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Multi-Faction Warfare and PvP

Posted by garrett Wednesday April 14 2010 at 6:06AM
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Back in the old days Player Killing was quite a big deal. I can remember playing UO with my PK character and hunting through the forests looking for Blue. I was an outlaw I felt like an outlaw. I could not go to town, I could not get to civilization, I had my guild, my band of thieves and cutthroats, they were my only home.

The next night I was on the Blue side, fighting and hunting against the other PK guilds on the server and saving those poor souls who had been killed, robbed, and forced to go back to town in shame. Both side of this coin were fun and players had the ability to create 2 characters that they could join either fight with.

I know I harp on DAOC a lot, but the concept of multi-faction warfare in an open zone was what made DAOC great. I played Midgard and we were out numbered. We also all worked together for a common cause. To hold the relics for our realm that gave us bonuses and helped out new players level in Darkness Falls. We went out everynight in 8 man groups or sometimes a zerg to hunt down Hibs and Albs. The Hibs, even though our enemies, would fight it out, yet if the Albs showed up the game changed fast and we joined to defeat them first. If I got out late, or missed a group it was ok I would go to the walls where the stealthers would hang out and wait for their quary. I never minded being bait because we all worked together.

Then WoW arrived and while I have now been playing WoW on and off since day one. The concept of realm pride and knowing that you were fighting to help low level players was gone. Sure WoW had its two factions, but it was only two. While the Horde and Alliance definitely did not get along, there was no reason behind hunting players. Sure WoW has PvP, but it is for personal glory. Also, there is no loss. If you lose a Battleground, players can just leave and only suffer from gaining less Honor. Wintergrasp was a step in the right direction, but that is one zone. Stil it did open up VoA which is cool because you can get loot, but again personal glory.

I miss the idea of multiple factions. Everygame has two now, there is no longer faction choices. I think one of the biggest mistakes Warhammer made was not having multiple factions. They thought they needed to be like WoW, they did not.

I also miss the idea of fighting for our players to have a place to level easier. It was a real benefit and gave every faction a reason to fight for something.

Anywas these are just thoughts today, maybe some of the MMOs coming out will change back to these ideals and give us a good strong reason to fight again.