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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Community Spotlight: What Brought You to

Posted by MikeB Sunday April 7 2013 at 8:36PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "What Brought You To The First Time?" by AlBQuirky. This discussion is more about our community than MMOs themselves, but it's an interesting topic nonetheless:

Were you searching for info on a specific game?
Maybe you came just looking for general info on MMOs in general?
Did a friend or guildmate tell you about the site?
Did you come across it in a Google (or other search engine) search on MMOs/MMORPGs?
Were you bored one day and just type in the web browser ""?
(I did the above sometimes, just type in random addresses in the web browser when I got bored...)

What was it that brought you here that very first time?

For me, I originally came before making this account looking for general MMO info back in 2003 when my fun in EQ was waning. I think I did the "bored web address" thing... I don't think I created an account and certainly never participated in discussions :)

A few computers/hard drives later (and lost bookmarks) I found it again and created this account to keep abreast of the MMORPG industry.

What's your story?

Read below for some highlights from the thread!

Cecropia came to us in search for an MMO beyond WoW:

I started coming to this site in 2005 in search of a new MMO home after WOW began heading in a direction that I was not comfortable with. I am very thankful I did as led me to discover the MMO I would eventually spend more time playing than any other video game in my life: EVE.


Fearum too came to us in search of a new MMO:

I think the first time I came to this site was around when WoW launched. I was looking for a game after ToA came out and ruined DAoC for me and typed MMORPG in the search engine. Had some interesting articles, a nice game list and an active forum. I forgot my user name and password from way back when so I had to make this new one when I came back into looking for another mmo recently. Back then most games had a free trial so I would search through them trying to find a game to try out before purchaseing it. Never found a game I really enjoyed though so I kind of forgot about MMO's for years until Rift came out, which grabbed my attention and brought me back into the genre. Still havent found a game that can hold me longer than a few months, but I will keep looking.

Brenelael came to us in order to participate in some forum PvP ;):

When I was a clan leader in Lineage II way back in late 2004 my second in command suggested I come here instead of L2Blah to get a more moderate forum to read about game tips and features. I came here and have been here ever since although I lurked for about 2 years before actually creating an account. What spurred me to create an account was that I was getting a little tired of all of the SWG vets flogging SOE in any thread where it was mentioned even if it had absolutely nothing to do with SOE or SWG. When this started to creep into even the L2 forums I had enough and had to create an account to tell them to... Well what I told them back then would probably get me banned now so I'll leave it up to your imaginations.

In truth, before I started working here at, I only lurked and dropped by occasionally. I can't really pin down what first brought me here, but I suspect it may have been an internet search for Star Wars Galaxies, as we've always had a strong SWG forum community here. In any case, I am glad to have ended up here, as you guys are a great, lively community that I'm proud to work with each and every day!

What brought you to Share your tales with us in the comments below!

Eir_S writes: Me, I was basically bored of WoW and had pretty much given up on MMOs (or at least that's what I thought).  Rift was out but I tried it and it was pretty boring.  My friend had told me about Guild Wars 2 but I wasn't going to just take his word for it, all he had was a features list but no gameplay footage.  I really didn't think GW1 was a very good game, so I just brushed it aside.  Then when I saw footage of GW2, it blew me away... I was actually excited about an MMO after years of being stuck in the WoW rut simply because there was nothing better on the market.  I just wanted to discuss the game with other people.  Arguing ensued, the game is a success, and I got my money's worth, and in the process I've had some great discussions here (and have been mod-spanked a few times lol). Sun Apr 07 2013 8:50PM Report
severius writes: I started hanging out here when I heard that GreenMarine and other SWG devs were active here and that there were lively conversations and warnings about things to come. Sun Apr 07 2013 10:33PM Report
JaredKFan writes: I found through a websearch one day.  I visit here every day for the latest mmo news and tips.  I have become friends with some of the MMORPG streamers and staff and I've found a great community. Mon Apr 08 2013 1:06AM Report
Betaguy writes: Was the only MMO site at the time that had information on upcoming and released titles. Mon Apr 08 2013 6:22AM Report
Battlerock writes: World of Warcraft after I was looking for something new. Mon Apr 08 2013 10:41AM Report
mistmaker writes:

i came here occassionally since i guess 2007 around, but just read stuff and didnt register.


i would be more interested in a topic like "what made you play mmorpgs"

Mon Apr 08 2013 11:23AM Report
Dreamo84 writes:

I think my brother told me about it way back when. After the IGN Vault Networks kinda went downhill I had a hole that needed to be filled (anyone else remember EQVault back in the day? Was the place to be!)

But prety much ever since this is the first place I goto for MMO news.

Mon Apr 08 2013 11:58AM Report
tiefighter25 writes: I was Googling a particularly depraved sexual act on German Hardcore porn sites. The act happened to have the same acronym as this site. I guess it was fate. Tue Apr 09 2013 1:58AM Report writes:
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