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Cross-Network Promotion and You!

Posted by BillMurphy Thursday March 8 2012 at 10:47AM
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Hey guys.  I know it’s a little odd, but I’m sure you’ve been seeing the news links on the front page and the forums that lead to UnboundGamer, RTSGuru, and FPSGuru.  You might be wondering: why are they doing this?
It’s kind of obvious though, isn’t it? Our network is growing and is still the largest kid in a four-person family.  We will try to maintain that most of our cross-network promotion links have at least some interest to MMO fans as we know them.  Namely, RPG aspects, online game aspects, and the like will be what we “news” on the site. 
In the next 9 months, we will be doing a site design overhaul, with a beta URL for you all to check out and offer feedback on.  Part of this will be better news visibility and better organization of said news.  This will hopefully mean you can sort what kinds of news you see with dropdown boxes.  At least, that’s our goal.  When this happens, you’ll be able to customize your feeds, and it will be clearer than ever what game, genre, and so forth you’re seeing news for. 
I know these are all scary changes, but trust me… this is all for the better of the site and the network that’s trying its damnedest to bring you the most interesting and specialized in MMO coverage (as well as RTS, FPS, and Mobile now too).  As always, please feel free to send suggestions directly to me at editor at mmorpg dot com or use our suggestions forum from the main forum root.  Believe it or not, MikeB is always reading those and we’re always aware of what you guys want.  It’s just a matter of feasibility and time, and I think we’ll all be very happy with the plans we have in store for 2012. 
Not to mention… holy cow are there some awesome games coming that we can’t tell you about yet.  Just, well, trust me.  That’s what matters most: THE GAMES. And you won’t be disappointed in that regard.
Delvie writes:

Is this just a change to the front end?  Are the forums going to change?  Just asking because even though I sometimes get disgusted with them the forums are the reason I always return to

Thu Mar 08 2012 11:12AM Report
Falcomith writes:

"Not to mention… holy cow are there some awesome games coming that we can’t tell you about yet.  Just, well, trust me"

Come on Bill! Dont tease us like that!

Anywho, looking forwars to see what you all implement.

Thu Mar 08 2012 11:40AM Report
BillMurphy writes:

@Delvie - Forums will remain the same.  It's more about presentation and looks than anything else.  :)

@Falco - I WANT TO TELL YOU, but I can't.  Patience!

Thu Mar 08 2012 11:47AM Report
Nephaerius writes: Can't wait to see the changes. Sounds like a great idea. Thu Mar 08 2012 2:37PM Report
satire3rd writes:

I bet it's those games with them features that aren't like that other game and graphics similar to that game from those people in that country but not published by those from that other place.

Thu Mar 08 2012 3:59PM Report
shava writes: Pleease simplify the front page! It's a crazy quilt, nearly unusable past the upper left quad. Thu Mar 08 2012 7:09PM Report
BillMurphy writes:

@Shava: You read our minds.  There will be a much easier way to see news (which Suzie is the best in the biz at).  That's priority.  It's going to be streamlined, but hopefully without losing too much.

Sat Mar 10 2012 9:42AM Report writes:
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