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Community Spotlight: Your Worst MMO Memories

Posted by MikeB Thursday May 20 2010 at 4:24PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “The MMO Memories that make you cringe” by Azen77. In the thread, Azen77 polls the community on their worst MMO memories, though he put it in a far more interesting manner than I just did:

“Ever been thinking of going back to some beloved game? Reveling with a buddy over the nostalgia of how awesome it was, and how games aren't like they used to be, when suddenly you remember one of the ACTUAL tasks and are like, "OMG NOOOO!",throw up a little in your mouth, and say screw it because you remember some gameplay mechanic/experience that just turned you off forever?

Thought it would be interesting to see what people absolutely hated/despised about their MMO games to the point it makes your brain scramble to GTFO of your skull before being made to do that again. Here's some of mine off the top of my head.

·      EQ2: Heritage Quests...

·      EQ1: Camping specific species of animal to extinction, or at least what should have been extinction.

·      AC1: The death animation and sound effect followed by the portal...permanaently scarred with both the humour of it and the pain of knowing I had no idea where I died...oh and finding my last taper...

·      WoW: Quest hubs...I swear to god I'm never playing another game where I have to run around mindlessly clicking ! people to then just follow waypoints.

·      Allods: Bag raid...! hubs...

·      LoTR: Killing

·      DaoC: c...r...a...f...t...i...n...g.......b...a...r...........”

Needless to say, this should be therapeutic!

JSchindler offers his own list:

“EVE - Being reduced to a pod before the loading screen ends by squads of zone-in campers.

WoW - Repeating instances I hated for my only missing set-piece that just .. did .. not .. drop.

LOTRO - Chasing "the Undying" deed only to die thanks to a client crash at level 19.

SWG - Being unable to solo the Corellian Corvette. And the NGE.

UO - Being unable to place a small house due to all the castles for sale on eBay.”

Comnitus the lumberjack recalls some fun times in Runescape:

“High level woodcutting in RuneScape. It was even harder because when I played, I was young and had a short attention span. Luckily, Toonami Jetstream was still around (Cartoon Network never should've taken it down or removed Toonami completely), so I watched episodes of Megas XLR, Samurai Jack, and other action cartoons while my little avatar chipped away at magic trees for a couple of hours to garner a few thousand exp.

Good times. Good money, too (before the invention of the Grand Exchange, which made selling a hassle but also meant I could get pretty high prices if I knew how to sell it right).”

Robsolf despises ladders:

“LotRO:  Crafting quests that gate progress.  I hear everyones irritations regarding the wolves/spider/boars quests.  I keep them if I have room, but I usually just cancel them.  There are far more than enough quests to advance you through most of the game without them.

AoC:  stupid "ladder-gates" in the crafting villages.  At climb of 50 in Tortage, I was able to climb down a 100 foot pillar with ease.  But I need 300 climbing to go up a 10 foot ladder to turn in my crafting quests?  Seriously?

SWG-pre-NGE:  Hearing half a dozen light sabers powering on/off all the time in Starports.

Tabula Rasa:  The annoying roachy things with ridiculous armor ratings...

DDO:  Collector items.  Seems like you could have 5 million types of fungus to collect, and 50 million NPC's that only take a few types of fungus.  You travel all over stormreach to turn in these items for other items that you probably won't be able to use.

Also... everytime I see an ooze.


Girlgeek offers a litany of cringe-worthy memories:

WoW - *sigh* where to begin?  Let's see...cringe memories:

When they added BGs and I first realized that there would be hardly any more Tauren Mill / Southshore "football games," and that hardly anyone would ever want to just raid Stormwind, Darnassus, or IF any more just for fun.

The first time I had to trade in epic armor on common armor that was better.....GD that pissed me off. Armor that  I had had to raid to get, losing the rolls repeatedly (we didn't use a DKP system) and FINALLY getting it after so so SO many hours of raiding and then taking it off to put on a common item from a quest reward. F.U. Blizzard.

The day they sealed the fate of the server-wide community once and for all by adding the Looking for Cross Server PuG tool. LFD tool, pffft....whatever.


The original crafting that required so many combines and stuff made by people that were never available when you needed them and therefore you had to pay a King's Ransom for help from someone outside of your guild. Grrrrr.  Let's put it this way...when SoE changed that....I LITERALLY danced.


Trying to solo with a minstrel because the game is so top heavy and there really isn't any incentive for anyone to help a lowbie (or at least there wasn't when I was playing).


Holy hell....from grinding soul-less BGs in WoW to grinding scenarios in WAR. WTF? I thought this game was going to be better than it was, and the disappointment still tastes like sulfur in my mouth when I remember.  And it always seemed the game was stuck on popping the SAME scenario. The game world felt about the size of a pea because to level, most of your time was spent in a virtual box....a tiny tiny area.  BLAH.


Introduction of the FoD debuff.  Oh sure.....that's brilliant.  NOT.

Perfect World

Finally reaching level 30 when open PvP really starts and realizing that you're up against people that are paying real money to have a character that will kick your butt any way but sideways while never running out of power or health. And I was really enjoying myself up until then.

Runes of Magic

I'm sorry, but having to level the same character twice through the same content almost immediately after having done it just to make sure your secondary class is an exercise in tedium. I'd rather just level ONE class and then make an alt LATER. At least THAT way I've had time to sort of forget the content in those early levels. 

Fallen Earth

The moment I realized that it was going to take me about 10 years (this is only a small exaggeration) to build my motorcycle. I'm semi-patient with most things in games, but seriously....that just took the wind completely out of my sails after having worked so hard to get all the crafting skills high enough to start making the motorcycle parts.”

There are countless others, as you would expect, but for those of you who are interested, these are some of my most cringe-worthy memories:

SWG – Wanting to go out and do missions and realizing 2-3 hours later I’d just gotten done preparing to go out to do missions after waiting in line/searching for buffs, food, entertainer buffs etc. And of course the requisite “NGE!” can’t forget that, Holocron grinding too, glad I didn’t do much of that!

Oh, and one memory that makes me cringe with regards to SWG isn’t something that was wrong with the game – but my embarrassing level of douchebaggery that came with being a teenager at the time. I had been running around the Krayt Dragon Graveyard on Tatooine wearing this stupid silly flowery hat, just running around in circles out of boredom after having gone out there to look for Krayts to fight, and in comes a stumbling newbie who was incredibly curious as to why I was running around in circles wearing a stupid hat. I explained to him that running around through the Krayt dragon bones while wearing the silly hat and then eventually fighting and killing the Krayt dragon by dropkicking it in the throat and cutting off its air supply unlocked Jedi (this was before the Holocron craze).

He believed it, and wanted to know where he could acquire his own silly hat. I found this hilarious enough to immortalize in a number of screenshots, which I am too embarrassed to share with you all – the story will have to suffice. Clueless guy, if you are out there and reading this, I'm sorry for leading you astray!

Other than that, thinking about City of Heroes at launch gives me some cringe worthy memories. Doing each mission in a story arc 8 times for each member of your team so we were all on the same part of the story (before shared missions were implemented) was really no fun at all.

So, what are your most cringe worthy MMO memories? Share them with us in the comments below!

Mazudht writes:

MMO's in general.... The use of voice communication. I prefer the days where the games were simple enough that you could type instructions fast enough. Now you have to listen to people ramble on about thier personal lives, how great they are, how ungreat they are, their kids, their parents, levels of drugs and alcohol use, and thats not mentioning the rage that occasionally surfaces.

WoW - Everything after you reach 80 (soon to be 85, rinse and repeat). I think the Dev's sit in rooms and try to come up with ways to make people go through ubsured tasks to feel like they accomplished something. You can take that either way, the player feels accomplished or the Dev. We makes fools of eachother /shrug.

DA0C - Trials that took all day to complete. They messed up melee. Someone mentioned earlier, the crafting bars!

UO - As with most games they made everything so easy.


Thu May 20 2010 6:56PM Report
Complication writes:

The things that made me want to smash my computer are:

EQ1 - When SOE added the expansion that brought the bazaar, PoK, and the expansion that added instanced dungeons.  Completely destroyed the social aspect of the game. which leads to...

WoW- Over simplified to retarded monkey status thanks to copying and watering down even more the gameplay SOE used to ruin eq1. oh yeah, and BG's. WTF, what happened to open world pvp?!

           Warcraft was about open land strategic ownage. Which if translated to its mmo brother correctly would be OPEN WORLD PVP. Not dumbass mini games with a little bit of pvp.

           And to both EQ1 and WoW, the constant never ending gear grinding in raids and wow's bg's.   like the person stated before, grinding your balls off for epic gear to replace it soon after with trash ass common. good way to ass rape your customer base


           Making clones of it with a skin of whatever theme your going to try to get our money with.  Im sick and tired of playing the same damn game over and over.

WAR-  Shame on you Mythic for thinking 2 factions would be fun for a RVR game. and then pigeon holing everyone into WoW clone BG's.


Actually, reading this list and writing my own has made me pretty angry. I think we need to rise up, butcher every company behind the ruination of our genre, and start fresh.

Thu May 20 2010 8:10PM Report
Dracondis writes:

[quote]·      EQ2: Heritage Quests...[/quote]

I hate you so much...  Those are what I live for.  I love HQs.

Fri May 21 2010 12:00AM Report
toxicmango writes:

EVE:  Paying money only to find out the game company has been corrupt and playing favorites and cheating against other paying customers including me and the people I was playing with, and then having the gall to lie about it, claiming persecution and conspiracy.  I don't pay hard earned money for a company to cheat and get their in-game jollies at my expense.

Fri May 21 2010 1:08AM Report
erictlewis writes:

Well personally I love HQ quests in eq2 they give great status, they are not made to be easy.

Yes the worst memory I have is this crap they put in LOTRO call Radiance and gear gating instances.

Fri May 21 2010 5:55AM Report
Smashix writes:


The day they sealed the fate of the server-wide community once and for all by adding the Looking for Cross Server PuG tool. LFD tool, pffft....whatever.

For me, this was a great day. I was finally able to do lots of dungeons without having to wait for 5 characters to travel half way across the world to start a run, just so one of them would have to leave 15 minutes into it since it took 45 minutes to get there. Plus, I've now fianlly done many of the pre-80 dungeons I never got to do because nobody wanted to go through the trouble. Now it's so easy that I've done almost every one of them. I understand about the cross-realm thing, but that may have been the only way to implement it without having to wait an hour to get a group each time.

Fri May 21 2010 9:40AM Report
Smashix writes:

EQ2: Many zones designed before EoF. Killing birds and snakes in Antonica is like I running around the woods anywhere in Europe or parts of the US and Canada in present day. If I want to do that, I can just go outside, this isn't much of a fantasy to engage me and draw me in.

GW: Default key bindings! Why on earth did they have to make these so different from any other game in the genre? One of the best things about EQ2 and WoW is the ease of learning the interface due to the similarity.

Rappelz: Developers refuse to add keyboard movement to the game out of principle. Doh! Then I will continue to not play it, not out of principle, but because I don't want to get carpal tunnel syndrome.

Fri May 21 2010 9:54AM Report
yureineko writes:

I agree with DennisPic on the Wow statement. I haven't played WoW since before WotLk, but I desperately wish this had been an option for me when I was leveling my main and all my alts. Waiting an hour or more to find a group for an instance that took an hour or more to complete, then having the healer or tank leave after 1/2 hour made me yell at my monitor so many times.

Fri May 21 2010 10:19AM Report
ZoeMcCloskey writes:

Warhammer - having fun from T1 all the way through T3, so much fun only to arrive at T4 and wonder why they suddently turn the game into something else and something not fun.

Perfect World - the entire thing

Fri May 21 2010 11:29AM Report
Smashix writes:

EQ2: This has now changed, but coins used to have weight and different classes had a maximum amount of weight they could carry, exceed that weight and your movement became sluggish. Also, whatever you sold on the AH while logged off would be put into your inventory, in coins, when you logged on.  A friend of mine played a caster class, the weakest in the game. So, he would log off at night, log in the next morning, and instantly be slowed down to a slug's speed as his overnight earnings came in. So he was almost unable to move until he got somewhere he could get change or he had to actually dump some of his money to be able to move again. Brilliant! Plus, a number of people argued vehemently against changing this in the forums saqying it would make the game "unrealistic". rofl

Fri May 21 2010 11:42AM Report
kevnon writes:

DDO: for not putting in all the basic classes in the launch and doing the dumbest world  out there ebberon, i know why they did it they were trying to get people to buy the pnp version, but they had so many cool worlds they cold of used.  ohh games been out 4 years and they still dont have druids, they added favored soul but no druids. arggg

Fri May 21 2010 11:43AM Report
golab writes:

Earth and Beyond: Flying down the same boring, safe corridor through an asteroid field I'd flown 20 times at least, suddenly getting swarmed by mobs that had never notied me before and being instantly destroyed. That was annoying, but what made it into the issue that drove me away from the game was the email I got in response to my complaint, in which thay assured me they had not actually changed anything. Making the game harder and then *lying* about having done so was infuriating. I do miss the station adverts though "Big! Strong! WOW! Tada-O!"

Fri May 21 2010 1:18PM Report
Baromen writes:

EQ: Spending 5 years trying to race plat farmers to a golem in the plane of hate thanks to the Amulet of Necropotence being a tradeable instaclicky skeleton illusion.  Never getting a 8 year old quest completed thanks to that one drop.

Spending 29 hours in the Skyfire Mountains killing place holders for my bard epic.

And the worst of all was watching the founder of my guild (and guild leader for 7 years across multiple servers) become too sick to play, pass leadership to someone he trusted, and then watching that person boot the founder from the guild 6 months later when he had recovered enough to say hello to everyone.  I've not been able to trust anyone in an MMO since.

Fri May 21 2010 2:33PM Report
wraith808 writes:

LOTRO - Chasing "the Undying" deed only to die thanks to a client crash at level 19.

This!  1000x this!  Especially since they have the lame excuse that they can't do it because a flag gets set... how about just manning up and saying that no matter if it's our fault, our policy is not to do it instead of insulting our intelligence!

Fri May 21 2010 3:21PM Report
maplestone writes:

My worst experience in any game actually come from a flamewar on a closed-beta message board.  One faction on a sensitive issue was so beligerant they drove everyone who disagreed with them off the boards, some into just quitting the game entirely.

Fri May 21 2010 3:37PM Report
hogscraper writes:

Worst moment..

Logging in to DAOC to find I was the last person left standing in our guild. Played with the same group of a dozen or more people for 4 years. One left then another, then everyone else quit in the same month. I've yet to see that level of friendship among a guild in the games I've played since then. 

Fri May 21 2010 10:43PM Report
Mystik86 writes:

AoC - The new expansion, entirely. I'm sick and tired of Asian-inspired themes. Also, the new factions and the faction grinding is terrible. It's so out of whack that I have actually considered quitting the game again after many nights of pure enjoyment. All was well until RotGS came around... Bleh.

WoW - The community in general is the single worst out there, not simply for the lack of intelligence but the shear amount of ignorance that seems to drown out any signs of reasonable life.

A lack of character creation options. I hate clones so much! You'd think that in a role-playing game there would be more ways to make your character unique but nope.

Player-housing. No god-damned player housing. No guild strongholds, nothing. Nothing that would make things more interesting, and more fun for roleplayers who actually enjoy Warcraft lore.

Lineage 2 - Language barrier  (North Americans vs. Koreans vs. Brazilians vs. Europeans) was a horrible thing. The worst time was when you got ganked by some asshole Korean or Chinese person and they started taunting you in their language, and could not understand your retaliation whatsoever. God that pissed me off more than the actual PKing.

EQ2 - Not very solo-friendly. Most of the time you absolutely needed at least a partner to do things because quite frankly every class is weak at something and so weak at it that they get raped by every god damned mob out there.

Fri May 21 2010 11:59PM Report
MrDrez writes:

The players.  Some games are better than others, of course, but whenever I think about playing an MMO, I think about all the kids who complain about how terrible this game or that game is, yet they have played it for over 400 they complain about how every game is the same, yet also complain about games that try and buck the trend...even this list, which was supposed to be focused on memories and nostalgia, has turned into a general whine-tasting party about every MMO that's been out or is currently out.

Sat May 22 2010 2:07PM Report
safety writes:

Logging in to Star Wars in November 2005 and realising that my MLS/MDef/4xx4 Jedi Knight was now so weak he literally could not move.

The crap GUI that had to be relearned. The new FPS combat system that didn't work. The nine 'iconic' professions down from thirty-four. The alpha profession that took two years to grind now being reduced to a noob starter job. The stream of lies from Smedley and the others about how the players had 'demanded these changes'. The almost instantaneous emptying of my friend-list, my guild-list, the cantinas, the spaceports, the cities and the planets.

I took my Jedi to the top of a hill overlooking my three guild-hall compound, took a couple of screenshots. logged of and closed my three accounts. What a terrible waste.

Sun May 23 2010 12:25PM Report
mukin writes:


SWG: Bounty Hunter missions BEFORE they fixed the tracking bug.

EVE: Joining a Corp, needing 34 jumps to get to their nearest base, and subsequently deciding it was a lousy corp.  

Sun May 23 2010 9:35PM Report
Arakazi writes:

My worse memory was on EQ2 before broadband was available. Took 2 days to download all the patches, since my IP provider would cut me off every two hours.. I remember zoning while on a ship, and having so much lag that when the zone finally loaded I was in the middle of some ocean and drowning. Took a long time to get that corpse.

Getting podded in EVE and loosing over 1 million skill points because I forgot to update my clone, was pretty bad, and pretty stupid, "heh nobody will pod me in 0.9".


WoW, when WotLK came out.

Mon May 24 2010 7:52AM Report
fansede writes:

All the bitchin on this site and I can hardly believe the forums haven't melted down from this topic.

EQ: learning a new definition of camping.  It does not involve campfires. I also discovered how to acquire hemorrhoids before age 30.

Shadowbane: Ganking - How are thou? There is little party honor.

WoW - thank you for letting me play without grinding mobs endlessly for experience. But I need to grind instances?

Anarchy Online - You are not allowed to play because of Failure to launch

EQ2 - We made our game so beautiful your computer can barely run it. Until then, check out our screenshots.

Vanguard - Brad McQuaid is akin to a politician. Promise great things (The Vision), deliver very little and sell to SoE.

Far East mentality of MMOs - content equals do the same activity over and over again and then do it some more to receive a buff. No wonder cash shops are the norm!

WAR - most actively hyped game i have ever seen. Thank you for levels 1-29. Curse you for the rest of the game. 

AoC - See WAR. Thank you for Tortage. Rest of the game was missing

Tue May 25 2010 2:29PM Report
XTREM1337 writes:

My worse MMO memories :

WoW : Running like an headless chicken till 40 lvl to get a stupid lowbe mount... Took 3 hours to got 40 newbe badass for Molten Core, glorious wipe at the first boss then every peep quit and said "NOOB - FUCKK U - LOZER - YOUR MOM !!! - SUKK MY DEEK - CHUCK NORRIS 4 EVER !!!.." O-M-G ?!?!!?!?!

Anarchy Online:  After downloaded the game, patching for 6 hours..Finaly I've created my stupid toon, I'm launched  the tutorial and...My toon was stuck in the wall, running like a retard with an insane ping fuckin way....

Matrix Online : ARE YOU SERIOUS ??????????????

DAoC : Epic LAG during the RvR...the combats was like a bad screenshots slideshow...The nolife crafting...

Lineage2 : I never understand with my toon was running like an autism which is always searching something on the ground..........geez

SWG : Correlia lagy city, the Bounty Hunter missions before the patch, NGE = EPIC FAIL...I closed my 2 accounts....sigh

EQ2 : lol the fuckin aggro everywhere ! I ran all the fuckin zone with a giant rats on my ass..finaly I entered in a city zone, wow am i safe, exausted,  with somes NPC *Guards*, I though I was defended by the guards...NO WAY I WAS FREAKIN KILLED by the RATS !!! just on the front of these silly *guards* !!! and they funin did NOTHING !!! OMFG !!! - I spent hours and googleled like an ass to understand the crafting...OMG NOWAY

AION: If you have REALLY nothing to do in your life, no parents, no gf, no friends, no cats, dogs...watever...Take a mirror and speak to yourself but DONT PLAY AION !!! GGGRRRRINNNDDD Everything, the birds, the mouses, the bambi til 50 lvl...!!!

I know my english is bad...

Hayden from Germany :)



Wed May 26 2010 9:27PM Report
ThaJoe writes:

FlyFF - Nuffsaid

Thu May 27 2010 12:06AM Report
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