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Community Spotlight: Your First MMO Love

Posted by MikeB Thursday March 3 2011 at 6:17PM
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This week's Community Spotlight focuses on the thread "Your First MMO Love" by fivoroth. Fivoroth wants to know what was the first MMO you truly got into and if you think it is still the "best ever".

I think that for pretty much everyone their first MMO is an amazing experience, something which they try to compare all the other MMOs to.

The question of this poll is whether you think people believe that their first MMO is the greatest and the best and they will always compare other MMOs to it, and will look back with nostalgia - the same way we do with our first love in real life?

For the sake of clarity, I will define the term first MMO :) By first MMO I don't mean the one you tried first. I mean the one you really got into. I played UO first for about a month and I never got into it. Same thing happened with my second MMO - EQ. My third MMO, WoW, was the one I really got into it. So I would be using WoW as my first MMO and not UO.

Sanity888 is shocked to find out over 37% feel their first MMO love was is still the best:

I can't believe over 37% says yes.

Well, I guess it depends. How long you've played MMOs and such. Well, my first MMO was The Sims Online. Then I played pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies. I was completely blown away from it, right from the beginning I liked pre-CU Star Wars Galaxies over The Sims Online. Actually, I prefer what I'm playing now, World of Warcraft, over The Sims Online too. I just really prefer full-fledged 3D MMOs over isotopic 2D MMOs like The Sims Online and (haven't play it) Ultima Online. There is much more emmersion with it.

Cereal2K recounts the days he spent with his first MMO love, Ultima Online:

Due to my video stores lack of knowledge they had Ultima Online there to rent when it first came out...I had no clue really and rented it as the first person and therefore could register the account  for like 3 bucks xD

At first I was overwhelmed and clueless but once I came across a guy who helped me and explained a lot it would go down in history as my fondest MMO memory.

No game gave me so many memorable moments of utter joy and frustration alike :D

To this day I could recite countless tales of adventure and woe all of which I remember as if they happened yesterday....

None of the other MMOs I've played (including pretty much all mainstream ones and a few niche games) were that memorable....when I think back to my like 4 years of wow theres hardly any times I think really fondly of except maybe 1-2 raiding experiences in vanilla...but world pve is so whatever that there are no tales to be told. (doesnt mean I didnt enjoy wow in general it just didnt have many individually memorable moments)

The only thing coming even remotely close was pre-CU SWG and Jumpgate back in the day.

Even nowadays I listen to the UO soundtrack thinking of good times...

The difference between UO players and players in almost any other MMO to date is in UO haters are almost non-existant.

I've hardly come across anyone badmouthing UO who actually played it for more than a month or two...while the same couldnt be said about any other game as far as I'm aware :)

Like fodell54 said if EA would open a classic shard I'd be back in an instant.

When thinking about UO today it feels like a home long lost.


Mardy has come full circle, starting with the original EverQuest and now plays on the new EverQuest progression servers:

Started in EQ in 2000, 11 years later, I'm back in EQ playing the new progression servers.  It's been great fun, a blast from the past.  Great nostalgia & that community feeling.  I think I'll be in EQ for quite a long time....again.

I sorta rate EQ up on #1 on par with Asheron's Call and Dark Ages of Camelot.  Those 3 classics were my favorites, each with their own pro's and con's.  I loved AC1 for their FFA PvP and DAOC for RvR.  But bottom line is, I had an awesome time playing them and won't hesitate to play AC1 & DAOC if they came out with progression style servers.

This one is a bit tough for me as we're all inclined to view our first MMO love with rose-colored glasses. My first MMO was Star Wars Galaxies as many of you know by this point and it gave me a great many amazing memories, but it also gave me a few nightmares, and I'm not going to bother getting into them as that story is beyond a dead horse by now.

I would say aside from the bugs and stupid decisions SOE made with Star Wars Galaxies it probably still stands as the best MMO experience I've had to date with The Matrix Online coming a close second (I know, you guys think I'm crazy).

Do you feel your first MMO love is still the best ever MMO? Let us know in the comments below!