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Community Spotlight: Cross-Faction Communication

Posted by MikeB Wednesday February 23 2011 at 9:37AM
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This week's Community Spotlight focuses on the thread "Cross-Faction Communication in MMOs" by nolf. Nolf uses his thread to brign up the cross-faction communication debate, some like the idea, some loathe it. How does nolf and the recent of the feel about it? Find out below!

An interesting debate cropped up on a game's forums recently that I was curious to hear people's thoughts on.

On an upcomming release the issue of whether cross-faction communication should be implemented arose.  Personally, I am for it (for reasons I will probably get into during the disussion of this thread).  Very valid points were raised on both sides of the debate, and I was curious to find what the folks here in the MMORPG community had to say about it.

Why are you for or against cross-faction communication in your MMOs?

What features (if it is included) make it livable or unlivable for you?

Ichmen feels it depends on the game and the way factions are setup:

depends on what you mean by cross-faction. 

if you are talking something like red vs blue, ya cross chat is good yet bad. 

its good to ego boost on bashing your enemies hard for X item/location. but its also bad do to the "spying" (though this is doable without cross chats) as well as people just being pricks over it and bashing everyone not of their faction.

now if you allow cross faction teaming ya its required. 

ultimately id say it would depend on the game/context its used in. im for it yet against it. simply because it can and will be abused

Dnomsed gets right to the point:

Chat restrictions are an outdated game restriction and should not exist.  Even in faction based pvp games, irc, vent, teamspeak bypass in-game communications.  All chat restrictions do is cut your potential community by up to 50%.

Luv_bug is staunchly against cross-faction communication:

No cross faction communication is great, its what allows people to have an emotional investment in fighting, because all you share is combat and a desire to avenge what the other has done to you. In knight online daily wars never got old cuz you wanted to crush those human scumbags ;) Wouldn't be quite the same if you were chattin it up all the time. Everybody always wanting to break every restriction to chattin with your friends. Use a phone if you wanna talk to your friends, or make some in game ones. Man/woman up!

I'm kind of undecided on the issue. I've played in games where you could speak to other factions and in games where you could not and I found not being able to being a bit unnatural but not game breaking for me. It certainly cut back on the shit talking a b it, but in Warhammer Online you totally knew the guy was talking smack after he killed you if he said anything right after, garbled or not, you know it was smack talk. I played Star Wars Galaxies and City of Heroes for years and in both cases you could talk to the enemy faction (Villains in the PvP Zones). Both time it resulted in tons of smack talk and at times people wouldn't even fight, instead they'd just argue with each other over chat.

Jury is still out for me. What do the rest of you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below!