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How Important is PvP to You?

Posted by MikeB Thursday May 12 2011 at 4:50PM
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This week's Community Spotlight focuses on the thread "How big of an issue is PVP?" by Dewm. Let's get things started with Dewm himself:

On one of these other threads (won't mention it because you already know what i'm talking about) people have turned the discussion to PVP, whether its FFA, or what-not. And I guess my question is: In a MMO world, how big of a deal is PVP?

Would you play a pure PVE game? or would you prefere somthing that is laced with PVP like WoW?

I know for me PVP is a none issue, I hate it...don't do it. and try to stay away from it.

For Loktofeit, it varies:

It depends on what I'm looking for in an MMO. 

Aion -  the PVP is nothing more than an nuisance to me and I would definitely resub if it was a PvE game.

EVE - I play for the PvP, whether I'm actively looking for it or just knowing that when I'm hauling those 50 Rifters to lucrative locations there both the overall risk that drove the price up to begin with and the immediate risk of possibly losing it all as I deliver them. I wouldn't paly the game without PVP.

AoC - can take it or leave it, but the fact that it's zero-risk and almost gauranteed gain makes it a nice diversion now and then.

Puzzle Pirates - I would never have lasted a week without PvP in that game, let alone 6 years.

ste2000 doesn't find PvP in an MMO important whatsoever:

It's a non issue.

PvP is not important in a MMO, at all.

MMOs are naturally made to be PvE friendly since they are an extension of single players RPGs

In fact PvP and PVE should be always separate in MMOs, that's what causes the most aggravation within their communities

PvE players do not get on with PvP players and vice versa.

The reason is simple if you balance the game more on the PvE aspect the PvPers will whine, if you do the opposite, the PvErs will complaint.

Ever wondered while recently all MMO forums are just full of complaints, and generally the communities stink?

That's the simple answer.

Personally I am praying that someone will make another full PvE game like EQ

I already play an exellent OPvP game, Darkfall, I just need a full PvE game now.

Yes I like hardcore PvP as much as hardcore PvE, but I hate PvE and PvP together in the same game.

That's a broken formula which works only for WoW.

Inzra on the other hand, is entirely the opposite:

That's funny, cause if I see an mmorpg without PvP I will probably not play it.

To me there's no point playing an online game with others and not allow the full range of actions and reactions from other players.

I.e. in WoW the most interaction I have is with people I cannot PvP with - the friendly faction which I teamed with - , but I'm pretty sure I would be in alot more PvP with them than the enemy faction, simply because of player/character behaviour, if WoW was free-for-all PvP.

If I wanted pure PvE I'd probably play some single player instead, to me it's not an accomplishment to kill some NPC boss that is controlled by a computer, in comparison to beating a player in PvP. Even though some players are bad at PvP they will still have the potential to be alot less predictable than an NPC.

Me? PvP was not initially important to me when I got into MMOs. I looked at MMOs as hopefully an evolution of MUDs where I could find virtual worlds to RP in with the added benefit of things being well, visual, as opposed to text. This didn't really pan out too well and as I continued to play MMOs I found that PvP was another avenue of gameplay I really enjoyed and had a knack for. Nowadays I love a great PVE experience but if there isn't a solid PvP offering along with it it's hard to get me interested. I like to play MMOs long term and I've never been a huge fan of raiding. Sure, I'd love to get through the content once to experience it but I don't like doing it over and over. PvP on the other hand is extremely dynamic and each match is different. MMOs also offer the persistence and progression that goes along with that so it is all the more enticing.