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Diablo 3 - Error 37 and You!

Posted by BillMurphy Tuesday May 15 2012 at 3:07AM
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Well, by now we've all seen this (unless you live in the EU, in which case... stop being so awesome). 

I set my alarm, living in Ohio, for about 2:55AM. I went to bed at a proper time, told my wife not to wake up when she heard Tom Petty on my iHome, and said if she needed me I'd be battling back the demons of hell in Sanctuary.

Thing is... I'm only battling back my inner nerd rage at the simple fact that Blizzard NA was not prepared for this launch. I know they've sold more copies than I can possibly imagine already. But how is the EU data center doing just fine while we NA folk are fudged? I didn't even want to play with people. I just wanted to kill some stuff before going back to bed and then stream the game in the morning.  

Now, who knows if we'll even get to do that? If the EU center can be online and operational, maybe it won't be long before NA is. Maybe as I'm writing this...


Still screwed.

This is why there should have been an offline mode. But I digress. Feel free to share your own stories of frustration here, post your own Epic Error 37 screens, and hang out with me while I wait for the Heavens to start freaking trembling like they are supposed to.

"Stay a while, and look at this error screen!"

sundraziw889 writes:

Why, Bill, Why?

Why can't we log on?


Tue May 15 2012 3:14AM Report
nycplayboy78 writes:

I agree with you 150% Bill-O....This is some BULLSHIT....

Tue May 15 2012 3:15AM Report
fubbik writes:

At 9am European people have better things to do than to play Diablo 3 (though I wish I didn't), hence the lack of issues on this side of the pond.

Blizzard not being able to handle all the logins at launch on the US side is definately no surprise to me. Don't think they ever launched something that didn't include 1-2 days of login congestion.

Tue May 15 2012 3:29AM Report
Nemesis7884 writes:

yep were europeans are awesome...

Tue May 15 2012 3:32AM Report
DarkPony writes:

"Stay a while, and look at this error screen!"

Lolz :)

Ah well, seems the tables are turned for a change. *consoles NA peoples*

Tue May 15 2012 3:37AM Report
neorandom writes:







nelson, mr burns, my inner demon.

Tue May 15 2012 4:13AM Report
acidblood writes:

And this is why I didn't buy day one... that and it's got pretty much the worst review to hype ratio possible.

Tue May 15 2012 4:27AM Report
Dwigo writes:

Actually EU had the same problem at launch. Took me about an hour to get in the game :P

Tue May 15 2012 5:03AM Report
kirak2009 writes:

a smart man would have waited an hour or 2 after the floodgates opened before even trying to battle the denizens of the hell that is below

Tue May 15 2012 5:23AM Report
Leethe writes:

Sorry i thought diablo was a single player rgp. why doesn't it have an offline mode?

Tue May 15 2012 6:11AM Report
SteamRanger writes:

I'm with you, Bill. I have no interest in co-op mode or cash auctions. This notion of everything having to be hooked to the internet is ridiculous! It's Diablo (or a reasonable facsimile) after all!

This debacle is only making Torchlight 2 look better.

Tue May 15 2012 6:17AM Report
Kyleran writes:

The level of fail that comes to mind reading this is almost limitless. 

And my contempt is not for Blizzard.


Tue May 15 2012 6:27AM Report
soximus writes:

The Sheer quanity of POSTs , Blogs, Articles etc about this "Always on DRM" and Blizzard still doesnt care...


Like Most people, Diablo 3, is a deal breaker for me, i should be able to play my singleplayer game when i want. i've only ever rarely played D2 multiplayer, and like many the type who prefer this as a single player game. Dont care much for an auction house, so why should so many be penalised.

Im simply not buying the game. i'll look towards their competition or play something else that doesnt have these silly problems.

Tue May 15 2012 6:43AM Report
kirak2009 writes:

While i am not a fan of the "always on DRM" i can kinda see their point, starcraft 2 was the 9th most illegally downloaded game of all time at approximately 3.14 million downloads.

source :

this DRM should prevent that loss of revenue


sucks for us but it is a business at the end of the day

Tue May 15 2012 6:51AM Report
soximus writes:

They could still have a system like an MMO that if you want to play with others etc (like starcraft) you have to have a legit key.


'always on DRM' isnt the solution because their game is based on an old model of revenue, it will always eventually be cracked....

Blizzard came from such humble beginnings. shame they are taking the road of maxium profits / screw the fans.

Tue May 15 2012 7:06AM Report
kirak2009 writes:

microsoft and Apple came from some pretty humble beginnings as well

Tue May 15 2012 7:13AM Report
adam_nox writes:

no, it can't be cracked without full server emulation

Tue May 15 2012 10:56AM Report
Wicoa writes:

Teehee if you queue at a store with half the population of the world you will have to wait longer. This is what we are dealing with here.

Tue May 15 2012 11:45AM Report
FrodoFragins writes:

If they can server emulate WOW.  D3 should be a cakewalk

Tue May 15 2012 12:58PM Report
maplestone writes:

I wonder if it would worth the effort/cost to include a "the servers are down/busy" minigame/distraction that can be played offline while the client quietly retries in the background and keeps people from manually spamming the login servers like it's a boss fight.

Tue May 15 2012 2:30PM Report
maplestone writes:

(I have this strange urge to playing "lemmings" whenever a server I'm trying to get into is down)

Tue May 15 2012 2:32PM Report
hpisti writes:

10 million WoW subscribers can log on without a hitch... yet D3 customers...

Tue May 15 2012 2:54PM Report
itgrowls writes:

here it is EST 6:14 and i can't even connect to battlenet the first couple of times i was in a queue for a single player game, dafuq is blizzard thinking?

Tue May 15 2012 5:12PM Report
Miths writes:

Whatever gave the writer the wildly inaccurate impression that everything is just peachy on the EU servers?

Witness this little 771 pages long thread for instance:

Personally it took me two hours and countless attempts before I finally got through last night after the EU launch.

I was foolish enough to log out later in the night, but thankfully I got in somewhat faster the second time.

Most of today it's been impossible for me to log in to the EU server (been some hours since my last try, planning on giving it a go again in around an hour). No luck on the US server either, but I did manage to start a character on the Asian server. Reportedly that one was taking down for "maintenance" not long after I logged out.

Tue May 15 2012 6:11PM Report
Spiritraiser writes:

Maybe after all it was good choice of mine getting a physical copy (from cheapest place I found). By the time it arrives those problems will be fixed! :)

Tue May 15 2012 6:43PM Report
someforumguy writes:

Ehm, am I reading this right? A log in queue even if you only play it as single player game? If so, what is the benefit of playing online then ?

Tue May 15 2012 8:59PM Report
laserit writes:

innovation at it's finest

thx Blizz

Tue May 15 2012 11:50PM Report
Shadus writes:

Yeah, I never played diablo2 online cept lan with friends and I really dislike this bs with battlenet.  It's weak sauce at its weakest.

Wed May 16 2012 12:35AM Report
livewen writes:

After service, I wish to do battle with the dark one in my permutive light,

I went to (GameStop) Rosemead, Ca and tried purchase my reserve copy which they  said I had to go to Pico Rivera, Ca. where I reserved it 4 years ago as a joke.

debts to be paid,

Glad they told me they could not sell it out to me by the suffering

of your comments,


Thank You.

Livewen Hallvean.

what happen to blizzard is in the exact

is why i quit the hurters and the payers of wow. until they earn it.

f2p is only.  payable if they deserve it only


Praise be the makers who have gotten that

message but many have tried and few receive it

I end no sentence unless it deserves it.

Mon May 21 2012 12:54AM Report writes:
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