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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Story of the Day - 2/5/14 - Broadsword Online & DAoC & UO

Posted by SBFord Wednesday February 5 2014 at 6:40PM
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Most of the staff was surprised today by a pair of related news stories that cropped up on our radar. Both Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online have been under development, or at least maintained in their current states, by EA-Mythic. Under the auspices of a new agreement, Mythic has partnered with new company Broadsword Online Games to take over the content development for both games. EA will maintain a presence by maintaining billing and account services via the Origin games platform.

On first reading the news, some were quick to express concern that the content development for both games was being "outsourced" yet while technically true, the outsource company has a blue ribbon pedigree in MMO development.

Broadsword Games Online was founded by Mythic Entertainment co-founder Rob Denton and a number of Mythic veterans, including several who were instrumental in the development of DAoC in the first place.  While the team is, according to its site, a small one of only fourteen, it is a team that is solely dedicated to Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online. Period.

Our Vision – Every Player, Every Day

We are Broadsword. We have a passion for growing and evolving interconnected online worlds. We believe in quality and strive to deliver compelling content, energized communities and top tier service to all of our players. We are all passionate gamers and we love to work with our communities of committed, hard-core gamers. In the end, for us Broadswordians, it's all about providing an unparalleled experience to Every Player, Every Day.

Our Company – Broadsword Online Games

We have a team of 14 passionate, hard-core gamers with centuries of combined experience creating, running and evolving online games. Broadsword is totally focused on two games – Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot. Our team of producers, designers, engineers, artists, CSRs and QA analysts works day and night to make sure that UO and DAoC continue to provide delightful and compelling experiences to Every Player, Every Day.

It's never been a secret that many have pined for the glory days of Dark Age of Camelot and its unique game play, yet have similarly lamented the dated look and lack of meaningful content additions over the years. Many on our forums seem to have hope that this new change in direction, this "outsourcing" if you will, may perhaps bring about big changes to a pair of the genre's most venerable titles.

For now, the Broadsword site is largely silent on what exactly the future will hold for DAoC and UO. Hopefully sooner than later, we will know much more. In the meantime, it is great fun to speculate. To that end, what do you expect to or want to see for Dark Age of Camelot and/or Ultima Online? What is feasible? What is not? Let us know in the comments.


Dreamo84 writes: I wonder if this means Mythic has something new they are working on. Wed Feb 05 2014 6:47PM Report
Dreamo84 writes: I am honestly surprised EA hasn't dropped them though along with both DAoC and UO. Wed Feb 05 2014 6:47PM Report
Konfess writes: What do I expect to be addressed? The lack of meaningful content additions.  I don’t expect to see HD models and textures any time soon.  That takes time, people, and money.  What this outsourcing means is, upkeep will be done with “more respect for the source material.” Wed Feb 05 2014 9:22PM Report
Torval writes:

I still don't quite understand why a new studio was formed and the work contracted to them. I don't doubt they have the qualifications. It just surprised me EA would take this approach rather than just hire them or other developers directly within Mythic.

I don't play either game and don't have a personal concern. It just struck me as odd.

Wed Feb 05 2014 9:45PM Report
aspekx writes:

EA has been under quite a bit of scrutiny since the class action lawsuit filed by shareholders recently in response to it's poor management and release of BF4.


i wouldn't be surprised to see quite a bit of restructuring in the next year or so due to this added, albeit negative, attention.



Thu Feb 06 2014 3:43AM Report
SpottyGekko writes:

These apparently arbitrary "restructuring" exercises are usually driven by legal or financial reasons (or both). Moving these 2 old and most likely marginally profitable games into a seperate company means that the financial reporting changes.

It also means that staff salaries can be tied directly to the performance of the "products" managed by the company, i.e. "grow the profits of these games or get no pay rise until you do".

Presumably Mythic are now free of the responsibility of these games and can focus on new and bigger things.

Thu Feb 06 2014 6:25AM Report
Rockniss writes: Rolemaster Magestorm here we come!!! Hope is still alive. Thu Feb 06 2014 7:43AM Report writes:
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