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Community Spotlight: Your First MMO Love

Posted by MikeB Thursday March 3 2011 at 5:17PM
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This week's Community Spotlight focuses on the thread "Your First MMO Love" by fivoroth. Fivoroth wants to know what was the first MMO you truly got into and if you think it is still the "best ever".

I think that for pretty much everyone their first MMO is an amazing experience, something which they try to compare all the other MMOs to.

The question of this poll is whether you think people believe that their first MMO is the greatest and the best and they will always compare other MMOs to it, and will look back with nostalgia - the same way we do with our first love in real life?

For the sake of clarity, I will define the term first MMO :) By first MMO I don't mean the one you tried first. I mean the one you really got into. I played UO first for about a month and I never got into it. Same thing happened with my second MMO - EQ. My third MMO, WoW, was the one I really got into it. So I would be using WoW as my first MMO and not UO.

Sanity888 is shocked to find out over 37% feel their first MMO love was is still the best:

I can't believe over 37% says yes.

Well, I guess it depends. How long you've played MMOs and such. Well, my first MMO was The Sims Online. Then I played pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies. I was completely blown away from it, right from the beginning I liked pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies over The Sims Online. Actually, I prefer what I'm playing now, World of Warcraft, over The Sims Online too. I just really prefer full-fledged 3D MMOs over isotopic 2D MMOs like The Sims Online and (haven't play it) Ultima Online. There is much more emmersion with it.

Cereal2K recounts the days he spent with his first MMO love, Ultima Online:

Due to my video stores lack of knowledge they had Ultima Online there to rent when it first came out...I had no clue really and rented it as the first person and therefore could register the account  for like 3 bucks xD

At first I was overwhelmed and clueless but once I came across a guy who helped me and explained a lot it would go down in history as my fondest MMO memory.

No game gave me so many memorable moments of utter joy and frustration alike :D

To this day I could recite countless tales of adventure and woe all of which I remember as if they happened yesterday....

None of the other MMOs I've played (including pretty much all mainstream ones and a few niche games) were that memorable....when I think back to my like 4 years of wow theres hardly any times I think really fondly of except maybe 1-2 raiding experiences in vanilla...but world pve is so whatever that there are no tales to be told. (doesnt mean I didnt enjoy wow in general it just didnt have many individually memorable moments)

The only thing coming even remotely close was pre-CU SWG and Jumpgate back in the day.

Even nowadays I listen to the UO soundtrack thinking of good times...

The difference between UO players and players in almost any other MMO to date is in UO haters are almost non-existant.

I've hardly come across anyone badmouthing UO who actually played it for more than a month or two...while the same couldnt be said about any other game as far as I'm aware :)

Like fodell54 said if EA would open a classic shard I'd be back in an instant.

When thinking about UO today it feels like a home long lost.


Mardy has come full circle, starting with the original EverQuest and now plays on the new EverQuest progression servers:

Started in EQ in 2000, 11 years later, I'm back in EQ playing the new progression servers.  It's been great fun, a blast from the past.  Great nostalgia & that community feeling.  I think I'll be in EQ for quite a long time....again.

I sorta rate EQ up on #1 on par with Asheron's Call and Dark Ages of Camelot.  Those 3 classics were my favorites, each with their own pro's and con's.  I loved AC1 for their FFA PvP and DAOC for RvR.  But bottom line is, I had an awesome time playing them and won't hesitate to play AC1 & DAOC if they came out with progression style servers.

This one is a bit tough for me as we're all inclined to view our first MMO love with rose-colored glasses. My first MMO was Star Wars Galaxies as many of you know by this point and it gave me a great many amazing memories, but it also gave me a few nightmares, and I'm not going to bother getting into them as that story is beyond a dead horse by now.

I would say aside from the bugs and stupid decisions SOE made with Star Wars Galaxies it probably still stands as the best MMO experience I've had to date with The Matrix Online coming a close second (I know, you guys think I'm crazy).

Do you feel your first MMO love is still the best ever MMO? Let us know in the comments below!

Senadina writes:

My first MMO was EQ, and while it definitely sucked me into this genre of gaming I DO NOT miss it at all. I don't miss the lack of maps, corpse runs, or mobs that only spawned during a solar eclipse. I for one much prefer today's MMOs to yesterday's.

Thu Mar 03 2011 9:59PM Report
Alistair writes:

I'm in the same boat as Senadina; EQ was also my first, and while I do have fond memories I don't miss it at all.  I've even gone back to it a few times over the years, and while that feeling of nostalgia is there through older content it still doesn't top the gameplay polish that newer games bring.  Too much of the game was designed to go against the player in ways that actually stopped gameplay, and ultimately the only thing that kept me in the game as long as it did was the community.  That being said, the community level of EQ was something that is lacking in newer MMOs, but I don't miss it enough to go back and endure that lifestyle of play again.

Fri Mar 04 2011 12:04AM Report
Terranah writes:

Precu SWG was my game.  Man, I loved the crap out of that game.  I loved my characters and house and pets...I had a lot of friends and lived in a cool city.  My guild mates were cool.  I just loved the game, despite it's flaws.


I would be playing it but precu SWG is gone, never to return.

Fri Mar 04 2011 2:33AM Report
causs writes:

Well.. the first MMORPG I played was MapleStory but the first I really got in to was LotRO.

Fri Mar 04 2011 4:41AM Report
Powermike writes:

The cool thing is that when ur life is f*cked up and ur gonna spend it online in a new MMO you find yourselves into total chaos with people all having the same kind of problems, and just looking for a game to waste their life for a bit.


The communities of that starting era for those new mmo's in the new era called the mmorpg era, were so awesome because everybody was in the same boat: being green and not having a clue what its about. Discovering and adventuring was the best thing, leveling was as much fun as (at least the beginning of) endgame.


Players were seen as important in crews and were given a task. If you did not do your task you would be replaced.


Nowadays the mmorpg community more or less resembles the real world, where the real world actually has way better graphics :D

Fri Mar 04 2011 7:36AM Report
ZahraZahra writes:

Ferentus, or that time it was called Herrcot.. best game ever! I loved the gameplay, the skillsystem, the mercenarysystem, the partysystem, the pvpzones, the gvg, the music, the community. If only that game would come back... 

Fri Mar 04 2011 8:08AM Report
muaddib101 writes:

My first MMO (and in some respects still my favorite) was Asheron's Call. A game where you didn't have to have mounts, because you could actually spend XP on your speed and had to ability to port yourself (with Item Magic) to many places. It is still the only game that I know of that had SPENDABLE XP! and you could spend it on whatever skill you wanted to buy. You didn't get wrangled into playing a mage or a tank. If you wanted to Be an archer with 3 schools of magic, go for it. (Arrows and spell components got heavy). I just think there were a lot of novle ideas in that game that should have been used in other games.

Fri Mar 04 2011 8:15AM Report
Tolana writes:

My first MMO was probably Ultima Online or SWG (been ages).  I really enjoyed SWG, but after that got ruined by SOE I moved to Lineage2 with a friend and ended up playing it for more than two years.  Lineage2 at that time was really busy, huge player base, stunning sieges, exciting PvP.  It was the most fun I've ever experienced and thus far other MMO titles simply do not compare.  I'm waiting for SWTOR :)

Fri Mar 04 2011 8:20AM Report
BradofCanada writes:

Ultima Online was definatly the best and most memorable for me.It was my first MMO and i stuck with it for years and had a hell of a time.Then this closed beta for some game called World of Warcraft came along and it was so fantastic back then it got me to switch.Wow was a Brilliant game when it launched,now not so much :)

Fri Mar 04 2011 8:47AM Report
Yauchy writes:

Though EQ and AC got me interested in the genre, the first game I subbed too longer than 6 months was FFXI, which subsequently is also my favorite MMO to this day (even as I'm subbed to WoW & Rift).

Fri Mar 04 2011 8:59AM Report
Xzen writes:

First mmo UO and is also the first mmo I really got into.

Fri Mar 04 2011 9:40AM Report
erictlewis writes:

My first mmo was ever winter nights but it was not my first  true mmo love.

My first true mmo that I actually called in sick to stay home and play would have been SWG. I know there were times I would fake being sick. Just to stay home and play, get up at 3 in the morning pla for a few hours go to work, come home instantly log back in while cooking something and play till time for bed.


Fri Mar 04 2011 9:57AM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

My 'first' MMO was actually Ultima Online, but the first one I got into was Ragnarok Online. I loved that game. But I wouldn't go back to it. Or anything I played more than 3 years ago. I'm not so easily entertained.

Fri Mar 04 2011 10:01AM Report
Cognito writes:

I wish I could say my first MMO was UO. But it wasn't exactly mine - I'd go round to a friend who had it to play it for a bit, and was just so addicted. I couldn't go for anything subscription based at the time though... due to issues I won't mention. It was the game that got me into MMO's. Loved it even though I didn't own it.

Other than that - I'm not ashamed to say I enjoyed a lot of Runescape years and years ago. Before it went all 3D like...

Fri Mar 04 2011 10:12AM Report
dj-wedge writes:

Dark Age of Camelot

Fri Mar 04 2011 10:30AM Report
battleaxe writes:

Tried UO and The Realm before it, but EQ is the one I have the fond memories of.  The things about EQ that hasn't been recaptured are the epicness of some of the environments and the danger.  Giant zones with mobs wandering everywhere that could kill you if you weren't careful.  Paths didn't matter - nowhere in the zone was really safe.  Dungeon entrances were especially deadly due to the randomness of aggro after someone died or zoned.  Random aggro level 40 mobs in a level 10 zone.  Corpse runs were tough because retrieving your corpse was difficult.

Some of these were annoying, but they made for a bigger sense of accomplishment when you succeeded.

The WoW-ization of MMOs has made reading quests useless.  You pick it up and the map telles you where to go and a counter tells you exactly what you need and how many.  It's becoming as tough as farmville.

Fri Mar 04 2011 11:04AM Report
Diophantus writes:

I've played many but my favorite that I go back to time and time again is FFXI.  I love how its really simple but hard.  Since the server mergers and various mini-expanions it feels a little stale even though the population is strong.

My first MMO love is FFXI without a doubt.

Fri Mar 04 2011 11:21AM Report
Kylrathin writes:

Pre-CU SWG. For better or worse there was nothing like it. And never will be again. No game sparked my imagination the way that one did. Every night I played it, I saw potential unrealized in one area or another, but the base game could have served as the platform for the most immersive game ever.

Fri Mar 04 2011 11:25AM Report
shadoom writes:

Neocron all the way <3

Fri Mar 04 2011 11:32AM Report
darthlopez writes:

My first MMO was the NGE version of SWG, and it remains the MMO that I love the most.  

It still baffles me that I had more fun leveling my toons in that game then I did in more polished themepark games like LOTRO and WOW.  However, whoever desinged the Naboo portion of the Legacy quests was probably responsible for driving away more new players then any of the SWG haters on this forum.  I had an absolute blast leveling my toons on the adventure planets (Musty and Kashyyk) with my PUG mates Lookinferya and Fallenphoenix. 

On my home server ground PVP was the prefered form of endgame content and instigator of 99.9% of the forum drama.  PVP on my home server was "serious business," and boy was it awesome.  The server also had a dedicated space PVP community that was always willing to help new pilots.  Their space PVP events were epic.      

Can't forget about the

No game that I have played since it has come close to matching all of the unique game play varieties it offered.   

Fri Mar 04 2011 11:58AM Report
scythe99 writes:

DAoC and Anarchy Online. DAoC is a classic, and I wish a mmorpg dev would make a game simmlar to it, without making it be bascally a wow clone. You could say Warhammer online is like DAoC except Warhammers pve totally blew, and DAoC was a strong pve game.

Anarchy online to this day is the only decent sci-fi mmorpg in my eyes, honestly all the game needs is a major graphics overhaul and I bet they could remarket it, alot of my friends are intersted in AO but their main reason for not trying it is its outdated graphics. The textures and Models need a overhaul, Monster models are fine I guess, but player models need to look better. The textures in general need to be redone from the ground up least for player chars, npc's and monsters. Buildings and world objects are fine as is.

There is a offical DAoC classic server, that has all expansions except trials of atlantis on it. it leaves ToA out since it bascally broke pvp, and enough players were vocal about it to make mythic make a server that has all other expansions, but left Trials of Atlantis out.

Fri Mar 04 2011 12:02PM Report
Sauranan writes:

Asheron's Call got me hooked and SWG reeled me in.  Curse you SOE.

Fri Mar 04 2011 12:05PM Report
marganculos writes:


Fri Mar 04 2011 12:44PM Report
GozerTC writes:

Damn.. I've played so many, which would be my first "love."  The game that got me to continue in the Genre?  

Do I say Tradewars because I woke up early in the morning or late at night to steal some modem time when my parents didn't know it to log in?  I'd earn a few bucks randomly to pay my BBS bill just to keep my star empire going?  Only to see it invaded by someone who didn't sneak around to play?  

Do I say DAOC as the first "Modern" MMO that gave me stories to tell and a chance to Role play?  A game that showed me the highs and lows capable in the MMO space?  

Or do I say WoW because it was the longest running game I've played and that I've experienced most?  

Or how about EVE Online as Tradwars reborn but even more vicious and amazing?  A game that I follow to this day even though I no longer play?  


Damn... I don't know. :) 

Fri Mar 04 2011 12:44PM Report
Druid_UK writes:

Ultima Online hands down. I got myself a second phone line to play that without interruption on my 14400 modem...


Seems SO long ago now, but it was THE game of it's time, and still holds a fond place in many, many hearts to this day.

Fri Mar 04 2011 1:05PM Report
Quigster writes:

My first MMO was SWg and it is still my favorite over seven years later. Yes, SOE messed it up with the NGE but I still have yet to find a game that consumes me like it does. WoW is a blast and I play that also but I get burnt out on it after a month or two. LoTRO, Guild Wars, EQII are fun but they don't hold my attention like SWG. It has the best crafting of any game I have played. I like that you are not required to do quests in a certain order to level. Sure, I wish they would return to how it was pre-NGE but I still have four active accounts and two more I will be activating soon.

Fri Mar 04 2011 2:12PM Report
kregora writes:

My first loved MMORPG is The Saga of Ryzom, it wasn't just my first MMORPG but the first computer game since Might and Magic 2, too.

It still is the game, I compare every new MMORPG I try to.

I still like to log in from time to time, just to sit at Muse Lake beach and watch a pack of Ragus hunt Yber and Capryni while the weather changes from rain to sunshine during the dawning of a new day.

Fri Mar 04 2011 2:19PM Report
Ironfungus writes:

The first MMORPG I ever played was none other than Gravity's Ragnarok Online. Love it to this day, and I go back every now and then to reminisce in good ol' Rune Midguard. 

Fri Mar 04 2011 2:57PM Report
Sonicfear writes:

My first MMO Love was.....Ultima Online. Even from it's bumpy, buggy and exploitable start, the genre was truly birthed. From the sheer shock having to flee from a rabbit to the taming of my first Dragon, UO was the first and original sandbox MMORPG. Nothing set the heart racing then having your afternoon of mining ore interrupted by "Corp Por!" blasting PK's, later to be known as Dreadlords. Hanging out at East Britain Bank with friends dressed in the Jester's Finest, thinking we were cool, only to find out all the "L33t" players hung out in Tristan. Bah! We didn't care! We had our pride and pointed out how we were prolly the only all "Tamers" guild in UO and our army of tamed Grizzles could best any rabid rabbits in Britannia!....Yea, well it was a start. Resources, crafting, PvP, housing, guilds, player run taverns, shops and even player governed towns brought forth the curiousity and pushed people to test the boundaries of this new enviroment. I've many other MMO games since Ultima Online and appreciate many of them for different experiences they gave me.

Thank you Origins =)

Fri Mar 04 2011 3:30PM Report
Renkov writes:

I still miss TR :(

Fri Mar 04 2011 3:38PM Report
wahala99 writes:

EvE Online was the first MMO i ever heard of.   I played it for 2.5 years.  I started before Exodus (I think that was the expansion name) and could do lvl 3 missions in my caracel.  Was training for BS and racking up isk.  Then exodus killed my ability to do lvl 3 missions solo until I got a Rqaven ... then I was back in business.  The variety of ships and weapons blew my mind and I spent the first year and a half just training and getting all the different ships I could.

Then I joined a corp with a great charismatic leader.  We wer kickin ass.  He flew a Crow that could not be hit ..... way fast,  We had many sorties and battles and lots of fun.  We joined the largest alliance in the game at the time ,,,, had our own statioj was cool.   Then rl took away the leader.   BoB was getting greedy and wipped our alliance out (almost) IN 3 OR 4 DAYS.  The corp kind of fell apart after that.  And we sort of joned with BoB then got looted ..... we were down.  My sister during this time had started playing LOTRO and convinced me to do a trial.  During that trial I looked up some reviews on youtube, and one said LOTRO was a WoW clone just not as good.  If you wanted that tkind of game why not just play the real thing.   So I started the WoW 10 day trial. 


It was love at first site.  fast paced. lots od stuff to do and kill.  No waiting hours at a gate to jump some enemy frigate.   No waiting hours for the big battle to start where after shooting my first missle the screen would freeze up and when it started moving again I's be dead.   Cute little cartoon characters to run around on.  No days or weeks to train a skill so I could use a sword.   I had found Utopia.  I told my sister she trird the trial, cancelled LoTEO and has been playing WoW ever since.


I would have to say tho that EvE was my first love, but it was not particularily the game, but the people that I loved.   When they were gone the game became frustrating and slow ans repetitave.


Then I fell in love with WoW (and still am to some extent)tho I have unsubbed a couple of times to try other games.  Still looking for the thrill of victory I guess ...


Sorry for the wall, I am juat reminicing ... probably just the name of the game would have been plenty .... so


Fri Mar 04 2011 4:09PM Report
deadmanbell writes:
Anarchy Online.
I was there for the Launch, I didn't think it was that bad, lol. I mean my internet connection was like 56k dial up, what do you expect? Crazy kids. What was an MMORPG anyway.
It's tough being a Sci-Fi kid surrounded by all you elf and troll types. The depth of this game was amazing. I remember doing my first instance mission with my Fixer just thinking how cool the inside of the mission looked. Crash!!
Yes, My First love....sigh. She was a sexy little Steam Punk Gal with a leet in her hands. But I am sure those where not implants.
Fri Mar 04 2011 4:55PM Report
HolyTrevor writes:

my first an probably fav mmo was Matrix Online, i played till Soe took over and then started back up at its end last year. Gonna miss you mxo :(

Fri Mar 04 2011 5:39PM Report
Ithi writes:

My first and favorite (still) is pre-CU SWG.  I have never been in a community like that one!  Everyone depended on each other in that game for everything, so it made for good community.

There were so many things to do besides hack and slash, too.  I loved it!  Never has any other game had the smarts to make a game that made a world you could actually live in--not just a game you played through.  SWG was a destination, not a journey--if that makes any sense.

I loved living and making friends in that world.  Yes, we had dangerous adventures.  We also built cities, conducted politics, threw magnificent parties, had stupendous weddings, had tailors whose businesses were done online, and congregated in nightclubs across every galaxy.

We were able to completely remake the way we looked whenever we wanted, we were able to tailor our professions just about to suit ourselves, and  we could decorate our houses to an unbelieveable degree in scenic surroundings.

SOE raped and killed the game with the NGE, so it does not exist any more, sadly.  Every time I think about SWG, it brings a bittersweet feeling.  I really hope some smart developer someday will be brave enough to try a game like it again.

Fri Mar 04 2011 5:55PM Report
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Fri Mar 04 2011 6:37PM Report
MumboJumbo writes:

No first love for mmos... played a few and generally enjoyed them but GRIND has always made me feel sick at some stage.

Here's hoping GW2 will provide that "old fashioned feeling" (ref: dumb and dumber) ; )

Fri Mar 04 2011 7:40PM Report
LadyAlyse writes:

My first was UO in 1997.  Loved playing.  Then in 2003 SWG came out and I played both for a long time.  I have to say SWG precu has to be my favorite.  I still log in occasionally in hopes that they fixed the mess they made.  That was the BEST game EVER.  Miss it.

Sat Mar 05 2011 12:22AM Report
regisfuror writes:

Star Wars Galaxies. First came to it in 07 and loved it. I don't care what people say about it now I will still play and love SWG no matter what. Mando FTW!!!

Sat Mar 05 2011 12:57AM Report
S00S00 writes:


My first was 'Asheron's Call', Brilliant Game.  

Someone sent me the game in 99, I thought UGH!!  I do not like games where I die...LOL  - also I will play a game I have to Pay to play!!  

But not to seem ungrateful, decided as it was Free for the first 30 days I would just play a bit then say Thanks, but do not like it! ROTFL - Fat Chance - was in 3 days and was TOTALLY HOOKED!  The game was brilliant - and if it had Up to date Graphics, I would go back in a Heartbeat. It really was the BEST I have played.  I have been Hooked on Online Gaming ever since.

Sat Mar 05 2011 6:48AM Report
S00S00 writes:

my Comment above should read  'Will Not Play a game where I have to Pay'

[BUT........of course that was Then,  I did not realize at that time just how much went into the making and keeping a game running and updated ]

Sat Mar 05 2011 6:52AM Report
nicklas96 writes:

My first was Xiah rebirth,it was fun then,but hard ,later i played Cabal Online and im still playing that,but atm i playing Aion :D, im waiting for better games now,

Sat Mar 05 2011 8:38AM Report
Deweycat23 writes:

Asheron's Call. Was even playing and having fun last year. Spent 8 of the last 10 years there and to me even with crummy graphics the gameplay beats any of the 2 dozen or more games I have tried.

I'm still surprised that so many try to clone WoW and beat them at their own game. It not going to happen. The tank/CC/healer/dps model is to boring for me. The only innovative game i tried and really got into was TCoS because they threw away the cookie cutter. To bad they killed it before it went live.

It would be nice to see AC get modernized maybe I could get the wife to play the 2nd account. My ex HATED any and all MMO's. lol

Sat Mar 05 2011 9:12AM Report
sprites01 writes:

Star Wars Galaxies

There's not much I can say that hasn't been said a million times before.  It was ahead of its time in many respects and had the most amazing community - the best I've been a part of.


R.I.P. SWG - You deserved better, as did your community.

Sat Mar 05 2011 10:18AM Report
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Sat Mar 05 2011 10:46PM Report
Dwarvish writes:

UO was the first, a few others that were meh for me.I went back to muds for a while.

First  realy got into was Guild Wars.  Good storyline, play at my own pace and a great musical score. Still pop in from time to time and thinking of finidhing my HOM.....dunno..I hate to grind :P

Sat Mar 05 2011 11:19PM Report
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Sun Mar 06 2011 7:46AM Report
isia writes:

Like many others, Asheron's Call, DT.    Best PvP server, ever, made totally by accident.  

Spent years looking for a similar online experience, I concluded that no developer would have the balls to put out such a raw PvP experience again.   

Sun Mar 06 2011 2:11PM Report
biorealms writes:

SWG the day of launch I owned it and. I remember me and my nephew who died in a car crash playing it for days on end. We have to run everywhere no vehicles in the game and even when they did come you had to have a camp to call one. we ran all the way from bestine to obi wan kenobi home on tatooine. it looked cool when we got there but as soon as we got to close we got one shotted by tuskins. we laughed for hours. The best times in my life were in that game. I fear they will never be had again but thats ok. all good things must come to an end.

Sun Mar 06 2011 2:24PM Report
wfSeg writes:

EVE Online. It's the only one that doesn't leave a bad aftertaste. All the others that I've played for a long time ended with me leaving the game in disgust.

Sun Mar 06 2011 11:14PM Report
Sarbocabras writes:

My first MMO True Love was RuneScape. I left in December 2007 when Free-Trade and the wilderness were revoked. Since then they've brought those features back and I'll be taking a trip down memory lane shortly here to relive some of my nostalgic moments in Gielnor. 

Sun Mar 06 2011 11:34PM Report
Traxus writes:

Neocron. It had its flaws, but no game since gave me as much satisfaction as Neocron did in the early days.

Mon Mar 07 2011 8:35AM Report
Stenzo writes:

Tibia. Aah yes, the game where you make the rules, on failure pay the price and learn from it. Few tears here and there.

I started it around 2003 or 2004, i had a lousy Pentium 2 with 800Mhz and hardly any RAM, i have no idea what was i even playing, perhaps Supaplex and some other retro DoS games. One day i visited my best friend and he had (naturally) better computer then i did, so as he was showing me something, i saw a strange man wearing blue pants, red shirt and blonde hair, i asked what it is, and he said "Tibia" and i asked him to show it to me, i was amazed, even if i saw it for 5 minutes or so. I guess he didn't like it that much as i did.

Later that day with my ~100kb sec super download speed i  downloaded that and started playing it, even though it worked kinda slow and the graphics weren't much to brag for, but i liked it for some odd reason, it was unique, it was a mmo extraoridinaire, it was a whole world packed into files which approximately took 10mb of my HDD.

I had no idea what was PvP at that time, i was too young to understand what it meant, i was only familiar with the term PK from runescape. So i made a paladin into Calmera server which was non-pvp, called Santiaga (i have no idea where did that come from). I made my first virtual friends there, ironically they all became good and reached high levels like 100 and up, while i still remained at the level 18 cap, i was doing so much socializing that i probably forgot what "advance" and "experience" meant. So i stayed at level 18 for a long, very long time, i even made alternative characters, none of them passed that cap and then one day my knight achieved level 20, but when i realized that i was 20, my mates were 110 and so, kinda made me sad. I slowly kept on playing, until i got a new computer at the december of 2005 and forgot about Tibia and started my FPS, Quake 3 Arena carreer.

Time passed, i grew inch by inch. After i've made myself quite few names in instagib scene in Quake 3, had tried many different mmos, i decided to return to Tibia.

So i made a totally new account, since i forgot the old one, started in normal server (pvp) and since i knew what PvP was by then, i was amazed by how challenging it was, since i was still the lazy guy who didn't bother to level. I soon quit again and started to play in private servers, also known as OT (Open Tibia) as i learned to fight, it got boring over time and i required more challenge, so i head to Tibia and suprise suprise, i forgot my account again, so i made another one and started to play in a PvP server once more, i blended in extremely well and found some virtual buddies i still talk to. We had fun, took out people we didn't like, made our own rules, it was like the perfect (virtual) world. But as Cipsoft received the money the more they started to toy with the game, that they had completed, yet needed to refine. Update after update the game was derailing from it's original direction, when finally it became a "copy", it was no longer unique, nor challenging as it was during it's glory days, the PvP was the most unique kind you'll ever see, sadly i was playing in a non-pvp server at that time, so now i nostalgia when i see Tibia anywhere.

It was the best MMORPG (in my opinion) EVER... and they ruined it, shame.

Mon Mar 07 2011 9:03AM Report
debent01 writes: Lost my mmorpg virginity to EQ and will always be my first love. DAoC my first "real-life" fantasy and SWG pre-cu the most potentially awsome hearbreak. Tue Mar 08 2011 1:51AM Report
MurlockDance writes:

I started out with MUDs and MUSHes back in the early 90s. I only really got into graphic MMOs with DAoC. I had already tried AO and EQ1 by that point. I liked EQ1 but didn't have the time to get into it properly. DAoC was such amazing fun in its hayday. It still is fun, but not enough people playing and not enough of the old community spirit left for me to go back permanently.

Fortunately, as a big fan of the genre, I have found some games I really like despite them not being my first love. I've played EVE for over 5 years, WoW for 3 years. My new game of preference is EQ2. I've been playing that for 6 months with a small romp in WoW's Cata distracting me for a little bit. I'll be in EQ2 for a long time I feel.

So though DAoC will hold a special place in my heart, there are more recent games that are just as good, just none offering the amazing RvR experience.

Thu Mar 10 2011 6:50AM Report writes:
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