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Community Spotlight: Will Blizzard's "Titan" Crush All?

Posted by MikeB Thursday May 26 2011 at 4:04PM
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This week's Community Spotlight focuses on the thread "Blizzard Titan domination?" by Astoran. In the thread, Astoran wonders if "Titan", Blizzard's sophomore effort on the MMO scene, will essentially nullify any success made by some of the big hitter MMOs on the horizon such as Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic:

So I know Blizzards next mmo is likely pretty far off but what effect do you think it will have on the soon to come releases such as GW2 and SWTOR?  Assuming one of these new titles does really well and builds a substantial subscriber base, will Blizzard just snatch them right back with their new release?

I guess what I am asking is do you think a game like GW2 (if it becomes successful) will have enough pull to keep players from leaving? I personally think that Blizzard's influence is simply too strong for these newer games to compete with even if they do end up being very good games, but what does everyone else think?

MMO.Maverick isn't sure Blizzard still has the right stuff to have lightning strike twice:

I'm starting to doubt whether Blizzard has still the ingenious talent left to equal their former successes, especially with the growing Activision/Kotick influence that permeates more and more of Blizzard's game design decisions.

But one thing that Blizzard has that trumps anything else, and that is money: if things aren't right with a game of theirs, they make enough money to create 2 big budget AAA MMO titles with the cash they make with 1 month of WoW subs.

So they can go all out in game design or improvements of existing MMO's if the situation requires them to. No other company or dev team can do that.

uohaloran feels Blizzard would basically have to shoot themselves in the foot to not crush the opposition:

They'll have to make some pretty big mistakes for it to not absolutely crush.

They've had almost 7 years now pretty much to do whatever they want?  If they were smart, and I'm sure they are, they've been refining their next big hit and are probably just sitting on it until they need it.

I think their hardest thing for them will be to have both games coexist.  If they make the same type of game they'll probably just be relocating users, so I don't think they'll do that.  I figure they're looking to draw in a new crowd.  We'll see though.

Loke666 throws some cold water on the idea that Blizzard will just mop things up the way they did with WoW in 2004:

Blizzard are rather competent and do know what their fans want from them.

But the MMO market is very different now compared to how it was in 2004. Wow was at the time the only MMO with top class programming and it had 8 times the budget of Everquest and 6 of Everquest 2, the game people thought would be the competition.

Titan will go up against games like TOR (Bioware), GW2 (ANET), WoDO (CCP/White wolf) and a few others.  There are also a few other AAA studios working on MMOs, like Zenimax (Bethesda) and Zombie labs.

So I think the competition will be harder in 2014 than 2004.

Wow were up against EQ 1 & 2, SWG, Eve, GW and DaoC. Several of those games were pretty fine but not a single of them were close to to Wow in budget, Wow cost 60M$ launch and I don't think even one of the opponents cost more than 10M$ when they launched. And only ANET had a really experienced crew at the time of the opposition.

I am sure Titan will do fine, but I don't think it will be the next Wow. There is just too many talented and experienced devs with good funding out there now. I think Wow was an exceptionand that we never get another game that dominate the genre in the same way again.

Of course, anything can happen. Maybe Blizz pull it off again or maybe it fails completely. Most likely is however that several games will share the top in the future.

With the genre changing so rapidly in recent years it's honestly hard to say how things will be by the time Titan comes out, but the fact remains that Blizzard is a top developer in this industry and they are basically backed by one of the industry's biggest publishers, who also happen to have a large stake in seeing Blizzard succeed given the significant portion of revenue made up simply by World of Warcraft.

Anything Blizzard does garners a significant amount of attention and the marketing machine behind Blizzard will just about guarantee that whatever Titan is it will make a huge splash. Will it enjoy the total dominace that World of Warcraft has had? That, I can't say for sure.

What do you think? Will Blizzard strike lightning twice? Share your thoughts in the comments below!