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Community Spotlight: Your Most Epic MMOG Boss Fight

Posted by MikeB Thursday March 4 2010 at 3:29PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “What is the most epic boss fight you ever fought in an mmorpg?" by user TwilightAdy. A pretty straightforward topic, TwilightAdy asks the community about their favorite boss fight experiences, and shares his own:


I just thought I would start this topic, as the title said, asking what the most epic boss you fought in an mmorpg was, and more importantly, why.

I've been a hardcore WoW player for about 2 years now, and I've seen all of the content, and while I don't have any other mmorpg to compare it to, I think the game has some pretty immense encounters. The four that defined the game for me:

C'thun: Possibly the strangest boss I have ever come across in any game, let alone in an mmorpg. A giant eyeball that fires constant beams of death everywhere (you can easily get one shotted in this fight), spawns tentacles all around the room you fight him in, and, weirdest of all, you have to get swallowed by him and attack the inside of his stomach in the second phase to take him down. But what was most epic about this encounter was the voices, the whispering: "Your friends will abandon you", C'thun whispers on a number of occassions. This made the encounter epically creepy and all the better for it.”

User Ravanos shares a few of his favorite boss fights from EverQuest II:

“I liked Venril sathir from EQ2 because he was a fight more about paying attention than pure DPS power. basically at a certain percentage of his HP everyone in the raid would have to get thier power between 30% and 60%. If you were above or below that at anytime he would wipe the raid, plus he would put a power drain on people that could not be cured so they would have to call out to be powerfed. as well as random debuffs that would make people expend twice the amount of power for spells.

best thing is if you drop below or go above allowed amount a BIG RED message would be sent to everyone in the raid ..."BECAUSE OF RAVANOS'S LACK OF WILL VENRIL SATHIR WAS ABLE TO GAIN AN ADVANTAGE"

*BAM* raid wipe (it was something to that extent probably quoting it wrong but you get the idea)

Maestro in EQ2 was also pretty nasty putting bomb debuffs on people in raids that if they stood near someone they would kill them instantly. had to have people clicking a special item from the zone or he would wipe the raid. debuffing the tank so they couldn't do anything ... making the guild constantly switch tanks. And of course his Curse debuff that made healers damage those they are trying to heal. “

Khrymson responds to Gravarg’s claim that Absolute Virtue, an FFXI boss, is the most epic boss in any MMOG:

'Originally posted by Gravarg

By far the most epic boss in any mmo has to be the encounter with Absolute Virtue in FFXI.  He is 99.9% fail rate.  As far as I know only gms have beaten him lol.'

Pretty much, I don't think anyone has reported a successful defeat yet!  Even with the video the FFXI devs released hinting at how to defeat him.  Lets see, he's been in the game for what 3+ years now and still nobody has defeated him, and on top of that it takes months of preparation just to try and usually fail...LOL

Keep in mind though to others that havn't played FFXI, this boss is entirely optional and not required by any means to fight.  He's just an optional very very hard boss... “

Calind0r shared some screenshots and video of Antharas and Valakas of Lineage II, as well as some details as to why these two were the most epic fights ever:

“The bosses have a small spawn window, in which they can randomly spawn in. Before they spawn, clans will camp the entrance to their lairs to control it, massive PvP will happen with all the best clans on your server trying to win...when the boss spawns, it is asleep at first. Once the first person teleports inside to the lair (you can teleport with an item after doing a special repeatable quest)...After that moment the boss wakes up in 20 or so minutes, after it is awake you can no longer teleport inside and it won't go back to sleep until 20 minutes after everyone inside is the winners of the PvP will get to kill the boss...but if they wipe they get kicked out, have to repeat the quest, and contend with their enemies who also want the boss.

So the bosses are kind of a big deal, usually after each raid boss fight and kill theres a multiple paged thread that lasts on your server's community forums discussing (flaming) what happened. When the bosses first came out they took hundreds of people to kill...enemied clans would have to form an alliance just for the sake of defeating them...but as the game grew, people got better gear, strategies,etc...the amount of people dropped dramatically. I think and have pretty much proved that too many people on those bosses just makes it harder...Theres a sweet spot you need to hit for each 4-6 parties (36-50 people) for the best efficiency. I've done Antharas with 27 people in ~30 minutes, and I've also tried Antharas with 90 people and failed.

They're just overwhelming bosses at sometimes. They can 1 shot a whole party of people if you aren't paying attention (resurrections in L2 happen all the time...its normal to have a 50 vs 50 PvP last  over 10 minutes because healers keep resurrecting at all cost (1 class has a skill to resurrect all nearby clan members) and it drags on until each site is fatigued and totally out of mana and consumables (target choice and strategy is very important when its like that). Antharas will slap his tail on the ground and send everyone nearby it flying in the air and stunned...he'll cast fear and if you get it you'll run away for like 30 when your healer gets feared. He'll stomp and rocks will fall from the cave on to ranged attackers, at low HP he goes into berserk and bites the ground causing spikes to rise up in front of him, and they can often 1 shot anyone caught in them.”

Personally, I haven’t had many raid experiences in my years playing MMOG’s so most of my favorite encounters are kind of smaller affairs scattered across the various MMOG’s I’ve played thus far, but none nearly as spectacular as some of the stories users have shared in this thread.

If I were to judge these fights based on what I’ve read, I’d say it’s probably a tie between the above encounters described by Calind0r and the Pandemonium Warden from FFXI. Some of you may recall the failed attempt by FFXI guild Beyond the Limitation on Pandemonium Warden in 2008, which lasted 18 hours and had players getting physically ill, even vomiting. I don’t think it gets any more hardcore than that, though I can’t say I’d have wanted to be part of that experience either.

What was your most epic boss fight in an MMOG? Let us know in the comments below!

Dreathor writes:

My favourite has to be Mimiron(HardMode) from WoW. It really took a hell of a lot to take him down when it was new, can't beat that feeling and the nerdscreams on ventrilo!

Thu Mar 04 2010 3:50PM Report
Ravenmane writes:

Pandemonium Warden in Final Fantasy length of time anyway.  Clocking in 18 hours was a rough fight.  A lot of carefully placed bathroom breaks.  Too bad he wasn't killed.

Thu Mar 04 2010 7:47PM Report
Nacon4 writes:

The Boss fight we had in GW Factions.  Even with the thousand sword attacks it was still a slogfest

Thu Mar 04 2010 9:12PM Report
Nahuel31 writes:

The boss raids at Mabinogi Heroes, so far, are the most exciting boss fights I've ever had. Just wait for the NA version, you will get the adrenaline of killing a giant polar bear who can kill you with only one hit. :)

Thu Mar 04 2010 10:04PM Report
gorgogorn writes:

I know this is hijacking a bit but frankly I hate "epic" being a good thing. I would much rather know which boss fight you had the most fun or was the most exciting not which took forever or had the one shot kill  boss.

I mean the above 18 hour slogfest, was that fun or was it just an endurance test?

Thu Mar 04 2010 10:16PM Report
TheMaelstrom writes:

Kerafyrm, a.k.a. The Sleeper from EQ1.

I don't think anything can top that. One event per server. Period. No "do-overs", no websites to search for strats. It was simple, you wake The Sleeper, The Sleeper eats your face. The Sleeper flies away (over various zones throughout the world - yes you could actually see him). Done. I give tons of props to the PvPers who banded together to try to down the "unkillable" boss of bosses. So... how'd that work out for ya? /snicker

Thu Mar 04 2010 11:05PM Report
Lanthir writes:

Well I have to say the watcher in LOTRO  was the oddest.  You have two groups go in and you have all your range and minstriles run to one side of the room while the melee close in on him  then the tenticales come out to attack your range and minis  then they run to the other side of the room.  back and forth  you run while these tenticles just seem to spawn out of the water.

Fri Mar 05 2010 12:05AM Report
Heavymetal45 writes:

I'd say most epic fight is Absolute Virtue on FFXI. Hardest boss I know of untill Abyss expansions come out. WoW bosses can't even hold a candle to Absolute Virtue. Im not trying to piss off WoW fans but... seriously, if you've played FFXI and gone up against it... damn... looks like fun though.

Fri Mar 05 2010 12:49AM Report
Plageron writes:

I have had tons of epic battles....from many games....

I think my all time favorite was the giant trees in Final Fantasy...where it took a combined server to destroy they had to keep pummeling them for days.

Nothing was more epic then having all the fighters and thieves and monks and melee right up close attacking.  while just outside that another ring of every spell caster possible and rangers launching fireballs and shooting the thing....

with a thrid ring outside that of clerics and healers healing constantly.....and rezzing the fallen players..

The realy cool part about the event is that if you died with the event buff activated you lost no exp.  And the other cool thing was that as soon as the server defeated the trees...they where allowed to use a new telport service.

yes eventualy every tree would be dead on all servers....

But then i liked how hundreds of players could team up for something like matetr what they where or how they played they came together for a mutual thing.....

And when they won the entire server was rewarded.....

Now that was the most epic battle i can think of.....

the other battles people described....i have done some of them....and they just seam to pale in comparison.


Fri Mar 05 2010 12:49AM Report
Benedikt writes:

well, that imho completely depends on how you define "epic". I have to fully agree with gorgogorn, that 18hrs kill is not epic, it is just boring (hi to the people who got to the 108+ mobs in avatar challenge on mud called mozart :) there is similar boss). most difficult? that also doesnt seems as "epic" to me, who maybe feeling when you beat him epic is.

for me most epic could be - most adrenaline one (which for me again was fight in avatar challenge on mozart, mob very fittingly called Slayer of Avatars :) ), most massive one - bosses with a lot of adds, like razzorgore or nefarian in BWL in WoW or simply the most entertaining one, which for me as a rogue was Vael, again in BWL in WoW (not to mention that at least once I ended up tanking him to his death with my rogue :) )

Fri Mar 05 2010 1:13AM Report
Cjros writes:

WoW. During the Burning Crusade. The single most epic for me would have been M'uru. Followed extremely closely by Kil'jaeden.

I guess what made M'uru, IMO "the god of encounters" was the incredibly tuning and how rather simple mechanics could be made hard. The fight was split into two phases. Phase one consisted of M'uru being a stationary boss who did no melee or directed spells or abilities. Essentially every X Seconds he'd covered the center of the room in Darkness. When Darkness appeared, your priest had a second at max to lay down a mass dispell or the raid wiped. From the entrance and exit of the room, waves of adds would spawn every minute that -had- to be killed by 5 members (5 for each group) or your tanks would be over-whelmed and die. Then while that is going on, every 45s a big mob is spawning that only the tank can go near and when he dies, he splits into many little mobs that need to be AoE'd down. Again, you have 45s otherwise the tank is overwhelmed and died. While this is happening, you have 3-4 members damaging M'uru himself.

Phase 2 started when M'uru's HP reached 0%. He then respawned as Entropius and your raid had 77s to kill him before your healers were overwhelmed by the massive amounts of raid damage and the raid died.

Throughout this fight, if you had one person doing 1% too low DPS, you probably wiped. If someone missed half a beat, you probably wiped. It was the epitome of perfect tuning and difficulty. Coupled with a god themed as a "Void God," the overall mood of the fight was "panic, darkness and rush."

God indeed.

Fri Mar 05 2010 3:53AM Report
Kokushibyou writes:

The most Epic boss had to be Legion at the bottom of Darkness falls in DAoC.  You didn't have to wait 18 hrs for it; all you needed to do was make an anouncement at the crossroads that you were looking for people to head to Legion and soon 100+ players were following you down the long path into the abyss to fight a boss that would likely wipe the floor with all of you.

Fri Mar 05 2010 4:58AM Report
Ogrelin writes:

Legion (darkness Falls) in DAoC! :)

Fri Mar 05 2010 6:20AM Report
lmollea writes:

Mostly in City Of Heroes: when our guild won the Cathedral of Pain guild raid (and we were one of the few guilds that succeded in doing so on Defiant/EU server) and when with only 5 people without farming ambrosia we won the Eden Trial and the Titan ( The latter was pretty awesome

Fri Mar 05 2010 6:58AM Report
tazmanyak writes:

Well i think nothing compares to the awesomeness of raids in old everquest 1 ...

72ppl in a raid, using a very crap UI.

Complete healing rotations under 1second ... rampage, furry ... old good things, so much memories ^^

In EQ1, maybe my best fight was on plane of Earth boss, dont remember it's name ...

Fri Mar 05 2010 8:05AM Report
Lord.Bachus writes:

Most Epic must be darkness falls.... almost succeeding in killing the Legion with more then 300 people to get attacked by 150 midgard players .... Epic, both PvP and PvE...

Fri Mar 05 2010 8:22AM Report
executor3000 writes:

Can it really be that noone remembers Kerafyrm, aka. the Sleeper?

He starred in the original EverQuest. Kerafyrm was a dragon boss, guarded by four other guardian dragon bosses. Kerafyrm was called the sleeper because, well, he was asleep up until the fourth dragon guardian was defeated at the same time the other three were down. When he was awoken he went on a rampage across multiple zones all over the continent he was residing on, killing every PC and NPC on his way. He was, at the time, insanely tough to kill and in the original EQ, only one serious attempt was made to kill the dragon. It all happened on the PvP server, Rallos Zek, by a team of several guilds, but a few hours into the raid, Kerafyrm the Awakened mysteriously despawned. It was later revealed that GM's had despawned the dragon as ordered by higher command, as SOE never meant for the dragon to be killed in the first place, and killing him would mean inconsistency in EverQuests storyline. Later on, SOE apologized to the guilds however, and they got a second attempt at the dragon, this time without inteference. It took about 200 people 3 hours of constant DPS to down the dragon, this time recording the first ever kill of Kerafyrm the Awakened.

I should also mention that once The Sleeper awakes, neither he nor the original guardians will ever appear again on that server, unless the event is reset by SOE.

He is most definetely by far the, in my opinion, most memorable boss of all time.

Fri Mar 05 2010 11:39AM Report
trewin writes:

The first time we killed Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen in EQ was my most memorable.



Sat Mar 06 2010 10:25AM Report
psyclum writes:

Bitchmatar:D i mean Vishmatar in EQ1:)

not the hardest mob to kill, but definitely one of the most technical and demanding in terms of execution of strategy.  1 person screwing up can cost the entire raid a wipe:D  one of the very few raids where part of the raid instruction is NOBODY is allowed to die cuz 1 death can mean a domino effect of raid wipe:)

definitely one of the more satisfying raids to master

Sun Mar 07 2010 10:03PM Report writes:
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