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Community Spotlight: Grinding: Mobs vs. Quests

Posted by MikeB Sunday March 17 2013 at 11:10PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "XP grind. Mob or Quest?" by Arclan. Arclan offers up some examples of games where we grinded out mobs or quests to progress:

In EQ, we earned xp several hours at a time by killing mobs. Much of that time involved joking around with newly met friends. Often, you came to respect their wit and skill and made a game-long friend and in some cases a lifelong friend.

In Vanguard, I earned xp by doing quests. This never involved staying in one place for more than just a few minutes. If you are busy moving or fighting, you don't have time to chat. So no new friends were made in Vanguard.

Most games require xp, and many refer to that as a 'grind.' So pick your poison.

What's your 'poison' then? Read below for highlights.

Theocritus leans towards mob grinds:

I made more friends in EQ than I have in all other MMOs combined...The reason was because of the way we had to gain XP..... Liek the OP said, once we started questing we weren't in any one place long enough to make new friends and often didn't need anyone else anyway.....IMO quests should have been in MMOs only if they involved a great task (like class epic quests in EQ) and should involve other people....Otherwise its basically a single player game with other people in the game world.

For AlBQuirky, it's a bit of both:

It is a matter of a combination for me. Sometimes, I feel like being in a group and tearing through MOBs for hours on end. Other times I feel like following quests, where I can do as I please without worrying about others in my group. It is 2 very different types of gameplay and I enjoy them both.

The "grind" is so variable. With quests, I am engaged in the game. With MOB killing, I am not as engaged. If I get in a good group and we chat, the "grind" becomes less "grindy" and levels seem to come much more quickly.

The downside to EQ for me was the feeling that I could not do much without getting into a group. Even crafting was tough because it costs money and money was much easier to get fighting MOBs in groups. I could get to level 20 fairly easily without the "need" of others to help, but after that, soloing was very tough, indeed.

I do miss the Epic Quests that EQ had, though. They seemed to involve everyone in the group, not just the player doing the quests.

Psychow is a clear fan of quests:

I would rather quest.  Mindlessly killing mobs for no other reason than to gain XP is not a gamestyle I would want to participate in.

I'm sure developers would LOVE it if we did prefer mob grinding tho. Just think of all the costs they can save from having to provide content for it's players!

I'm going to take the easy route and say both. I actually prefer questing as the main form of progression, but I do enjoy grinding on mobs when the mood strikes. I spent a ton of time in my teenage years just grinding mobs in JRPGs and MUDs, so there's a bit of a soft spot for that in there for me, but it can get boring if it's the only source of progression.

Which do you prefer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!