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SWTOR's Writer Laureate Deserves A Break

Posted by BillMurphy Friday February 17 2012 at 10:49AM
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Of course, something like this news about Drew Karpyshyn leaving the industry was bound to stir up some controversy.  But why?  Can't someone ever leave the industry without it creating a big fuss and doom and gloom posts?  I remember when Gaute Godager left Funcom.  I understand then why people created posts about the botched AoC launch.  It made sense, given what Craig Morrison was able to do to turn around Anarchy Online (and now AoC).  That sort of thing was very clearly about a person leaving a team because they needed to hand over the reins to more capable folks.  But this business about Drew K.? It's not exactly something to get riled up about.

The man has been making a living for years now crafting other people's worlds.  He's written content for games that we've all loved and adored, and helped make BioWare the studio that is known for their stories over all else.  But, ask Daniel Erickson (who is the lead on SWTOR's story content): creating stories for games isn't easy.  It's not like writing a novel.  It's painful, arduous, and absolutely brain-wracking work (not to mention the carpal tunnel).  Maybe, just maybe, Drew wanted to back out of videogame writing to focus on his own worlds and novel writing career?

He's still writing novels for BioWare as he posted the blog announcement of his departure from the game side of things.  But he's worked at BioWare writing games for twelve years... as someone who once entertained the notion of being a novelist, I know the the lure that Drew must be feeling to really focus on his own work, something entirely of his own creation, once more.  There comes a time when the ideas in your head are just too strong to be ignored.  He's been writing what he's been told to write for over a decade, he's earned a hell of a living from it.  Maybe now he just wants to have total and complete control over the tales he tells.

So instead of getting all crazy-eyed about what this means for EA, BioWare, and SWTOR (hint - they lose a great writer, and that's all) instead let's focus on wishing Drew well in his new writing adventures and eagerly await the sorts of worlds he crafts on his own.