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Community Spotlight: Favorite Upcoming MMO?

Posted by MikeB Thursday May 19 2011 at 4:17PM
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This week's Community Spotlight focuses on the thread "Best upcoming MMOs?" by Ozean77. Ozean77 just got the MMO itch again and polls the community on their opinions on the most interesting MMOs on the horizon:

been awhile since i played an mmo and im itching again, i guess my last one was Aion. Was wondering whats upcoming and worth looking at, i took a long look at rift and decided to wait for the next MMO, i like tera/gw2 but dont know much about those 2 or any other information.

SO! what are you looking forward to and if you had to sell it what would you say!

Dengar breaks down a few upcoming games:

ArcheAge- No one game in recent years has gotten me quite as excited, even when looking at the game with a fairly harsh "worst case scenario" POV (i.e. everyone plays it like WoW, middle conenant having no one outside my personal circle there, meaning at least my friends and I can slowly build the area in a meaningful way and kill each other).

Star Wars: The Old Republic- Mainly looking at this as a single player RPG with MMO features. If you're looking to get your feet wet again, this one's looking pretty softcore. It seems to offer to good solo experience and have some grouping, but unless there's something massive hidden up Bioware's sleeve, I can't see myself playing it too long.

Tera- I like what I've seen of the combat system. Sorta reminds me of Monster Hunter Tri, a console game that could allow up to 4 people to play together to kill monsters for their parts in order to make armor/weapons/housing items. It claims to have some sort of sandbox features, but I haven't heard any specifics yet. Combined with fixed classes that can't be switched (Unlike in Monster Hunter, where changing your weapon or bringing certain items allows you to change your playerstyle and group dynamics), it's probably best for folks tired of the "2-2-3-4-5-2-2-1-2-2-3..." type of combat MMOs are sort of known for.

Guild Wars 2- Think WAR mixed with GW1. The world's less instanced, but you can still transfer servers (called worlds now), but the rate's unknown. NPC and player towns can actually rise and fall based on your actions. Similar to AA, the game is trying to do away with the tank requirment for groups, but while AA retains the class as an option as just one of many potential strategies used in pve situations, GW2 will have no damage absorption class at all, instead relying on crowd control being given to all classes. While some can form CC via walls can be used for some creativity, I personally worry about your average WoW heads who, after 5+ years, still focus on damage meters rather than group progress.

Fozzik is looking forward to Guild Wars 2, The Secret World and Copernicus:

I'm not in to the open PvP... so I'll leave ArcheAge off my list.

I'd say Guild Wars 2, The Secret World, and Copernicus are the three I am watching. Guild Wars 2 just looks fantastic in many ways and right now seems like the best possibility of being a game I could play for a long time. The setting, story, and lore of The Secret World is really intriguing, and I'll be interested to see how the no-classes / no-levels approach to character advancement ends up working out for them. Just the idea of running around modern-day cities with swords, guns, and magic and fighting mythical creatures...yeah, I'll try that. Copernicus I'm mostly watching because of the people involved...You kind of have to pay attention when you hear who's working on the game.

chaod1984 has his eyes on The Secret World:

My eyes are glued on The Secret World.  The story and all of the conspiracies are right up my alley and I can't wait to see how they are implemented into the game.  I know the combat system will take getting used to (as does any combat system Funcom puts out) but I also know I've always like Funcom's combat systems.  If you like PVP there will be 3 factions so Im imagining there will be a form of open world pvp where 3 factions can fight for control of certain areas....that would only make sense.

Guild Wars 2 would be my second but Im still skeptical.  I played Guild Wars 1 and I still dont understand how people considered it one of the best games available.  It was pretty standard fair other than the PVP (I dont PVP).  But, i did not play the expansions so I could have missed out on quite a bit of content.   I just never found the game to be great or anything....just standard.

Star Wars I have very low hopes for.  I understand its Bioware, but when is the last time Bioware made an MMO?  When is the last time Bioware made a game that felt like an MMO (think Bethesda games with gigantic open worlds).  Bioware was never really known for having huge open worlds or anything.  I just can't see them successfully making the crossover.  I really think that Knights of the Old Republic Online will resemble DCUO's progression but with a Star Wars background....good luck to all you die hard fans.

TERA = Asian game...just not my style...dont like the look of Asian games all that much...everything is too glamorous.

The other games I havent paid enough attention to.

There are three IPs I love more than anything else (in no particular order): Star Wars, Marvel Comics, World of Darkness (VTM specifically).

After Gazillion revealed we'd be playing as Marvel characters (with duplicates possible) I kind of lost my interest in the Marvel MMO.

I'm, of course, looking forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic, that shouldn't come as much of a surprise to you.

But what has really got me going is the World of Darkness MMO by CCP Games. The tech being used in EVE Online for the new character creator being basically a testbed for WoD is incredibly encouraging given how awesome it is right now, and the fact CCP is so good at emergent/sandbox gameplay really bodes well for proper use of the IP in MMO form. I don't know if they'll end up going that direction but it really fits like a glove both for the IP and for CCP's particular expertise.

Yes, I'm also interested in Guild Wars 2, but the above two games take priority in terms of interest level. With that said, SWTOR is looking like it'll be the first out of the gate so I'm most excited for that one as I'll actually be able to play it in some reasonable amount of time (hopefully!).

Dengar writes:

For AA, I see I had a typoe for "continent" >.<

Still waiting on more info on WoD myself. I like some of the ideas of EVE from afar, but I also love being able to play with my friends, and I couldn't even get them to trial Darkfall >.<

Thu May 19 2011 5:37PM Report
NeVeRLiFt writes:

I'm waiting for more info on WoD also, and right now the only MMO coming out that has me excited and even looks to be a real online world to play in is ArcheAge.

GuildWars 2 might have something going that could get me interested but really I want something that captures what UO and EQ had.

Fri May 20 2011 1:03AM Report
TheCrow2k writes:

SWTOR is of some interest but I am still worried by much of what I have seen.

Warhammer 40K could be great..... it could also be a total steaming pile of shite like Warhammer Online was... maybe if they keep Mythic and their "advice" the hell away from it it will stand a chance of being good.

Fri May 20 2011 1:35AM Report
TheCrow2k writes:

Oh and in the distant future - Torchlight MMO.

Fri May 20 2011 1:38AM Report
BarakIII writes:

I love how people say things like "a real online world" or a "real mmo" as if there's something particularly difficult or special about certain games that make them 'real online worlds' or 'real mmo's' as opposed to others which are not. 

What this really boils down to is personal taste and has nothing to do with whether a game is either a: really online, or b: really a world, or c: really an mmo. What is an mmo? Massive? check! Multiplayer? check! Online? check! Wow, it must be an mmo! People should stop lettng their personal tastes redefine what is online, world, or mmo. For the most part it just makes them sound silly, not to mention elitist and arrogant; and it's beginning to take on ludicrous proportions, especially here in the mmorpg forums.

As to the question at hand, SWTOR and WoD are the two mmo's I have my eyes on the most. Notice I'm the second person in this thread who has managed to mention those two games in the same sentence without exploding or otherwise having some disaster befall us.

I think I also have to mention Eve. No, Eve isn't a new game but it's a game that constantly grows. Perhaps not in huge game changing ways, but it grows. The new and fantastic character creator is the most recent example of the games growth. What I like about  CCP is they seem to have this long term vision of Eve and they seem absolutely determined to bring that vision to life. If they bring that same determination and creativity to WoD...well, let's just say I have high hopes.

Fri May 20 2011 2:03AM Report
Raventree writes:

SWToR is without a doubt my single most anticipated MMO.  Bioware has stumbled a little recently with Dragon Age Awakenings and Dragon Age II and lost a little bit of their shine for me, but they are still the best developer out there as far as I am concerned.  With the huge amount of money and effort they are putting into SWToR I just can't see how it can be a failure.

Fri May 20 2011 6:23AM Report
NeVeRLiFt writes:

Sorry but taking Rift as an example, while did capture that feel of an online world to play in... it was small, some the zones were just way to small and cramped.

There was also nothing to do in the game beside fight monsters and run dungeons/raids once you reach level 50.

The crafting felt tacked on and lacked any depth it was no better than the crap that WoW has.

SWG/FE/EQ2/LOTRO all have much better crafting systems.


And last but not least before my 30days was up in Rift I had did every quest in the game, raided half a dozen times, ran all instances on heroic a few times, was in full tier 1 gear with 4x pieces of tier 2. Had most my rep in a good place.

So all Rift had left for me to do was grind rep with the factions or raid for the rest of my tier 2 gear....  sorry but I want more out of an mmo than chasing gear and raiding/running the same dungeons over and over chasing gear! WoW done beat that horse to death people... time to move on and bring something else to the table now.

Fri May 20 2011 8:42AM Report
Senadina writes:

I have 3 in the lead, with a fourth too far away to get excited yet. They are: The Secret World, TOR, GW2, with WoD bringing up the rear. My excitement waxes and wanes depending on which is releasing the most  Really tho, TSW is sounding like the horror/ paranormal MMO I have been wanting forever. The conspiracy puzzle solving is a huge plus; the classless, levelless system is interesting; my only concern is combat might be too twitchy for me. God I hope not, this is the game I want to play for years if it delivers on it's promise.

Fri May 20 2011 8:48AM Report
Krellen writes: As with another user's comment I don't completley understand the hype with GW2. GW1 seemed pretty standard and was complete opposite of an online world, which a lot of people who are looking forward to GW2 also mention. The inovative thing GW1 had that is GW2 is continuing is no subscription fee. That seems to be the main reason people are this hyped up for it. Main one I am looking forward to is The Secret World. It is different then most out there so far, mainly because it is not Fantasy or Scifi. WOD is also high on the list, but to far away. Will try SWTOR of course, partly because it has the most likely chance of getting my wife to play some too. The only other MMORPG she played at all was AOC. Fri May 20 2011 8:54AM Report
Fozzik writes:

If you don't understand why people are excited for Guild Wars 2, then you likely haven't spent much time learning about the game. Read some articles and watch some should be pretty obvious before long why GW2 is likely going to stand out.

There's a substantial amount of innovation and clever new thinking going into the game to deal with old problems that MMORPGs have always had...but at the same time, Guild Wars 2 will have roots and spirit grounded in the best games in the genre. They seem to be doing a fantastic job of realizing more of the original potential of the MMORPG, while creating a new and fresh game play experience at the same time.

It's obviously not going to be perfect...but it is leaps and bounds more ambitious than most of the games we've seen in years, and the passion of the developers and soul of the world come through clearly already.

Fri May 20 2011 2:03PM Report
charlionfire writes:

[ If you don't understand why people are excited for Guild Wars 2, then you likely haven't spent much time learning about the game. Read some articles and watch some should be pretty obvious before long why GW2 is likely going to stand out. ]

If you don't understand that there will be alot of problems with the way Guild Wars 2 will handle classic MMO issues, you haven't thought for very long about the information in the articles and videos released about the game.

Sun May 22 2011 4:51AM Report
Saorlan writes:

Er I will have a handbag for $35 - can I have it in pink please. Oh yes and I also do not understand the GW2 hype - it looks total garbage.

Star Wars - yes I will play it as it is Star Wars but not like the WOWness

Eve - Walking in Station - yes please !!

Sun May 22 2011 7:08AM Report
SkullFighter writes:

#1 Guild Wars 2:  WvW is what has me most interested.  The fact that it will include a large area dedicated to WvWvW with objectives.  The competition rotates to separate worlds.  We have not heard much more that what they stated but it does sound very inticing.

#2 Warhammer 40k:  its a great IP.  I just hope they do it justice.

#3 TOR:  It's Star Wars.  Other than that it sounds like they are going down the WOW route.  battlegrounds, dungeons,dailies etc.  Do not know how long it will keep my interest. 

Wed May 25 2011 11:34PM Report writes:
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