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Community Spotlight: How Many MMOs Do You Play?

Posted by MikeB Sunday May 11 2014 at 12:04PM
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In our latest Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, " How Many MMO's Do You Dedicate Time To? Without Neglecting One " by ImperatorBellus:

I realized that it is very difficult dedicating your time playing 3 mmo's without neglecting one. Currently, I am playing Star Trek Online and Planetside 2, I will be for the next 2 years since the MMO's I am really interested in (Warhammer Eternal Crusade, EQ:Next) will probably not be released until late 2015 or early 2016. Might also be interested in black gold online and The Repopulation but those won't be fully released until late 2014 and the Repopulation in 2016.

Do any of you play 3 mmo's or more? I am trying out world of warcraft again, haven't played since Vanilla, logged 508 hours on Vanilla wow. Still, I think I will have to neglect WoW for my other games, just seems so hard playing 3 mmo's at once.

Read on for some highlights from the thread!

Reklaw is a one MMO man:

Alway's only 1 MMORPG, but that is mixed with either 1 singleplayer or several, depends on the type of singleplayer game. If it's RPG I'll stick with that and perhaps a MMORPG, FPS type of game often can switch between a few but still remain with only 1 MMORPG.

In themepark MMO's I often go for several characters because that's my niche when playing more easy MMO's.

If it's sandbox I'll stick with one character

JustARandomPanda juggles three MMOs:

Currently play 3 mmos approximately 1 to 1.5 hours each, sometimes more (typically weekends). The one mmo I play the most - approximately 5 out of 7 days a week - is The Secret World. I LOVE that mmo. It was the mmo that finally taught me it's possible to enjoy PvP. Formerly I detested PvP. Now - thanks to that game - I've grown to appreciate it and understand why many gamers love it. And I say that despite the fact that I suck at PvP in TSW and lose more often than I win. I tend to stick to mostly El Dorado and Fusang boards.

The other 2 are Neverwinter and Guild Wars 2. I love Neverwinter's action combat. And I have fun with the ongoing story in Guild Wars 2. Also recently re-installed Path of Exile to get back into it and see all the changes and improvements since I played it daily when it first went beta. When I was playing it daily with my BF we had a blast. I'm hoping the additions and changes will be just as fun as I remember.

SpottyGekko spends most of his time in one MMO, but will play other games a bit here and there:

I usually spend 75% of my gaming time in ONE specific MMORPG, which I will play as "main" game for several months or even years. The other 25% goes to games like Planetside 2, War Thunder or Defiance.

As for me, I can't really focus on multiple MMOs at once. I can typically do a single MMO and play MMO-like games on the side, such as MOBAs (League of Legends) or games like Marvel Heroes, which don't demand as much time.

What about you? Can you and do you juggle multiple MMOs at once? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!