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Diablo III Patch 2.0.1: The Game Changer

Posted by SBFord Wednesday February 26 2014 at 8:58PM
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The Diablo 3 patch leading up to the release of the Reaper of Souls expansion in March was released in North America yesterday and in the EU today. With the update, Diablo III becomes something completely new and is, for all intents and purposes, a true game changer.

The patch brings so many new features and game-altering experiences to D3 that it's difficult to synthesize them all into a relatively short post but here are the highlights:

  • Loot 2.0: Players may now find less loot but will find better, more class appropriate loot. From the short time I've been in the game since the patch released, all I can tell you is that my level 60 Barbarian is completely re-geared, including a brand new Legendary.
  • Paragon 2.0: All Paragon points can now be distributed account-wide and can be used to enhance Offensive, Defensive, Core and Utility skills
  • Monsters that scale with your level
  • Normal, Hard, Expert, Master and Torment modes
  • Cursed events that come in the form of cursed chests and even the return of Monster Shrines
  • Items as rewards for quest completion in addition to gold and XP
  • A complete reworking of all character skills and abilities. It's going to take players time to figure out better and more powerful combinations and break away from the monotony of "cookie cutter" builds
  • New and powerful aura effects around elite monsters that don't just hurt, they kill...and fast
  • The ability to resurrect on your body, at the last checkpoint or in town after dying
  • Guilds and Communities
This is only a partial list too. As the next few days go by, exploring this patch will take time and effort on behalf of the D3 player community.
While it's popular to stack hatred on D3, much of it warranted, I give you, it is worth former players coming back to try out the new systems and features that have arrived with the 2.0.1 patch. After all, if the game is already owned, it costs nothing and people might just be surprised, pleasantly so, I might add.
Have you checked out the new patch? If so, what did you think? Let us know! 
Bruhza writes: Seems interesting. I may have to roll a new character to try it out. Wed Feb 26 2014 9:23PM Report
RedCurry writes:

So happy with the changes so far, really enjoying D3 again. Stopped playing about 6 months after release.

So glad to play to get upgrades instead of mindlessly searching the AH for gear.

Wed Feb 26 2014 10:18PM Report
winter writes:

How are any of these real game changers?

 If you can get good loot drops so easy now then you'll have top loot gear in 2-3 weeks and have nothing to look for.

Elite monsters were killing plenty fast enough in nightmare as it was at least for those of us that did spend their lives on the AH, if they insta kill now I don't see that as being overly fun. Especially after a month when we are all max geared out due the new drop system, and the insta kill you monster has nothing of interest to loot.

Wed Feb 26 2014 11:02PM Report
roger82 writes:

winter - The difference now is that you more often get loot drops that you can potentially use instead of piles and piles of useless junk.

Legendary items have also been changed so they are more likely to actually be useful for someone instead of many of them being trash, they also tend to have unique effects on them you can't get anywhere else.

I played for a few hours last night and found a fair few items that were upgrades to what I had, but I didn't really have the best gear anyway. It was so much better looking through the couple of rares I got in a run and having at least half of them with the correct stats on them (instead of finding str/dex/int items on my witchdoctor, I was finding more int/vit items)

Wed Feb 26 2014 11:32PM Report
roger82 writes:

The real game changer loot wise is that there is more of a 'oh, what will this item be' when you pick something up instead of being 99% sure it was going to be vendor trash.


Wed Feb 26 2014 11:34PM Report
sketocafe writes: Thanks Blizzard, for giving me that refund way back when. Thu Feb 27 2014 12:15AM Report
tom_gore writes: Now if only they'd add controller support for PC. It works beautifully on consoles, so why not? Thu Feb 27 2014 1:37AM Report
ripaila writes: Still <span com_body"="">waiting for that pvp you promised blizz... Thu Feb 27 2014 1:40AM Report
Octagon7711 writes: Finally starting to sound like a game I want to play. Thu Feb 27 2014 1:45AM Report
branko7171 writes:

We will get good gear much faster and will be left with nothing to do. I just got three legendaries in less than 3 hours.

I like that you can increase difficulty (normal was too easy). Though, if they did it right from the beggining they wouldn't have needed to change it now (and lose the sacred normal/nightmare/hell settings).

One type of potions just dumbs it down more.

Thu Feb 27 2014 2:50AM Report
Myrdynn writes:

its fun again.  they did a good job


Thu Feb 27 2014 3:09AM Report
-=Ashas=- writes: Why Diablo 3 mostly failed: no competition -> no visible goals
It was a very fun game and has gotten even better until you ask yourself what you're doing it for.

PvP isn't balanced, remains bugged, selling one's stuff for real money isn't the desired way of entertainment for most players and the devs overestimated the challenges of the gameplay.

Especially the missing goals dried out the HC community.
Thu Feb 27 2014 4:11AM Report
Righteous_Rock writes: I noticed a massive performance improvement. I am using a gtx 660 and gpu would max out prior to this pitch and the game would stutter bad. I recently had read some older threads on the diablo page speaking of the matter, but after 2.0 and testing it out last night, I'm back to smashing everything on my Barbarian. I can see getting back into it now, combat was smooth, loot drops were rewarding, and I don't know if I'm just rusty or what but I was getting my ass kicked, so I definitely welcome that too. Thu Feb 27 2014 5:19AM Report
BadSpock writes:

Game is 10x better than before.

Challenge is real again, loot is fun, character building and build making/tweeking is all pretty much brand new...

The game actually hits the nail on the head for "the point" of an ARG- kill loads of baddies for shinies. 

And the best is still yet to come with Crusader, cap to 70, Adventure Mode, Rifts, Act V, Enchanting, Transmog, and more.

Thu Feb 27 2014 6:04AM Report
kilun writes: For people that play odd styles and don't mind rolling new characters, this actually can be awesome since loot and ML scale properly now. Thu Feb 27 2014 7:40AM Report
mithoss writes: finally! the new gear is great, some affixes are build-changers! Thu Feb 27 2014 9:17AM Report
thinktank001 writes:

Is this article serious?   


Even vD3 supporters are calling the ROS expansion a failure.   The beta forums are filled with them asking for changes that make the game better, but none of them happened.  It is still as lackluster as the original.     

Thu Feb 27 2014 10:26AM Report
kilun writes:

Thinktank001, what are these changes that make the game better that hasn't happened? 

At least list them so we know that your not just spewing stuff out.  Because right now I question whether your serious.

Thu Feb 27 2014 10:36AM Report
Myrdynn writes: Got my first Legendary last night.....Thunderfury!!!!! Blessed SWORD????? Thu Feb 27 2014 11:43AM Report
Barilios writes: I played yesterday and the Game still sucks. To bad i cant place this comment  on the Blizzard forums Thu Feb 27 2014 3:47PM Report
Jeger_Wulf writes: Something about the article makes me not trust the author. It sounds too much like the the fanbois stuff I've been hearing all along. I will watch, but am not feeling like going back right now. Marvel Heroes has my time at the present. Thu Feb 27 2014 6:42PM Report
FrodoFragins writes:

I'm waiting this out.


No ladders

No runewords or skill trees

No trading of top end gear

No charms or jewels

No real comparison to D2

Thu Feb 27 2014 9:20PM Report
Regnor writes:

It's a good attempt at re-inventing the game, but it is still not 10% of what Path of Exile already is. But kudos for trying to imitate it.

Thu Feb 27 2014 11:00PM Report
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