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Community Spotlight: Do you have a fall back MMO?

Posted by MikeB Saturday March 31 2012 at 7:03PM
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This week's Community Spotlight is going to be short and sweet. We're focusing on the thread, "Do you have a fall back MMO?" by theblurch. In the thread, theblurch basically wants to know if the MMORPG.cvom community has an MMO they go back to when bored of everything else:

Do any of you have an MMO that you fall back to when you get bored of all the other games you play?  I'm finding that the MMO I always come back to is LOTRO.

Seems to me this is one of the best things about F2P games, you can always come back to them without a commitment.

Read on to find out what the community is saying!

Sythion likes to go back and play the original Guild Wars:

I think I've played seven or eight different characters through one of the storylines of GW. Considering doing it again.

It's nice to know you can have an experience that feels fresh with a new character without having to play forever or feel like your character's story is "incomplete."

Boge spends more time looking ahead than looking back:

I don't really have a fall back MMO.  We played World of Warcraft for about 6 years.  Haven't played it in about a year.  I guess that could be a fall back, but there are other MMORPGs that are stacking up that we'd like to try.  Lord of the Rings, Rift, Everquest, and now Guild Wars 2 is coming out.  I don't think we'll ever need to fall back on an MMORPG.

Azrile often returns to DDO:

Mine is DDO.   It is absurdly fun and is mostly solo questing, so you don´t feel like you ditch friends when you quit again.   When wow is near the end of a content cycle, I will play DDO.  When WOW has fresh content, I just shelf DDO for awhile.

Surprisingly, I joined DDO mainly because it was free and I figured that it would be a good place to waste a few hours a week.  I have ended up spending a bunch of money on adventure packs though just because I enjoy the game so much.

I used to try new games when WOW was between content.. but man,  there was nothing like spending $50 on AOC to teach me that most MMOs are garbage these days.  Better off trying a free one and maybe spending money if you like it rather than buying a box of a crappy game.

My fall back MMO for many years was City of Heroes. I played that one on and off for about 4.5-5 years. I haven't really had a "fall back" MMO as of late, however. I'll usually just play non-MMO games in between releases I'm interested in checking out.

What about you? Do you have a fall back MMO? Share your thoughts in the comments below!