their goal. The younger audience will now have an online world to play in with all the Clone Wars characters. To be honest I have not watched the Clone Wars cartoons much, I saw one and I think it was okay. It was not memorable enough for me to continue though.
The real story here is that SOE and Lucas Arts are back designing another game. Is this some kind of plot by Lucas Arts to have young players long into Clone Wars only to grow older and graduate into the Old Republic? Hmmmm…..Cha Ching….
Will the credit cards of parents be charged endless small transactions to get different color ligh sabers?
I don’t even know where to start on this one. We will be seeing both games at E3. We give our objective opinion and we will let you decide.
I love our forums, I really do.
JerYnkFan writes:

Considering the bang up job they did with the last one, I can't wait to see this one.  Maybe they'll say it's way too complex and allow player movement by drooling on something so even a 6 month year old can do it. 

Tue Jun 01 2010 2:19PM Report
Khalathwyr writes:

If I had a kid I wouldn't let them anywhere near the game. Moving closer and closer to starting to wishing that company would suffer some catastrophe and go under.

Tue Jun 01 2010 2:50PM Report
stayontarget writes:

Star Wars overload...enough already.  If you washed your clothes as many times as they make SW games they would be worn out.

Tue Jun 01 2010 3:14PM Report
reid424 writes:

I personally think the kid game is a great idea 1. It'll keep a good portion of kid star wars fans away from SW:ToR. 2. it'll be interesting to see how SOE makes this game and if they later change it.

Tue Jun 01 2010 4:47PM Report
Nytakito writes:

I said it before, but I liken the marketing of MMO's to children to the marketting of tobacco products to children.  There is no question that these games are addictive, and releasing an F2P model to children is nothing more than a move to milk money from mom and dad once kiddie is hooked.

I wonder if some of these people were previously employed at Phillip Morris..

Tue Jun 01 2010 5:03PM Report
RaveGodX writes:

Not a bad idea and half the people here flaming it will try it for free hahaha, for someone with kids who loves star wars it might not be a bad thing to let ur kids try it out and see what mom and dad love so much about it.........its for kids how bad could it be?? Ive seen plenty of free to play that most likely is way worse so why not give it a go? Lucus Arts is planning something big with all the star wars stuff out mark my words!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tue Jun 01 2010 5:25PM Report
Vanith writes:

I'm not even THAT disgruntled of a Pre-CU SWG veteran, but I admit when I saw this news I started trying to find an official site for the game to start ripping SOE for it's past SWG behaviour. Seriously I can't believe SOE is trying this again. It's a bit galling. I suppose this really is the death knell for SWG though, huh?


Really though, two SW games with somewhat similar time periods (I know, I know, not really...but not OG trilogy either, are they)? How well can that work out for LA?

Tue Jun 01 2010 6:51PM Report
Gruug writes:

SOE and the words "good game" just don't seem to go together. I shall recommend a pass on anything LA and SOE put out.

Tue Jun 01 2010 7:33PM Report
viditorum writes:

well I know I will enjoy watching my 3 boys get into arguments over this game see it is for the age group they are in I'm sure they will love it

Tue Jun 01 2010 7:56PM Report
Thalarius writes:

Am a Pre-CU SWG Vet myself. SOE IMHO by putting out another SW game are doing so because they are pissed on being lockout by EA/Bioware from helping with TOR after being reminded how they fucked up SWG with thier CU and NGE crap which resulted in a massive exodus from the game. Also what lot of folks do not realize is that few of the devs used to be SWG Beta Testers who were against the CU and NGE.  :) 

SWG is costing SOE money by the thosands, they think they can keep getting money by creating a clone wars era MMO to offset the losses they going to get when TOR is released next year.

When TOR is release do not be suprise to see yet another massive exodus from SWG as SWG players move to TOR and this is something SOE is terrified of, they be losing money and the devs would out of a job in a hurry. 

Tue Jun 01 2010 9:46PM Report
UnSub writes:

This is a hell of a move by SOE. A F2P title that will probably launch before SWOR sees them keep involvement in the SW franchise (SWG being a declining title) and further opening up the younger market they started with Free Realms.

A good strategic play from SOE. If the game is fun, I'm sure they end up with a lot of paying players.

Wed Jun 02 2010 12:33AM Report
Erolis writes:

"Release your anger, strike him down and take you place by my side!"

Four and a half years after the fact and your still angry about the NGE? I was also a pre CU-vet. But I've gotten over it. SWG us what it is, don't like it, go start coding for the swgemu. Do something constructive with your anger. CWA is for a completely different market then SW:TOR. If your anger is such that you truly wish to put 300 people on the streets, one of which is a personal friend of my families, who helps support her 3 children, then I pray for your soul. To wish someone to loose their job because they took your toy away is petty and sad.

I think smed and smed alone should be replace with someone who can run things better.  But I don't wish for soe to die. FR is a fun casual game. That and DDO are both very successful FTP games. It's by far cheaper to play FR even at $5 a month and the every so often SC item then to pay the $15 a month most games charge. Yes you can go crazy and spend all kinds of money, But that is more about the player and the game itself. $25 sparkle pony anyone? I thought you bought that.  

Wed Jun 02 2010 4:10AM Report
Wardrop writes:

I already have a game for my kids.. Its called "Outside".

And the cool thing is, I get to introduce them to it and show them around for free!!!


Children dont belong on the net, Not when theres a world i need them prepared to grow old in.

Wed Jun 02 2010 5:48AM Report
JerYnkFan writes:

From a business perspective, it's a great move by SOE.  I am sure they'll make a killing off of this game.  While I am still plenty PO'd about the NGE, calling for people's jobs isn't cool at all especially after having to deal with being unemployed myself.

Wed Jun 02 2010 6:25AM Report
choujiofkono writes:

     The more the merrier, SW games are golden.  I won't trash a game until the reviews come out.  The current trend in cash shops are the ignorant players fault for the most part.  If you see a guy with a knife in his hand you still going to go shake his other one?  Apparently for half the player base that is a yes... sad.

Wed Jun 02 2010 7:51AM Report
Wagrof writes:


Is this some kind of plot by Lucas Arts to have young players long into Clone Wars only to grow older and graduate into the Old Republic?


Another reason for Bioware to use realistic graphics in SW:TOR instead of "cartoony" ones imho.  

Wed Jun 02 2010 8:25AM Report
Rammur writes:

it wasnt even soes fault that swg did its changing it was mainly lucas arts and their bitching the game was action orientatded enough im not gonna take any side on the matter just the truth and soe has come a long way since swg fiasco pretty sure they learn a lesson with that whole ruckus.One thing biowares  is gonna do right off at the get go its gonna be story and action driven from the start.I do like the eq series soe doin a great job with them they should stick with all things eq and quit tryin too use other peoples brands like starwars just isnt their universe or their lore.

Wed Jun 02 2010 10:32AM Report
Trioxic writes:

I think giving it to SOE is perhaps a mistake but if SOE wants to save SWG they could set the precu combat system in current game but leave all the other improvements made in that would be fun... just a thought but after SOE never listens to the customer they only listen to their inner stupid (or is that Lucas Arts ? ) ... good luck but none for me thanks I am full. 

Wed Jun 02 2010 2:29PM Report
Hollowgirl78 writes:

I thought Free Realms was really well done, but something about introducing my  youngin's to MMOs really bothers me. Yes I know its hypocritical . As it is when I have to pull them off of Webkinz after an hour of play they are practically in tears...I am afraid of what they might do to me if I had to get them off a star wars mmo lol.

Wed Jun 02 2010 6:06PM Report writes:
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