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Girls in MMOs

Posted by MikeB Thursday April 29 2010 at 3:55PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “Most Girls Play…” by uquipo who believes that most female gamers play World of Warcraft. The resulting discussion turned out to be hit-or-miss, but was often funny and at the very least quite insightful, thanks to our resident female readers here at

Uquipo’s thoughts:

“I'm guessing most women play WoW.

I'm talking about a per capita amount like out of every 100 people 20 are female.

I once heard that 40% of WoW players were female, but that sounds high.  PvP servers would have fewer women while RP servers would have more, I assume.

I would think a game like EVE would have a small female population.”

With some quick research Cecropia discovered that 3% of EVE’s population are female, and fnorgby followed up with a description of his wife, who played EVE in the past:

Originally posted by Cecropia

I remember CCP actually released the percentage of females that were subbed to EVE a couple of years ago. It was just over 3% at the time.

Heh, two years ago, my wife was one of 'em.  She rode shotgun on nullsec mining operations and was a decent PVP pilot. 

She insists she's not a "gamer", but she played Eve and loved it.  She plays CIv 4 mostly now, and refuses to save/restore because that would be "retarded".

Just yesterday she saw me playing XCOM and was all up in my grill about it.  I'm going to install it on her computer today and school her in the basics.

But she's not a "gamer".  Nope.”

Shae (a female gamer) responded to some of Uquipo’s unfounded generalizations with some snark of her own:


“Yup -  We're taking WoW over one server at a time.

We have female only guilds, we have pink tabards and yes when we get on vent we do nothing but talk about shopping, shoes and how the last time we got our nails done how great they looked right after but like 2 days later they've completely gone to hell.

And no, we don't have a clue how to play the game, I personally just push random bottoms and hope something goes right; who knew if you got 25 of us on the lich king doing the same thing mr. frostbite would go down so easily... iknowright?

Oh and if you don't play WoW and play some other more complicated, convoluted, "technical" game like eve, or runscape or whatever to like... get away from us. Don't bother man, just don't bother. We're all over the place.

We have our pink mouses, our pink keyboards, t-shits that spell the word Girl in like 50 different ways (i.e.: Girlz, Gurls, Gurlz, G!lrz, Gu!z, etc, etc), we have our bras, our tampons, make up, spare sweater in case it's cold (it doesn't matter where we're going, it could always be cold) and we're going to take over... oh yeah, we're taking over.

Oh yeah by the way.

Farmville is... AWESOME!”

Sinella, another female reader, plays RuneScape and A Tale in the Desert, and offers her perspective on what games interest her:

“There are a lot of female players in RuneScape and A Tale in the Desert. Being a woman myself I can tell that I prefer games where there are more activities than only combat, and where I can get the feeling of achievement without being forced to fight.”

Selenica, you guessed it, another female reader (they do exist, you know!) enjoyed Star Wars Galaxies and got the idea that many other female gamers did as well:

“Star Wars Galaxies used to be fairly populated with female players. Probably because it had such a wide variety of things to do/professions. A lot of opportunity to socialize and cooperate on things other than combat. That's what drew me to SWG. 

I like combat as much as any guy. I play games like GTA 4, Killzone 2, MGS4 all the time... but when it comes to MMO gaming and interacting with other players I prefer teamwork and friendships over pvp.”

Alleyia enjoyed FFXI and is now looking forward to FFXIV, contrary to popular belief she did not enjoy WoW as much as some would believe:

“I played FFXI for years and now I'm waiting for FFXIV.

Never really liked WoW, just got a Priest to 52 and a Paladin to 41.. didn't like the graphics, hated the community, but i liked BGs and my first guild there wasn't too bad. Played on a PvP Server because I liked the conflict between the horde and the alliance. Oh and female undeads ftw.

I also played Aion for about two Months, didn't really like it either and a couple of f2p games. FFXI is the only mmorpg that was able to hold my interest (just got no more time for it T_T).

Now I'm playing Allods Online and I like it so far. :3”

How could we have this thread without the always insightful comments of girlgeek? Come on now!

“Most girls play......whatever they damn well WANT to play. I don't think you can pick any particular game that "most girls" play. We play all kinds of games. Asia Carerra plays Unreal Tournament and consistently gives guys a pretty good schooling on HOW to FPS. lol  Mila Kunis was addicted to WoW. Other women play other games. We can't really be lumped into any "most women" comment, I don't think.”

I was honestly surprised with how many girl gamers came out of the wood work to clear the fog on this subject. I really expected it to just be a bunch of us guys, well, making stuff up that made sense to us, and at the end of the day for the topic to remain as mysterious as it began (well, not to Uquipo who had it all figured out!).

Despite some sexist comments, the responses were quite insightful and hopefully the thread will continue with even more interesting responses from our other female readers.

I’m not a girl, so I can’t really speak to what female MMO gamers play, but I did meet my girlfriend on The Matrix Online over four years ago, so I can tell you at least one girl was into that particular game.

Are you a girl gamer? What is your favorite MMO? And what criteria do you look for when deciding whether or not you are interested in a new MMO?