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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Story of the Day 2/3/2014 - A Place for Galaxies Vets to Call Home?

Posted by BillMurphy Monday February 3 2014 at 7:26PM
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Thanks to the keen eyes of our friends at Massively, our old friend John Smedley was spotted posting some teaser images of SOE's upcoming unannounced game. This title is likely the one Smed was recently referring to when he told folks on Reddit that: "SWG Players - Our next game (not announced yet) is dedicated to you. Once we launch can come home now."

Of course, this sparked the long dormant SWG forum here on to spark to life, and people have been wondering what kind of game this really is going to be.  Certainly, it will not be SWG 2 or anything involved Star Wars. SOE simply doesn't have the license anymore. But Smed's words speak of a sandbox MMO that involves crafting and player community at the utmost.  

We've known for a long time that John regrets the NGE and CU when it comes to Galaxies, but this is probably his first (memorable) public promise that they're trying to right by the SWG community with a new game.  Two things come to mind though:

  1. Will anything that's not Star Wars Galaxies really ever be enough for fans of that game? And...
  2. Why does this image evoke so strongly a sense of The Secret World's Kingsmouth?
Given SOE's recent trends towards openness and engaged development with the fans, I'm curious to see what comes of this project dedicated to SWG. It was Galaxies and the fallout from the game's rough technical start and eventual turbulence that brought (then just a forum) to prominence. Heck, it doesn't take Cumbersherlock to figure out that many veteran MMORPG forum users are also SWG vets.
Until we really get more from Smed and SOE though, I'm just really hoping we're not talking about a zombie MMO.  That's what that screen evokes for me. I don't think SWG vets want their sandbox to come with undead.  But maybe I'm wrong. 
Rockniss writes: It looks like a screen shot from DayZ. Mon Feb 03 2014 8:27PM Report
logan400k writes: If they bring back usage experience for crafters, which was awesome, I might actually try it :) Mon Feb 03 2014 8:42PM Report
Oliman writes:

usage experience, I totally forgot about that. That was really awesome.

Actually gave crafters a reason to sell crates of awesome weapons for cheap

Mon Feb 03 2014 9:48PM Report
Politicaldad writes:

Doubtful a place to call home for me......

Probably a zombie survival game that has an enormous cash shop...

'course they'll bundle accounts and rave at the "numbers" of accounts linked to their game, (even if you aren't really 'using' the account) They'll probably necro your accounts saying it's for your ease of use.

I miss my MBE/MRanger to much to toil in their game.

bitter? ....  yup ... :)


Tue Feb 04 2014 1:19AM Report
BTrayaL writes: Not that I mind this ""SotD", but what happened to "MMMorning news"? I loved that.. Tue Feb 04 2014 2:15AM Report
BillMurphy writes: @BTrayal, sadly the viewership wasn't worth the effort/time.  :( Tue Feb 04 2014 6:27AM Report
chutney3000 writes:

sorry but no. if it isnt SWG, or even SW, its not piquing my interest.


The repopulation is still the biggest contender

Tue Feb 04 2014 8:34AM Report
logan400k writes: I really hope it is not a Zombie / Survival game but that is up to them. A space opera sandbox, a new IP of their own. There is a ton of ore to mine there. Tue Feb 04 2014 9:53AM Report
Wizardry writes:

Without the SW license it is NOT a SWG no matter how Smedley tries to spin it.Without the license he should not be pretending either,i am sure Lucas Arts would not take kindly to an unlicensed SW product.

One thing for certain ,99.999% certain is it will be a cash shop game.

Tue Feb 04 2014 10:23AM Report
Dreamo84 writes: I am really digging the new SoE! Tue Feb 04 2014 3:44PM Report
Konfess writes:

This may be AO, but it is exactly what game play was like in SWG.  If you look closely at the AO GUI, you can see where SWG got its original GUI.  Konfess <Tarquinas> 2003-2006 Mastered Carbineer, Creature Handler, Dancer, Musician, Teras Kasi Artist, Commando and Elder Jedi.

Wed Feb 05 2014 9:01PM Report
Konfess writes:

For those who were not there, and don’t know.  SWG had two types of leveling Missions, and AFK Macroing.  The quest chain “Themeparks”, were end game content and not really designed for leveling.  Missions is how the game was intended to be played.  This was a slow and low rewarding path to Max Level.  

Mission leveling could take from 4 to 8 months.  It took me 6 months to reach max Carbineer, Creature Handler on Naboo.  Macroing was the opposite.  Using the in game macros you could reach max in 1 to 2 weeks, the fastest I saw was 4 days.

The CU was the death of SWG, what was the CU?  First it removed AFK macro leveling and introduced Action Combat (FPS combat).  

But if SOE’s new game introduced 30+ mix and match professions, RPG Combat (Tab Targeting), AFK macro leveling, and a game world littered with player housing ghettos and mining harvester fields.  Wouldn’t all the SWG vets and sandbox fans be lined up around the block to play this.  Even if it was a new IP set in the modern present?
Thu Feb 06 2014 12:18PM Report
jesse33 writes:

Wed Feb 19 2014 7:57PM Report writes:
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