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Much Needed Hotfixes - DCUO

Posted by BillMurphy Tuesday March 1 2011 at 11:30AM
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Today SOE pushed out some much needed fixes to their recent release, DC Universe Online.  Here's the running tally from SOE's RadarX:

  • Epic PVP neck items now have the correct icons in your inventory.

  • “Be Mine Hearts” can now be rolled on as loot.

  • Fixed an issue causing the first console in the Cape Carmine Lighthouse to sometimes fail to spawn. 

  • Corrected an issue that caused Gorilla, Insect and Ice Elemental forms to occasionally cause no damage.    

  • Fixed an issue causing some Nature abilities to do reduced damage. 

  • Only one Isis will spawn in the Gotham University Duo.  

  • Fixed an issue where Ice Bash could continue to damage the player after they were Knocked Out

  • The Gotham University Warehouse playroom will now be accessible even if you have completed the Mission.

  • Valentine’s bosses will now drop Bite Me and Super candies.

  • All bosses will drop Seasonal items more frequently.

  • Fixed an issue allowing players to stay in the Harley Legends form when a match ended.

  • Sorting the items in the Broker by name will now show all items of the same name.


The most notable thing there, for me personally, is highlighted.  The only prevoiously mentioned incoming fix that's missing is the corrected Mortar Damage bug.  RadarX said it's on the way, and hopefully it won't be too much longer.  With Ice Bash corrected, along with the other fixes from the February update, maybe PVP will be fun again.  One can hope.

But really this bunch of hotfixes is pretty encouraging.  I think there was a growing sentiment that maybe SOE wasn't moving fast enough to address bugs, and was holding fixes back because of the updates.  This tells me that we'll hopefully be seeing lots of stuff addressed prior to the major monthly updates, and that's always a good thing with a game like DCUO where so many seem to enjoy the PVP. 

As it stands now, the PVE in DCUO is solid and consistently fun for me.  It's the PVP I turned away from in light of the exploiters.  And it's nice to see the developers acknowledging and addressing concerns of their players as quickly as their approvals process will let them.

silentkillah writes:

"I think there was a growing sentiment that maybe SOE wasn't moving fast enough to address bugs, and was holding fixes back because of the updates."


They are moving WAY too slow. Hotfixes for aspect like Ice Bash were major PVP and game killers. The Ques are long, the population is Low on PE and it's hard to get an arena que that pops in less than 15 mins each time!

Sony is waiting too long to fix these minor issues. They shouldn't even need an "approval process" to fix some things. I'm just annoyed right now.

I've finished my T2 PVP set 2 days ago. I'm causally hardcore. Meaning I have a life, job, gf, house and focus on being good and gaining wins with pre-mades. But the community seems to have shifted. Could also be a result of Rift.

I love this game and it's combat system. Maybe something will happen in the future to make it more active. sigh..

Tue Mar 01 2011 4:04PM Report
Liltawen writes:

But still nothing on Screen Shots?

Tue Mar 01 2011 4:16PM Report
Gravarg writes:

SOE has always been one of the slowest when it come to hotfixes.  When they announced month content updates I laughed so hard, because I knew it would never happen.  It took them 3 years to fix a simple UI bug in EQ...

Tue Mar 01 2011 4:38PM Report
zartan5000 writes:

OK, now the bigger PvP bugs are fixed, how about fixing all the bugged Duos? 

Tue Mar 01 2011 6:02PM Report
sead0g writes:

The bomb in the gadgets tree will often crash either he who throws it or teamates. Frequently.

Tue Mar 01 2011 8:09PM Report
jpnole writes:

Without an overhaul to the chat/UI, cleanup of the power descriptions and an overall nerf to end game difficulty I'll have to count myself out.

Tue Mar 01 2011 11:03PM Report
jpnole writes:

Oh and I forgot to mention the Rift launch is going to slaughter what population this game has left.

Tue Mar 01 2011 11:04PM Report
Annwyn writes:

Valentine’s bosses will now drop Bite Me and Super candies.


March 2nd, 2010. 'Nough said.

Tue Mar 01 2011 11:55PM Report
tawess writes:

Unlikley seeing as Rift is a completly different type of game... It would be like saying that Diablo will slaughter Rift when it comes out.

Sure both rift and DCUO are mmo's but i have WoW for my Fantasy fix and this is my new Superhero fix (sorry CoH.. It is not your fault, i hope we can still be friends)

Wed Mar 02 2011 12:13AM Report
Yamota writes:

Altough DCUO and Rift are different in the sense that one is Fantasy and the other SuperHero theme and also the combat is quite different there are quite alot of similarities.

Both are themepark and casual MMOs. Both have quest based advancement and both have the same type of archetypes (i.e. tank, healer, controller, DPS).

So I dont see many people playing both of these games at the same type. They are more similar than they are different.

Wed Mar 02 2011 5:20AM Report
Mykell writes:

Well seems the patch broke more than it fixed. I had all sorts of trouble tonight logging on from queues not working to sound resetting to lag.

Wed Mar 02 2011 6:00AM Report
BlackWatch writes:

Any changes to in game communications/chat interface?

Wed Mar 02 2011 9:30AM Report
Bizzlebuff writes:

Why would they nerf end-game difficulty?  It's's supposed to be difficult.  

Wed Mar 02 2011 12:33PM Report
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