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Community Spotlight: Which MMO World Would you Live in?

Posted by MikeB Sunday May 20 2012 at 5:07PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight we focus on the thread, "In which MMO world would you live?" by Emerendil. In the thread, Emerendil poses the title question to the community and offers his own thoughts:

If you could enter the world of your favorite MMO, where would you build your house?

Mine would be in Telara from Rift, somewhere in Silverwood, which is my favorite zone. Probably in Argend Glade, or near Sanctum :)

Cognito chose EVE:


I would be immortal. I would be in space with access to thousands of planets. I could learn new things without actually having to learn them - just wait for the timer to be up :P. I would have no fear of death, so would be able to do anything I wanted (though I just thought, that would also remove the thrill or excitement out of a lot of things).... So many reasons and things that entice me about this game universe than any other game world.

AlBQuirky has an amusing reason for wanting to live in World of Warcraft:

I was going to say Original EQ, but who wants a hill giant or griffon stomping on your home?

World of Warcraft would be the safest, in my opinion. The monsters know where to be and they stay there. Maybe build a house above the human starting area, where the griffons fly over from Stormwind to Iron Forge. Only a couple of empty tents there next to a pretty stream...

Terranah would want to live in Star Wars Galaxies:

That's easy, Precu SWG.  I had a beautiful home in a lovely city.  All my friends lived around me, the cantina was across the street and the shuttle port was close by.  I had my dog Lucky, a cute ingame GF, and enough chips to live comfortably.

Yup, those were the days.  Still miss my dog.  I have a pic of me and him watching the sun set from my porch, last day I played.  He was a good dog, but he knew how to get in trouble!

For me? It's a toss up between the awesome world of Star Wars (in Star Wars Galaxies) and The Matrix of The Matrix Online. The latter is pretty easy to imagine, especially since we saw all the possibilities of the movies. I think it would be awesome to walk around the 'real world' with all sorts of capabilities while knowing the whole thing is fake. Look however you want, be as strong or fast as you want, know Kung Fu, the possibilities are endless. At the same time, I'm also a huge Star Wars nerd and I'd love to actually live in Star Wars, but The Matrix is a bit easier for my head to wrap around.

What about you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Emrendil writes:

Yay! There's one typo, one extra "e" in my nichname :). But anyway, thanx MikeB! 

Sun May 20 2012 7:44PM Report
dimasok writes:

I would want to live in any MMO world except the world we live in...

Sun May 20 2012 8:04PM Report
Hardanger writes:

Is there any competition?  Middle-Earth.

Sun May 20 2012 8:58PM Report
redcloud16 writes:

I would live in World of Warcraft, specifically Nagrand, the zone in Nagrand. Most beautiful zone I've been in ever. It's relaxing and calm and peaceful (minus the war zone in the middle of the area XD ), the sky is probably the most beautiful sunset all the time, the music is beautiful and there are floating islands that would be perfect for a nice cozy home all over the place. 

Just don't fall off the edge. :P

Sun May 20 2012 9:04PM Report
MostWise writes:

As above, I first thought of the floating islands in Nagrand, but have opted for the sheer beauty of Rivendell instead.

Sun May 20 2012 11:21PM Report
oddbat1334 writes:

I like not being dead, so probably none of them.

Don't get me wrong, I've dreamed for most of my life about living in Middle-Earth, but unless I was a Noldor elf planning a return trip to Valinor after some sight-seeing, I'd mostly just be wallowing in my own waste medieval style. Plus, I despise what Turbine has done with LOTRO.

Azeroth might be cool, but the idea of having a giant world ending boss appear every expansion cycle is worse than global warming. Imagine what the news media is like there.

Mon May 21 2012 12:14AM Report
dariuszp writes:

Simple answers. EVE. I love freedom and possibilities in this game  - and spaceships :P

Mon May 21 2012 1:32AM Report
Mors.Magne writes:

Eve - especially when DUST 514 comes out - I would like to be a bug hunter (fighting drones on planets). Should be like Starship Troopers with immortality.

Mon May 21 2012 4:42AM Report
thamighty213 writes:

OOOO a great question for a change.


I'm torn I just cant decide between Hidden Oasis on SWG's Tatooine albeit a little close to the Krayt Graveyard so also dangerous but my own secluded oasis.


Second option would have to be around the isle of Jalens Retreat In Vanguards fantactic world of telon.

Mon May 21 2012 5:19AM Report
Juiceman writes:

Middle-earth would be cool but I'd love to live on Ryzom.

Mon May 21 2012 8:07AM Report
Shana77 writes:

Tera because of the women and their outfits. 

Mon May 21 2012 1:01PM Report
Jaedor writes:

It would be a toss-up between Nagrand in WoW or the Shire in LOTRO.

Mon May 21 2012 1:17PM Report
Berezo writes:

It would have to be the amazing world of Vana'diel. FFXI's world was amazing

great people, great enviornments...I'd live in Windy in a heart beat!

Mon May 21 2012 3:12PM Report
jtcgs writes:

I dont think I can talk about that MMO on this site...its in nature.

I mean, why would I choose to live in a world where a God is going on a rampage, some barbarian will try to stick a sword in me or a mage melt my face off when there is an MMO where other...nicer...things are done to you :p

Mon May 21 2012 3:26PM Report
Borick writes:

The world isn't important.  Wherever my mates are, that's where I'd want to be, holding the virtual line.

Fri Jun 01 2012 4:22PM Report writes:
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