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Community Spotlight: Your Worst MMO Memories

Posted by MikeB Thursday May 20 2010 at 4:24PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “The MMO Memories that make you cringe” by Azen77. In the thread, Azen77 polls the community on their worst MMO memories, though he put it in a far more interesting manner than I just did:

“Ever been thinking of going back to some beloved game? Reveling with a buddy over the nostalgia of how awesome it was, and how games aren't like they used to be, when suddenly you remember one of the ACTUAL tasks and are like, "OMG NOOOO!",throw up a little in your mouth, and say screw it because you remember some gameplay mechanic/experience that just turned you off forever?

Thought it would be interesting to see what people absolutely hated/despised about their MMO games to the point it makes your brain scramble to GTFO of your skull before being made to do that again. Here's some of mine off the top of my head.

·      EQ2: Heritage Quests...

·      EQ1: Camping specific species of animal to extinction, or at least what should have been extinction.

·      AC1: The death animation and sound effect followed by the portal...permanaently scarred with both the humour of it and the pain of knowing I had no idea where I died...oh and finding my last taper...

·      WoW: Quest hubs...I swear to god I'm never playing another game where I have to run around mindlessly clicking ! people to then just follow waypoints.

·      Allods: Bag raid...! hubs...

·      LoTR: Killing

·      DaoC: c...r...a...f...t...i...n...g.......b...a...r...........”

Needless to say, this should be therapeutic!

JSchindler offers his own list:

“EVE - Being reduced to a pod before the loading screen ends by squads of zone-in campers.

WoW - Repeating instances I hated for my only missing set-piece that just .. did .. not .. drop.

LOTRO - Chasing "the Undying" deed only to die thanks to a client crash at level 19.

SWG - Being unable to solo the Corellian Corvette. And the NGE.

UO - Being unable to place a small house due to all the castles for sale on eBay.”

Comnitus the lumberjack recalls some fun times in Runescape:

“High level woodcutting in RuneScape. It was even harder because when I played, I was young and had a short attention span. Luckily, Toonami Jetstream was still around (Cartoon Network never should've taken it down or removed Toonami completely), so I watched episodes of Megas XLR, Samurai Jack, and other action cartoons while my little avatar chipped away at magic trees for a couple of hours to garner a few thousand exp.

Good times. Good money, too (before the invention of the Grand Exchange, which made selling a hassle but also meant I could get pretty high prices if I knew how to sell it right).”

Robsolf despises ladders:

“LotRO:  Crafting quests that gate progress.  I hear everyones irritations regarding the wolves/spider/boars quests.  I keep them if I have room, but I usually just cancel them.  There are far more than enough quests to advance you through most of the game without them.

AoC:  stupid "ladder-gates" in the crafting villages.  At climb of 50 in Tortage, I was able to climb down a 100 foot pillar with ease.  But I need 300 climbing to go up a 10 foot ladder to turn in my crafting quests?  Seriously?

SWG-pre-NGE:  Hearing half a dozen light sabers powering on/off all the time in Starports.

Tabula Rasa:  The annoying roachy things with ridiculous armor ratings...

DDO:  Collector items.  Seems like you could have 5 million types of fungus to collect, and 50 million NPC's that only take a few types of fungus.  You travel all over stormreach to turn in these items for other items that you probably won't be able to use.

Also... everytime I see an ooze.


Girlgeek offers a litany of cringe-worthy memories:

WoW - *sigh* where to begin?  Let's see...cringe memories:

When they added BGs and I first realized that there would be hardly any more Tauren Mill / Southshore "football games," and that hardly anyone would ever want to just raid Stormwind, Darnassus, or IF any more just for fun.

The first time I had to trade in epic armor on common armor that was better.....GD that pissed me off. Armor that  I had had to raid to get, losing the rolls repeatedly (we didn't use a DKP system) and FINALLY getting it after so so SO many hours of raiding and then taking it off to put on a common item from a quest reward. F.U. Blizzard.

The day they sealed the fate of the server-wide community once and for all by adding the Looking for Cross Server PuG tool. LFD tool, pffft....whatever.


The original crafting that required so many combines and stuff made by people that were never available when you needed them and therefore you had to pay a King's Ransom for help from someone outside of your guild. Grrrrr.  Let's put it this way...when SoE changed that....I LITERALLY danced.


Trying to solo with a minstrel because the game is so top heavy and there really isn't any incentive for anyone to help a lowbie (or at least there wasn't when I was playing).


Holy hell....from grinding soul-less BGs in WoW to grinding scenarios in WAR. WTF? I thought this game was going to be better than it was, and the disappointment still tastes like sulfur in my mouth when I remember.  And it always seemed the game was stuck on popping the SAME scenario. The game world felt about the size of a pea because to level, most of your time was spent in a virtual box....a tiny tiny area.  BLAH.


Introduction of the FoD debuff.  Oh sure.....that's brilliant.  NOT.

Perfect World

Finally reaching level 30 when open PvP really starts and realizing that you're up against people that are paying real money to have a character that will kick your butt any way but sideways while never running out of power or health. And I was really enjoying myself up until then.

Runes of Magic

I'm sorry, but having to level the same character twice through the same content almost immediately after having done it just to make sure your secondary class is an exercise in tedium. I'd rather just level ONE class and then make an alt LATER. At least THAT way I've had time to sort of forget the content in those early levels. 

Fallen Earth

The moment I realized that it was going to take me about 10 years (this is only a small exaggeration) to build my motorcycle. I'm semi-patient with most things in games, but seriously....that just took the wind completely out of my sails after having worked so hard to get all the crafting skills high enough to start making the motorcycle parts.”

There are countless others, as you would expect, but for those of you who are interested, these are some of my most cringe-worthy memories:

SWG – Wanting to go out and do missions and realizing 2-3 hours later I’d just gotten done preparing to go out to do missions after waiting in line/searching for buffs, food, entertainer buffs etc. And of course the requisite “NGE!” can’t forget that, Holocron grinding too, glad I didn’t do much of that!

Oh, and one memory that makes me cringe with regards to SWG isn’t something that was wrong with the game – but my embarrassing level of douchebaggery that came with being a teenager at the time. I had been running around the Krayt Dragon Graveyard on Tatooine wearing this stupid silly flowery hat, just running around in circles out of boredom after having gone out there to look for Krayts to fight, and in comes a stumbling newbie who was incredibly curious as to why I was running around in circles wearing a stupid hat. I explained to him that running around through the Krayt dragon bones while wearing the silly hat and then eventually fighting and killing the Krayt dragon by dropkicking it in the throat and cutting off its air supply unlocked Jedi (this was before the Holocron craze).

He believed it, and wanted to know where he could acquire his own silly hat. I found this hilarious enough to immortalize in a number of screenshots, which I am too embarrassed to share with you all – the story will have to suffice. Clueless guy, if you are out there and reading this, I'm sorry for leading you astray!

Other than that, thinking about City of Heroes at launch gives me some cringe worthy memories. Doing each mission in a story arc 8 times for each member of your team so we were all on the same part of the story (before shared missions were implemented) was really no fun at all.

So, what are your most cringe worthy MMO memories? Share them with us in the comments below!