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Community Spotlight: Five Things You'd Like to See

Posted by MikeB Thursday March 11 2010 at 4:30PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “Sooo… The Future for MMO’s? – 5 Things you would like to see” by Breezeycouk. Breezeycouk’s thread is an attempt to channel a lot of the dissatisfaction and negativity many of us are feeling into a positive discussion on what five things you would like to see in future MMOGs.

Breezeycouk kicks things off with the original list:

“1. Sandbox

2. Missions that mean something - I go here - I kill bad boss - He doesn't respawn or You ask me to save something and then my friend IM's me to ask for my help to do the same mission...  (I know this is dificult but can't someone design a intelligent spawn engine that resets locations / names of enemies or promotes others...)  The same goes with area grabs - If I / We beat off an attack from Something / Someone then give us some terriority for new exploration / bonuses etc or if someone comes in and kills our bosses then they are dead until we elect new ones....   This goes for instances too..

(How much of a bummer would that be to spend an evening on a quest and come back and find your quest giver dead ???)

3. Permadeath - If I F**k up enough to die then I should feel some pain for that - It would slow down people and make them think.

4. Game stability / longeivity - Don't change it drasitcally half way through on knee jerk or allow people to level up in a matter of weeks - give serious thought to the dev program / releases / new features.  - A sea and people with no boats is a great way to stop people doing crazy stuff in new lands - although you could also build in the Aztec / Spanish thing - Great - Loads of gold but then everyone dies as they have no resistance to European disease....

5. Stop the Gold / EXP / Credit sellers & super levelers - Just stop em dead like a virus - You must see their ingame messages / mails. “

Comnitus offers a well, interesting list:

“1) No levels. This is sandbox's greatest strength; horizontal progression rather than vertical.

2) Dev-fostered player interaction, such as a dynamic economy. Players can do all sorts of things, but only if the devs give them tools. I'm not against things like Auction Houses, as long as there are other services that can be performed only by players (for example, you can buy your new sword in the Auction House, but you need another player to enhance it). The economy would be stimulated by mostly non-PvP means. Yep, you heard it right. I don't want FFA PvP in my MMO. Faction vs. Faction or Guild vs. Guild PvP, with limited player looting and item degradation, would be more like it. Players would get resources from the environment, either through harvesting or killing PvE mobs, rather than running up behind a noob with an inventory full of ore, stabbing him, looting him, and snorting maniacally the entire time.

3) Shifting territorial control. I always liked this feature because of DAoC. You take it, you keep it. Obviously, this would apply to PvP.

4) Good graphics. Hey, I know gameplay > graphics, but it doesn't hurt if the game looks good. Fortunately, bad graphics don't seem to be much of a problem anymore. The game would have to run smoothly, though, especially in combat. Smooth, engaging combat is crucial to a good MMO, unless you want to make it more tactical like EVE. Nothing wrong with that, but many people have ADD and will not be satisfied unless there are shiny lights and pew pew everywhere. IT'S EVERYWHERE!

5) Girls. Make it more girl-friendly by offering non-combat social activities so it isn't such a damn sausagefest. Let them dress up or have a tea party or cuddle cute little animals (as long as those animals never set foot in my battlefields).

I know I kind of ran out of steam for 4 and 5, but I'm serious about more non-combat activities (including good crafting, because crafting can be fun if done right). The more versatile your game is, the more options you can offer your players, the more subs you'll get. “

I’m sure many of the guys would like to see more (real) girls in their MMOG travels, but I am not so sure the lack of females has much to do with the lack of cute little animals to cuddle.

And while Drago_pl is a bit cynical, he offers his take nonetheless:

“I'm aware my wish list will never be implemented by big company because this will not cater to masses but here we go:

1) Skill based system. No classes at all. Maybe some form of specializations to prevent everyone being same but FFS don't force me to relog if I want to be crafter/healer instead of melee guy when I'm in other mood. Darkfall is trying to do it right now, we will see the effect soon.

2) One instance world. It can be done and it's done by many games and I see no reason why there shouldn't be more games where you actually fell it's living and changing world instead of some multiplayer game.

3) Fully deformable environment. Looking at Wurm right now. It's fun and really makes exploring exciting. Players will always do things no dev would imagine if given right tools.

4) Deep player housing. Want to make house? Find a spot and build one. Want to make city? Bring buddies and work on it. Castle? Clans would love it. As much customization as possible (something like A tale in the desert boosted)

5) Real meaningful economy. EVE done it right. No other game even close. Why? You need to think about game economy before launching game. Adding auction house 2 weeks before release is not implementing economy in your game dear devs.

That's my wish list but as you can see all points are already made in some games. I just need company with enough balls to create such a game, company without Must Be Blizzard II mentality.”

There are tons of other great responses, but this week’s entry is getting a bit long as it is! I’ll round it out with five things I personally would like to see in future MMOGs:

  1. Character Customization: I’m a stickler for this stuff. The rest of the game becomes moot to me without robust character customization. And no, 800 sliders that barely make a difference doesn’t count. ;) I’d love to see APB levels of customization in every new game, but hey, that’s why this is a wishlist!
  2. A game designed with the end-game first: WAR was the closest to achieving this in my opinion so far. The game was designed around the campaign and the culmination of that campaign in the sacking of a side’s capital city. While the execution turned out to be a mess and unsuccessful, you definitely got the idea that they had a top down vision for the game. Many MMOGs launch with enough (sometimes not enough) content to get you to their level cap, and then there is nothing to do. Anyone can do the level grind; let’s see some innovative end-game designs.
  3. Graphics: Yes. I know, I’m breaking Breezeycouk’s rules here but it must be said. MMOs definitely have potential for more reach by designing their graphics to run on anything up to toasters, but I have to say, believable worlds require believable graphics and we’re not going to push the envelope by continuing to cater to people who won’t let go of their GeForce 2’s. Powerful rigs won’t run you $3,000 like they used to, that argument doesn’t hold anymore. There is simply no excuse!
  4. That sandbox feeling: I don’t need the ultimate sandbox experience, but I’m a bit biased given my first MMOG was Star Wars Galaxies and I’d like to see games where the world feels more like a world, and not just a regular RPG with persistent gameplay and many users. MMOG’s don’t do the regular RPG better than real ones (typically), so they should play to their strengths – creating believable virtual worlds. This shouldn’t come at the cost of gameplay, however. I definitely think hybrids can exist.
  5. Improved AI:  Crappy AI is an issue in all games, but it’s particularly disconcerting in MMOGs. Beyond improvements to combat AI, I’d love to see NPC’s with daily routines a’la Oblivion.


What are the top 5 things you’d like to see in an MMOG? Let us know in the comments below!

gordunk writes:

Agree with the AI statement 100%.  MMO Mobs are a joke to fight, they need to have better AI so that they're actually fun/a challenge to kill.

Thu Mar 11 2010 4:53PM Report
elocke writes:

 1.  Themepark/Sandbox hybrids.  I like roles but I also like choices and freedom and one character any class/job.

2.  Seamless worlds. No more instancing the big stuff.

3.  More minigames/fluff/housing.

4. The freedom of choice to pve/pvp or not.  Make it server based or in game mechanic based, just do it.  Stop forcing me to do one or the other.  Let me choose.

5. Alternate character progression mechanics.  We need tons of these for longevity purposes.

Thu Mar 11 2010 5:13PM Report
Cripnoah writes:

 1. better AI

2. more customization

3. less point and click and more aiming is always nice

4. faster paced combat


Thu Mar 11 2010 5:59PM Report
VuDu_DawL writes:

Re: Comnitus and "girls" - City of Heroes has been very 'girl friendly' from the get-go. The reason I have subbed two (and up to four) accounts there over a period of going on five years? The character creator. It is like an animated Barbie doll on steroids. Now they just need to sell more costume slots for each character, and I'd be happy (and broke, lol).

Thu Mar 11 2010 7:36PM Report
LordsGym writes:

My wishlist is only one thing.... A revival to Dark Ages of Camelot, or a successor that actually follows in the games footsteps (rolls eyes at WAR). The game had and arguably still has the best PvP out there with, imo, EVE being its only competition.


I just want it back to the way things were before the overpowered PvP gear and every level felt like an accomplishment. When there was realm pride and you really felt like you were part of something due to a great community and no realm swapping unless you completely deleted all characters from that server.

/sigh... I can only wish...

Thu Mar 11 2010 9:12PM Report
Inktomi writes:

Real meaningful economy. EVE done it right. No other game even close. Why? You need to think about game economy before launching game. Adding auction house 2 weeks before release is not implementing economy in your game dear devs.

I can't agree with this more. This is what I would like to see in my future of mmorpgs.

1) Economics that work like said above. If you have to hire a "real economist" to do so, don't be afraid to go the extra mile. It will only help you in the long run.

2) Either no classes or multiclasses. FFXI did it right with the dual job system. Runes of magic almost had it, but became too rigid because you had to choose and stick with it. If you have to switch then you had to reroll. Give people options or ultimate creative freedom.

3) Break the $15.00 mold. Obviously, I would rather pay a sub than use microtransactions. Its too much micromanagement on my part and it takes away from the metagame. I don't want to know that Lil' Johnny bought his mount I spent 15 hours grinding for. Charge people a monthly fee, but it doesn't have to be $15.00, try something cheaper and better budget friendly. $10 or maybe even $5 would raise a few eyebrows. 

4) Make a REALLY BIG WORLD. Size matters, right? Location matters, Right? Then make it big enough to get lost in and give us the ability to own large amounts of it. Just as in EVE, where alliances can own whole systems. Let us conquer whole continents. For the megalomaniac in all of us.

5) Give us a real beta. I don't want to pay to get into a bleeding beta just to find out it is no where near release and its got a ton of bugs in it. Tap people from all over the world with all different type of specs. Reach out and build an honest relationship with these people. After release all of the subscribers are not going to pimpin' big gaming rigs, don't assume that your testers will mirror your real customers.

If I had a million dollars...

Thu Mar 11 2010 11:59PM Report
GozerTC writes:

Hmm top five?  Hmm...

1.  REAL world.  I.e. if I am in a CITY it should be a friggin city.  Not a dozen buildings with five or six NPC's in it.  Make it a city with AI "citizens."  Or more likely scripted time centric routines but that's fine.  Also make sure every NPC has a PURPOSE.  The shop keepers should have hours and actually open and close shop.  Go home and talk to family and what not.  Make it a living and breathing world beyond what the players can do.  Which brings me to number 2..

2.  PLAYER economy.  Yep I'm another EVE fan and their economy has most things done right.  Including the ability to steal from your company.  Sure it grabs headlines but you know what I always think when I read those stories?  "Only in Eve!"  While I admit EVE is a bit hardcore for most the basics are there.  Everything but the most basic of basics should be PLAYER MADE.  NOTHING, not even your basic arrows (in a fantasy setting) should be made by an NPC beyond the n00b gear.

3.  Player Constructions.  As mentioned above meaningful player housing and construction should actually be thought of from the word go.  Along with this should be the ability to purchase existing housing.  Having a house should have meaning both as a social palce and from a gameplay standpoint.  Be it as a bank, rest and heal location, what have you.  Makes the idea of having that mountain hide-away worthwhile.

4.  "Offline Mode."  It's an idea I've been kicking around for a while and I've seen implemented now and again.  Basically it would be a player variation of the NPC script system mentioned  in one.  See, I honestly don't want 1,000's of NPC walking around randomly when I have 1,000's of offline players availble for the job!  You can run your shop (in the affore mentioned player store selling player gear), clean your house, go to your "job" (If you don't have your own shop) what have you.  This would have to be balanced but "offline mode" should deffinetly allow you to actually do stuff.  Either it build something (Which we already allow in EVE and such with "production runs" so why not have your Offline NPC actually make stuff too?), run a shop, or even work a job at another player's shop or NPC shop.  Sure the income shouldn't be high (don't want it abused) but it should be a nice "maintance" income if nothing else.  Also, once you actually log in you are wisked back to where you logged off and into "Hero" or "Online" mode with a nice overview report of what your avatar was doing while you were offline.  It could even be a message service.  :) 

5.  Offline Skill progression.  Yes, no classes or levels! YAY!  And basically just copy EVE's real time skill progression system (best to add it to the offline script system) along with a "learn as you do it" system.  I.e. training, reading, or doing.  Combine this with the offline script system and you can "assign" your toon to "Study" for X hours a day.  It's a bit JRPG but I don't see why the system couldn't work, but deffinetly worth thinking about.

Fri Mar 12 2010 12:05AM Report
brenth writes:

theres more criticals than just 5,, 10 at least

1. meaningful customization, costume clothing,, and toggles  inventory and storage  belt pouches hidden daggers  rogues should be able to be thrown in jail, you should be able to get beat uncontious in a bar fight. hunger and thurst meter,, morale and thermal comfort meters,,  "classes" should be deep like druids getting quests from animals   spells and combat manuvers should be "crafted" from basic building tools you build a basic spell like fireball/weak/long range/blue  and you can fire that instantly  or "weeve" the spell to get additional damage or range or AOE ect  no precaned spells,,, let the charators have real occupations   a cleric should be part of a church/ gain followers,,  there should be several different  groupings  village, kingdom, occupation,class  with their own chat channel 

2. real working economy food based with localized resources shipping and caravaning should be the norm there should also be some  locations for pirating banditing working cantpults  a castle siege is a major undertaking supplies your actions should effect the village economy

3 dynamic changeable world including weather diasters disease pests famines  some places should be 90% safe while others are less predictable and may change kingdoms or be over run by mobs the world should be as much a mystery as possible  but with tools to fill in maps  and information books as knowlege is discovered,, races should be sharply different including language and writing  a player should have to work hard to be accepted by other races at least above visitor  dont make everything redetermined   a warrior might be KOS to a gobblin  but a ranger might have forged a friendship possibly enough to keep his party from being KOS  an unpredictable and suprising world,,  birds swoop, bees swarm, deer are elusive, ((seems like they use the same AI brain since everquest percieve advance attack)

4 a realistic but "idealized reality"  where you need to factor in water to cross a desert,  you can get wounds  where you need warm clothes in winter,, but ballance it with fun factor  dont dumb it down,      house ranching farming  most MMOs render out everything except pure arcade hack and slash  and they have to create artificial quests(you kill for points) but there are plenty of embeded quests in a natural world  what do you do if gobbies are stealing your corn?  or bandits are raiding caravans? what do you do if the wheat harvest was bad this season and there is no bread?  a rogue should almost want to be thrown in jail  to meet a rogue mentor (jail should have multiple options for exit)  if there is winter and you need to have wood to heat your home what do you do? (harvest it yourself or buy it from a noob) ** dont pull any punches like conan did  if your gonna be R rated allow for sex, naked dancing, dissmemberment, some torcher, possibly even slavory or indentured servent contracts.

5 death and endgame  it should be long and hard to get to an end game players should feel they left their mark upon the land  building castles founding a town  conquering lands  statues should be possible and history books, great works by crafts man a smith should be able to make default weapons as well as works of art that take a long time and resources and skill,    endgame players should be able to command (give instructons) to groups both NPCs and players  and these organizations can be evil or good (a good group cant be ordered to slaughter a village for instance),,,, I believe that dieing should be a last resourt  players should be much more likely to be wounded or rendered uncontious  death should be almost epic  even then i dont agree with permadeath  death in itself is anti-fun there should be several ways to cheat death rez, reincarnation, zombie, litch, or even  offspring

one final thing there should be a specially built GM/god  charactor that selected people  operate,, these avatars have specific powers  to create unpredictability to the world  storms diasters  plagues and also benefits, mostly invisible,, they can occasionally act as a god for those worthy enough  this is not so the GM can play favorites this is to add unpredictability  can you think of any game that wasnt static and unchanging unless there was a major patch? see an earthquake or volcano?  have a disease infect your village and you need to quest for a cure? 

Fri Mar 12 2010 1:02AM Report
brenth writes:

by the time a game gets to beta its core features are allready set in stone  good or bad,,   have a bunch of people signed in  as a pre-alpha  group  that have access to a special website where they can look over and discuss  possible features  before  it is coded ,, have different ranked beta  levels  based on your participation and input   beta players should be able to earn titles and special content or  powers/ moves (not game breaking) 

you could even  have a "loading screen"  there alpha players can go into a "box"  and have  a virtual meeting

id love to see a MMO game that really felt like a D&D world  or a game that actually factored in that your are in front of your computer looking at a monitor  think of a game  where you are contacted via your computer and asked for help fighting  XYZ ragime that is using  different sites on the net for  their evil plot  and you do have an avatar  and gain powers both for your  hacking (like  aquiring access codes to manipulate a reactor on a nuke sub)  and you gain  allys and enemies  as you play  there are minigames for  rerouting power and cyphering ect,, and  there would be an online environment as well  where you can interact with other players,

the other game idea i want to see is a starship troopers game  where ships are treated as real, where you need oxygen and afterburner fuel and ammo and coolant,  where you can auto dock to a station or  go the cheaper route and manual dock to a pylon,, orbital bombardment,, fly fighters and bombers off a carrier, survey planets and astroids,, craft, mine, operate factories or barracks,, fly in formations,,  it should be really hard to kill someones ship (death is anti-fun) beat them into scrap yes where they need a tow or a repair ship (whats the need for doctors and mechanics if players die too fast?)  should be several factons both NPC and player,, the universe should be big and 3D  having stratigic  and tactical and possibly dogfight movement, and be  transorbitable (some ships should be able to go from orbit to ground probably shifting 3 zones in the process) unlike EVE  players should be able to better control the level of PVP involvement to include  non-pvp indipendant factons

i hope you like these sugestons

Fri Mar 12 2010 1:35AM Report
brenth writes:

do developers even bother to read  these spotlights and out posts or are we just pounding sand?

Fri Mar 12 2010 1:37AM Report
MikeB writes:

Developers do read our site quite frequently, actually. So, hey, you never know when they might be listening! ;)

Fri Mar 12 2010 1:44AM Report
brenth writes:

for having a big world  let the developers  create a basic  zone  and  allow players to enter additional zones with tools  to fill in  some content such as roads and ruins and some plants  then once it is satisfactory and  finetuned by the developers make it part of the  main world  what better to bring a guild or players together than to help construct  part of the world complete with roads and bridges and dams   the GMs would of course give guidelines as to look and shape  and where they might want certain types of content.

Fri Mar 12 2010 1:47AM Report
brenth writes:

gozer has it right  nearly everything should be player made  and absolutly NO national auction houses!!!    there should be both robot and player  shipping and caravaning    and the economy prices should be related to supply and demand   i usually invision a hopper as the merchant empties the price tends up at certain levels,, and if the hopper fills  the merchant pays less and less   now a trick of it is that DISTANT merchants  will have defacto higher demand for your goods  and throw in localized  regoional specialties like wool or silk  or  cod or teak or oranges and you got the start of a strong economy,,  most merchants should have specialties  fisherman buys and sells fish   it should be common sence  so you have say a dozen village venders,  the capital city has bigger more diverse venders (because more ships or caravans go there)  so a player can run a ship or caravan wagon  and get alot of attention in a small village but less important in a major city.

this should be ballanced as to not overly burden the warmongers among us,  I usually use a base + bonus to my crafting and items  so a warmonger can go indefinatly  just buying jerkey and water as it negates hunger and thurst penalties,, but a player can take more time and craft  constructed meals  like smoked ham and ryebread and cheese  with weak wine  and gane additional benefit morale health ect,, same goes for crops  a war monger can throw down some seed furtilizer and water and return in a week  to a default crop,, there a farmer that tends the crop daily gains an additional yeald  for the extra work  (games should have pigs and sheep and chickens and cows as well as  pets smart enough to learn tricks or tasks like fetch or tracking or fighting.

sorry for the big posts ive played mmos for a long time and im passonate about finding an ideal game instead of an arcade hack and blast.

Fri Mar 12 2010 2:07AM Report
EivilSar writes:

 1. Unique Challenging Combat System:

I want skill to and gameplay to define my gaming, stop re-implementing the same number key bound to skill. I want to have to Aim and position myself. I want a huge range of skills. No game I have played except TCoS (Spellborn) comes close to real involvement, perhaps some console games. I don't want a repeat of WoW (yawn). 

2. Unique characters - no more monk, ranger, warrior, mage ... All must be able to achieve uber-ness. I want depth and a challenge to learn the skills and the role within a team and to be able to be solo-able.

3. No Subscriptions. I want to put down, stop and start when I like. I don't want the game to rule my life. I don't want to have to let people down by leaving to do RL stuff (thats far more important). I don't want to feel compelled to play because I pay.

 4. Massive SandBox, to explore with instant travel. Exploration and discovery. I don't want to spent 10mins running across the same area for the 50th time. Fast travel forms or Mounts, or near instant travel to a known location. EvE was great with its stargates/warp gates. Flying mounts don't solve the issue, teleportation does :)

5. Player defined content. Why not create a way that players can build content, not like typical world-builders but through GM type powers or in game events. Let players define the end game content.


I didn't even mention crafting or multi-platform access (mobile and PC), or super deep storyline

Fri Mar 12 2010 2:29AM Report
EivilSar writes:

 GozerTC ideas rule completely!!

Fri Mar 12 2010 2:41AM Report
Blazz writes:

1. Fun - I want to be able to enjoy the game and immerse myself at least a little, rather than be just one of thousands on a gear/experience treadmill that we're so used to.

2. Sandbox - I want to be able to do what I want in the game, I don't want to have to be a mighty warrior/priest/mage/rogue/whatever to be successful in the game, or to push a number forwards. If I want to be the supporting actor who makes the weaponry and collects the ores and means to do so, let me.

3. A full, living, breathing, creative world - I don't want to sit at my computer and realise that the NPCs are just there to stand and look pretty. Make them do something, and don't just give me some wanky emotes to appease me, I want a busy market to look like a busy market. Have you been down in Outland at the Lower City? Blegh, maybe like three NPCs moving, amongst maybe fifteen or so that are on a perpetual talk/emote cycle.

4. The ability to change the world, or at least a little part of it - why can't we set up shop, have items that allow for construction of towers, bridges and such. Sure, it would mean having the designers think of ways to prevent players from exploiting the use of these items, but that's part of the damn job.

5. No levels - don't make us grind, allow us to be a specialised fighter/crafter/whatever of some sort in maybe a few hours. I like the way EVE does things - although they are stern sometimes (level V skills - 6days 20 hours, for me, for a lot of them... heh) - they are also fair, by allowing you to level them while offline. There is no grind there, in that sense... you don't have to be on a treadmill to progress, only to make money, and that's about as close to real life that I want to get.

Fri Mar 12 2010 3:25AM Report
Myyrum writes:

You know after reading the highlights of the article, graphics and age aside, what everyone seems to be asking for is UO. Okay it had its problems like every other game but the housing is what everyone says they want (although all servers that were non-PVP ran out of room for even the smallest houses) the skill system is what everyone says they want. It was one of the first MMOs out there and it is still a very good game even if the graphics and such are a bit dated. And you didn't need to keep track of a hundred "specials" Perhaps its time to look at redeveloping UO update the graphics and some of the game play while keeping the core intact. Just my opinion and what I see.... Oh and some of the fun things they did like zombies attacking the cities during events....

Fri Mar 12 2010 7:42AM Report
Blazz writes:

hmmm... how living and breathing is UO? I don't imagine that back then they had the server power to have dozens-hundreds of AI characters running around doing all sorts of things.

Also, I hear that UO basically was grind-tastic, but instead of leveling everything as a basic "level", you leveled up abilities... by pretty much spamming them a million times.

While I can't really argue for or against playing UO (it was before my time - I'd've been 8 or so when it came out) - I think that people have now seen many millions of pixels and vertecies, and can't stand anything less now.

If you've had nice, fresh water, why would you ever settle for the slightly muddier water, despite the fact that both will hydrate?

Just sayin'...

Fri Mar 12 2010 10:10AM Report
Benedikt writes:

1. no cap - i would like to be able to more or less indefinitelly advance my character in a way i choose. when you have either skill or level cap, than it simply means, that you cannt specialize in specific field. what i mean is this - if you spend all your time in game blacksmithing, you will at the end not be better blacksmith then a person who spends most of his time doing something else, because even that person sooner or later hits the cap.

2. open end - no endgame please. having endgame mostly means that anything but endgame is meaningless and for most people getting to endgame will be just necessary evil they dont like.

3. separate pvp - if you want to have pvp, separate it completely from pve - and when i am saying completely, i mean it. why the hell is more or less every mmorpg trying to put both together, when it is almost impossible to balance game for both pve and pvp at once? let have for pvp option to create separate (or maybe not completely separate, but automaticaly switchable) character on "max" level/skill? it will remove balancing issues, will remove issue of high level players killing low level players who have no chance against them, it will also remove "that stupid leveling when we want just PVP!"

4. something meaningful - give me world which is really shaped by players' actions. both in the sense of shaping the terrain/building structures and in sense of shaping events - is there a large encampment of orcs who were attacking surrounding areas? well, not anymore since players destroyed it. was there inaccesible part of the world behind tall mountains? not anymore, since players did dig a tunnel through the mountains.

5. interesting crafting - give me something more then just usual formula get mats-select recipe-click on create button-wait for result. there are some nice ideas floating around (crafting in vg and eq2, finding resources in wurm or ryzom, "crating" in atitd (minigames like alloyd creating), but most of them has its pros and cons.

Fri Mar 12 2010 10:30AM Report
Benedikt writes:

sorry for typos and mistakes, e.g. alloyd = alloy ofc :)

Fri Mar 12 2010 10:31AM Report
SwampRob writes:

Lots of good ideas above, some are great and some aren't my cup of tea.   So I'm going to add just one that I haven't seen yet:

Better player pathing:  I'm not talking about NPC's, here.  But when I have to travel to a common location in a large city, I don't want to have to make six turns and then up some alley on the left, up some stairs, down some other stairs, and then repeat all that in reverse just to get out.

I think devs can be archetectually creative and still give us nice long straight paths to common destinations like banks, auction houses and so forth.    Think convenience first, and aesthetics second.


Fri Mar 12 2010 10:35AM Report writes:
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