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Story of the Day 2/06/2014 The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Tomorrow

Posted by Grakulen Thursday February 6 2014 at 7:39PM
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Every week I struggle to pick just one story of the day. Typically there is never just one thing that overshadows all the rest that screams, I am the one! Today was no exception. Either one of these two stories could have been the story of the day, World of Warcraft gains 200,000 subs (which for any number of MMOs out there is larger than their entire player base) or tomorrow starts an Elder Scrolls Online beta weekend that could have well north of 500,000 testers in game. Because it is shiny and new, and the most talked about game on this website I went with ESO.

In a call to arms Zenimax online has provide over 500,000 keys to fansites across the internet. They have also invited another wave of players that have registered for beta on their website. This is in addition to all the previous beta participants that have been invited to play the game. In what could amount to a super stress test Zenimax is challenge players to break the servers.

Check your registered email address—we’re sending out more beta invites. Don’t forget to take a peek in your spam folder, and if you use Gmail, remember to look in the “promotions” tab to see if you got invited.

If you don’t get an invite today, there’s still hope! We’ve handed our friends at Curse beta keys to give out, so head over there to see if you can get your hands on one. Best of luck! We can’t wait to see you in-game and get your feedback.

Launch for PC and Mac on 4.4.14 is on the horizon, and the beta is only getting bigger as that date approaches. Make sure you’ve signed up to test if you haven’t yet so you’ll have your chance to join us. More invites will be coming soon, so keep your eyes open!

If you participate in the test, please remember that its contents are still protected under the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). You aren’t allowed to share information, media (screens, videos, streams, etc), or anything else related to the test with others. Thank you for testing!

Source: Elder Scrolls Online site


This should finally allow fans and naysayers a like to get in the game and find out if they are right. Is the game great? Good? Meeeeh… Hopefully you’ll get a chance to try it for yourself. Don’t fret if you don’t. We’ll have a ton of coverage coming up tomorrow with everything you’ll need to know about what you can expect to see in this beta weekend and when the game goes live.

Allacore69 writes: I'm excited for tomorrow.  Don't know if I wanna be a Kajhit or dark elf! Thu Feb 06 2014 7:54PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: One has to wonder, with likely over a million players in this beta weekend. Why still have an NDA? Seems pretty silly... Thu Feb 06 2014 7:55PM Report
kkarrabbass writes: Or may be smart . You invited to make your own opinion, not to consider opinions of others. Thu Feb 06 2014 8:32PM Report
drowelf writes: And to help kill bugs. Thu Feb 06 2014 9:49PM Report
Octagon7711 writes: Already downloaded updated and counting down... Thu Feb 06 2014 11:12PM Report
jesad writes:

Smart and confident move if you ask me. 

1. Provided they like what they see this could cause a lot more players to pre-order.

2. Generates mad traffic for as well as establishes them as the new "File Planet" (RIP) in regards to their premium accounts getting those keys first.

3. Gives them a better idea than pre-order numbers may have of how much interest is out there before deciding how much more money to put into advertising before opening day.

4. Gets that word of mouth action going almost a full two months early.

Meanwhile, with the NDA still in effect it keeps the negative stuff, even though you know that there will still be some, to a minimum.

I just hope that people understand that a stress test weekend may not equate to a lot of play depending on how prepared they are or not.  500k of people all jacking into your stuff at once is a self made DOS attack waiting to happen for a lot of MMORPG's.

Thu Feb 06 2014 11:33PM Report
Shaike writes:

TESO + Curse - does this mean tthat future MODs will be through Curse client? anyone knows?


If this breaks NDA just ignore it (sorry...)

Fri Feb 07 2014 3:46AM Report
Jaychi72 writes: There will be all kinds of NDA violations this weekend with so many keys given out. Fri Feb 07 2014 7:11AM Report writes:
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