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Neverwinter's Console Conversion

Posted by SBFord Wednesday February 19 2014 at 9:11PM
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A big piece of Neverwinter news floated across my desk today, one that will leave an interesting mark on Cryptic Studios' now nearly one year old title.

The first is technically 'old' news in that it was revealed in China over a month ago. Perfect World Entertainment CEO Xiao Hong confirmed that Neverwinter will be arriving for both the PlayStation 4 and the XBox 1 consoles, though the timing is as yet unclear. You may remember that PWE launched a console-only division late in 2013.

Neverwinter's console version will join other heavy-hitting MMOs including Final Fantasy XIV, DC Universe Online, Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade, War Thunder, Elder Scrolls Online, Destiny and many others. 

A cursory glance at the comments in that particular thread reveals that a lot of players are very interested in seeing Neverwinter ported to consoles and that, in fact, to some it seems much more like a typical "console" title than a PC one. Whether or not our readers will play the console version will remain to be seen. The far more interesting issue is the fact that yet another game is making the plunge into the fledgling console MMO market.

There's no question that consoles are going to have a huge impact on game development, a trend we have seen as AAA titles have been announced, many with simultaneous development for consoles and PC gaming rigs. It's a huge untapped market right now and one that developers simply cannot ignore. That said, the tangential concern is that consoles are fixed hardware without much, if any, ability to be upgraded in the same way that a PC can see years of improvement by simply replacing components to improve performance. Given that, game development is limited in what it can accomplish so that the specifications of the consoles it is being created for are met. 

It's not to say that developing simultaneous releases for PC and consoles is a bad thing. It's simply to say that this is a new and emerging trend in game development that will be fascinating to watch as it grows and changes with the ever-changing console market.

What about you? Will you be playing Neverwinter on console? Do you already play MMOs on consoles? What do you think of the trend? Let us know in the comments.

Righteous_Rock writes:

Well at one point I wanted to get out of the pc world. I dove right in, sold all of my gear and tried very hard to just play console. I used to only play on consoles after all, I should be able to get back into the swing of things right?

The problem is the culture is much different on console though. Typical gaming habits, levels of difficulty, communication habits, fewer intellectuals, controller limitations,..... the list goes on and on. At any rate what I found is that I just no longer belonged on a console, I was out of place and it just didn't fit my personality anymore.

Would have been nice to not juggle the hardware, but I will deal with that for the sake of a more committed, passionate, intellectual, and creative community found on the pc platform. 

PC has its issues as well imo such as a pro f2p culture and elitists jerks, but the positives outweigh the negatives.

Success for mmorpgs on consoles most likely will not reach the success levels of the COD's, GTA's, Halo's,..... You mention Destiny, but it's really a grey area as to whether or not we can actually call Destiny an mmorpg. Coincidentally Destiny will do very well, but probably still fall short of the COD's and GTA's

Wed Feb 19 2014 9:48PM Report
Shana77 writes:

From the first time I laid my hands on neverwinter I immediatly felt that its simplified action oriented control scheme was perfect for consoles and I never quite understood why Cryptic didn't target this market in the first place. 

I do think MMO's like this coming to PS4 is a good thing, but i wonder if the real mmo successes of the future aren't going to be the titles that are made exclusively for consoles, with a specific console in mind so they can optimize that mmo for the consoles graphic capabilities and it's joypad.

After all the best consoles FPS games aren't the PC ports but are the console "exclusives" like Goldeneye, Gears of War, Halo, etc.  

Thu Feb 20 2014 1:03AM Report
jesad writes:

From the first moment I laid hands on my PS/3, which was only a year ago coincidentally, the first thing I did was look for an MMORPG to play.  I knew that there was supposed to have been an Everquest one but by the time I got my PS/3 it had already come and gone.

For this reason, although I think that it's great that MMORPG's are finally moving in the console direction, I worry that focusing on the latest and greatest consoles is just going to cause the same thing that happened to Everquest to happen to these titles as well.

MMORPG's take a fair amount of money to maintain.  In order to keep them viable then, they must remain in a constant state of earning.  Up against the 1000 shooters a day, the 500 single player RPG's, and the 500 Mortal Combat clones, on a system that has historically always been geared towards the customers of said franchises, and who's primary sales come from people who play those kinds of games, it makes me wonder how well an emerging MMORPG battle, the likes of the one that is already causing companies to struggle to maintain in the PC world, is going to fare.

If it were me making the decisions, I'd probably not try to reach so far and focus on making something that could work on the previous generation of machines instead.  That way my sales would be for my game and my game alone, and not hindered by the already enormous cost of an entire new gaming system.

What are those things going for now anyways?  $400 - $700, and you got people in here raging about the cost of ESO?

Yeah, I think I would have done things a little differently.  Still, if they manage to last that long, it will be nice to play one of these titles when I finally get my cheap hands on a PS/4 sometime in 2017.

None of them are going to cause me to rush out and by one now though.  Especially since I can already play them on the PC that I currently own. (Another thing I might have done differently).

Thu Feb 20 2014 1:45AM Report
Epicon writes:

Good now console players, get a chance to suffer through it. Most won't know what they are getting into either.

We PC gamers get the honor of playing crap F2P MMOs all the time, now console players get a chance to experience that.

Thu Feb 20 2014 9:03AM Report
Uhwop writes: There shouldn't be any limit to what they can do on the new consoles, and pc games are rarely made to take advantage of the most powerful pc gaming rigs.   Thu Feb 20 2014 9:47AM Report
Torval writes: This is pretty cool. I hope the servers are cross platform. Thu Feb 20 2014 2:08PM Report
Samhael writes: It did indeed seem to me to be more like a console than a PC game. That's one of the main reasons I didn't stay. It was pretty and allowed for some creativity but honestly it just never felt DEEP. A good number of powers and nifty abilities but they just wouldn't let you do very many at once.  This same reasoning is going to be one of the reasons I doubt my time in ESO will be very long. I'd skip it totally but there's been such a large gap between new MMOs that I'm bored stiff and will happily try almost anything for a month or two. Thu Feb 20 2014 3:52PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: Unfortunately I doubt this will be cross platform so I won't be able to play it on PS4 with my characters and stuff :(. Thu Feb 20 2014 6:40PM Report
Leiros writes:

*sigh* Neverwinter was bad enough on PC... I love the Forgotten Realms setting and lore, but the micro transactions in this game are horrible. Time for crappy F2P games to jump on the console MMO bandwagon.


The sad thing is that gameplay for this game will probably be better on a console.

Fri Feb 21 2014 12:31AM Report
theAsna writes: Why does a console game need a conversion to a console? ,-) Sun Feb 23 2014 5:32AM Report writes:
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