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Community Spotlight: Fifteen Bucks

Posted by MikeB Thursday February 11 2010 at 3:44PM
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This weeks Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “The 15 bucks…” by Pelu. In the thread, Pelu takes a look at the history of the $15/month model that is now an industry standard in the MMOG genre, and why we shouldn’t be complaining as much as we sometimes do about it:

“Sup all.. I was reading some thread about the bussiness model of Cryptic... and the only thing i notice was tons of complains and other fans praising the cryptic model of sub and cash shop...
There is a bunch of people who find it unpleasant to pay for stuff in games, but let me tell you something if u are the one that start making faces when someone say: U need to pay for this...
When u get Free Servers, Development Teams, Net Bandwidth, and so on, for FREE!!!!! then ask for that stuff for free, or little cost...

There is a rumor around that some mmos, are going to sell the content update patches..... but here is where my 33mhz brains gets in...
Ultima online = almost 15 bucks (13) ----- 1997
Lineage = 15 bucks ----- 1998
Everquest = 15 bucks (14.99) ----- 1999
Anarchy Online = bucks ----- 2001
Galaxies = 15 bucks ----- 2003
WoW = 15 bucks ----- 2004
War = 15 bucks ----- 2008
AION = 15 bucks ----- 2009
STO = 15 bucks ----- 2010

there is more mmos around, but i can remember at least 13 years of mmos... and the price of subscription have been 15 dollars for years!!!!...

Now go and check the inflation rate since 1997... I dont think it have been stuck...
My point is... with all the inflation and raising costs, the 15 bucks per month is falling short.. way short.. one day there is going to be one developer that will charge a 20 bucks or 25 bucks (24.99) sub per month, and everyone else will follow... but since raising the sub cost will cause too much scandal, they are adding cash shops...

Lets face it people, 15 bucks per month is not enough for what u do with the game services... bandwidth usage, database, and so on...”

Community Spotlight alumnus Goronian responds to Pelu with his own thoughts on the matter:

“Actually, for the longest time, people have been complaining, that 15 bucks/months is overdoing it and that the price needs to be lowered. They've stopped just recently, in the face of inflation. Maybe it's because the true value has caught up with it only recently, and the pricing was "with a reserve"?
Or maybe it's because devs expect much higher numbers, which would cover the expenses.
And in reality, bandwidth and server maintenance doesn't cost THAT much.”

Malcanis adds a short but sweet response:

“MMOs are a hilariously cheap hobby.”

I have to totally agree with this. I apologize, I know we are in a recession, I know times are tough, but even before the recession I always found the whole $15/month bit being too much a bit ludicrous. There are plenty other hobbies out there that require way much more of an investment. Warhammer table top anyone? Photography? I can spend $50+ easy just going out to dinner and a movie. 15 bucks for a whole months worth of playtime isn’t a big deal to me.

However, my absolute favorite response in the thread would have to go to another Community Spotlight alumnus, Ihmotepp, who likes to use the cost of Big Macs to equate how much $15 is in other countries:

“You can measure in Big Macs.

A Big Mac in the US cost 3.57.

That means an MMORPG in the US costs 4.2 Big Macs per month.

How many Big Macs per month does an MMORPG cost in your country? If ti's roughly 4.2 Big MAcs it's the same. “

So, basically, if we cut down to 4.2 Big Macs a month, we should be able to afford our MMOG hobby, at least here in the US!

Magnum2103 takes some issue with Pelu’s research numbers, and offers his own take on the situation:

“OP you should do a bit more research before posting. Everquest was not $15 in 1999. I believe it was $10. It was raised a few years later and a few years after that had it's price raised once again to the current norm of $15.

Same with UO. I'm pretty sure it started out at or around $10 a month and had it's price raised eventually.

Still, it's unusual that after I'm guessing closer to 8-9 years than the OP's 15+ year estimate that we haven't seen an increase in MMO's pricing. I think a lot of this is due to the competition never nearing the success of WoW (and they wouldn't want to raise their price higher than the competition's, since players aren't likely to pay more when their primary competitor offers it for less) and WoW making comfortable profit that they wouldn't risk raising the price of their monthly fee.

One other thing of note is the actual retail price of video games has increased by about $10 over the last few years. I believe it mostly was a push by EA and it effects console games more than PC. The average price of video games use to be about $40-50 for a new triple A game, now it can cost $50-60.

Cryptic is getting a lot of backlash over their lifetime sub and cash shop business model. Most players aren't fooled, and when your top competitor (WoW) is offering $15 a month for a superior (in my opinion) quality game then why pay the same subscription fee and have to purchase items/content from the cash shop on top of that? That's just bad business.

The only way you'll see a change in subscription rates is if Blizzard raises their subscription rate. If they do every other MMO will likely follow suit (unless they want to try to offer a competitive rate). The same happened years ago when Everquest was the top MMO and they raised their subscription rate. “

So what do you think of the state of subscription prices today? Do you think they are too much? Would you take issue with an increase in subscription rates? Let us know in the comments below!

sacredfool writes:

12 Big Macs for me.


Thu Feb 11 2010 3:59PM Report
sacredfool writes:

i mean 8.

It's late. 

Thu Feb 11 2010 3:59PM Report
pojung writes:

It's easy to paint things in a hilarious nature.

Let me compare to Big Macs. Because of my comparison choice, the outcome is astounding.

Let me compare to something that is more relivent: gym membership.

In both gaming and working out, there is investment of time, and investment of interest. It's something that is paid for once, and covers a span of time. In this case, a month for both.

Why is this a better consideration? Because it paints things in a more responsible light.

For 30 bucks a month, I get a membership to the local YMCA. I get to use a facility that has day-care (if I had a kid), after-shool programs, a full weight room, a swimming pool that hosts a masters swim team, sauna, and showering facilities just to name the things that immediately come to mind. Wow, that's a lot of stuff for 30 bucks a month!

Compare to a hobby that is half the price. Consider that this hobby is one that has absolutely zero overhead nationwide or worldwide that is worth comparing to gym facilities that offer the same monthly membership for sponsoring your hobby.

My local YMCA has excellent customer service. The showers are never out. The pool is kept open unless the temperature outside becomes lower than 40 degree F, which is rare, but it's a cutoff that they just cannot operate with. Their hours are 5am to 10pm. If I have an issue with something, the management fixes it. I get up and move to another part of the state or country, and the same standard is applied.


In an MMO, for half the price, even on a parabola of a comparison (rather than a linear shift), I've rarely experienced anything nigh the customer service or quality of service that a gym membership can provide. For 15 bucks a month, I have ever right to complain. People call it 'voting with your wallet'. Well to turn that term against its intended usage: I voted with my wallet to participate, which gives me the right to vote with my words.


The last thing to note when people come up with these discussions is the age-old argument of 'for what you're putting in, that's a lot coming out!'. Well, consider the glass-half-full expectation, and the drive to do better: 'for what I am putting in, what is the highest potential for the out-pipe?'.

My expectations are set not on what I put into an activity, because what I put in was predefined by the business in question. My expectations are set based on what the business can, and therefor should, be able to accomplish.

Whatever that delta is, I'll argue till I'm blue in the face.  No one wants mediocrity. Everyone wants a job well done. This is how you get there.

Thu Feb 11 2010 4:07PM Report
MikeB writes:

Well, if we all make these sacrifices, we'll be able to play more MMOG's and be healthier too! :)

Thu Feb 11 2010 4:08PM Report
EricDanie writes:

I rather pay $29,90 a month if they charge me for NOTHING else in the game (and of course, as soon as the content is over, I'm out until there's more, supposing that's the reason I've unsubscribed) than see them charging for virtual items.

I'm quite impressed at how they try so hard to keep the fee at $14,90 but instead are creating a lot of other issues bringing virtual items in the game (I don't care if they are optional, I play and get them, not pay to get them).

Not to mention the incomplete state of games we've been having at releases lately.



Thu Feb 11 2010 4:11PM Report
nate1980 writes:

I think you just need to weigh what you're getting in return for the money. A single player game costs $60 and lasts around 40 hours, a lot of times even less. MMO's cost around $50 and last 2-3 times that number. It doesn't cost $15/mo per person to run servers, bandwidth, and customer service. You should be getting x amount of hours of content per $15/mo. Just the ability to play the game isn't worth $15/mo, because each game is limited in content. So the game is only as good as long as it can entertain you. If you used up the MMO in the first month, then that MMO doesn't hold any value, thus is unable to justify $15/mo after that first month. It doesn't matter how cheap $15/mo is.

Thu Feb 11 2010 4:11PM Report
fanita writes:

add-on to the hobby the price of a competitive gaming computer for games such as age of conan, mortal online and Aion, the line rental of broadband Internet service, the price of the box, and the $15 a month goes up a little bit.

I'm not going to lie to you, I'm too lazy to work out the maths but I reckon averaging it all out over a year (assuming you replace a gaming computer every 2 to 4 years, and purchase one new MMO box per year) you might be paying over $30 a month.

Don't take this as an actual argument or opinion I'm literally just scribbling and dribbling out of boredom.

Thu Feb 11 2010 4:25PM Report
Reizla writes:

Back then they had to overcharge the 15 bucks because hardware and maintenance of the servers was a lot more expensive than these days.
This could imply that the 15 bucks charged over time didn't change because the main costs of the whole game (server rent/ lease) has been lowered dramatically through time.

I've looked into a dedicated (web)server myself for years. Around 10 years ago you had to pay more than 10 times what you have to pay now for those.

So even with inflation, the 15 bucks is still Accurate. Okay server costs might have gone down, but other costs might have raised through time (salary of the ones maintenancing the servers and the developers).

I personally still don't see the need of a subscription PLUS itemmall PLUS paid expansions as an option...



...then again, I am Dutch :D

Thu Feb 11 2010 4:31PM Report
Amathe writes:

I guess the value is a function of whose $15 it is. I can spend $15 in a few minutes and not have a thing to show for it. So to me it looks like a bargain. My wife, on the other hand, could find a way to buy ocean front property for $15, so to her it's way too much.

Thu Feb 11 2010 4:48PM Report
PhelimReagh writes:

I think the Hollywood-style one price fits all is just plain stupid.


There are loads of games with lacklustre subscriber numbers that folks would pick up if they were $5-10/month. Value to the consumer is clearly illustrated by the low numbers of subscribers to pretty much every non-WoW MMO out there.


WoW, with it's tremendous subscriber base, would raise subscription prices if they thought that they could get away with it. That they don't should be a sign that $15 is the cieling average folks are willing to pay per month.


If you're not the top-dog, consider variations in pricing. MMOs are not the same as a motion picture, so why follow the same pricing philosophy?

Thu Feb 11 2010 4:52PM Report
Hedeon writes:

Im with Eric on this Id much rather have a higher rate/month and let there be some in game event to do the things that they make ppl pay for in mini transactions.

to me it ruins the virtual world when you got some item mall that with no effort turns you into superman.....or well cuts off your beneiths.

now I still dont believe 15$/month is a low price but am an MMO "addict" 200k x 15$ = 300k $ every month.....200k being a fairly succesful MMO, 300k may not sound like alot to some ppl. but put on top of the initial game and expansion runs up fast.

in the end Id much rather pay 18...20$ than to see artificial changes in the artificial world. just makes it more artificial. which to me ruin the fun some....extra content SHOULD be quest/event releated....not the easy show my your VISA number, that takes no time to implement once the shop is in place

Thu Feb 11 2010 6:00PM Report
udon writes:

It’s easy to say that costs to developers are higher than 10 years ago but are they really?

Money is fairly cheap to borrow if you can get it at all.
Internet Bandwidth is much cheaper than it was 10 years ago
Server cost have not changed a lot but performance has increased significantly.
Storage costs are a lot cheaper than they were 10 years ago
IT labor has been pretty static the last 10 years. After the dot com bust IT salaries took a nose dive that in some areas still hasn’t completely recovered.

Thu Feb 11 2010 6:03PM Report
Mandalore writes:

In the last 10 years the costs for servers and especialy for bandwith become cheaper and cheaper. So its ok that the cost did not raise.

And i have no problem to pay 15 bucks (or 12-13 `€ for me), but then i dont want any sort of item shop. It is ok when the charge transfers and name changes, but no item (any kind) for extra money.

Cryptic is the worst case - the deliver a extreme instanced multiplayer game, but they want the money of a AAA+ MMO. STO and CO both use a similar server model like Guild Wars, but they dont use the same payment model.


Thu Feb 11 2010 6:45PM Report
ishist writes:

EQ was $9.89 per month at release. I remember because 989 Studios (part of SCEA) was one of the developers at that time. It has since been renamed 989 Sports. Their Logo showed up as an intro splash screen every time I loaded up EQ.

Thu Feb 11 2010 7:08PM Report
ishist writes:

Alot of us would rather pay a higher sub rate to enhance our game. but Item Shops are easier for Devs to get people to swallow. It might make alot of people happy to charge $19.99/month for a new game and refuse to have an item shop but a vast number of people would refuse to buy it due to the "outrageous"  sub price.

Thu Feb 11 2010 7:14PM Report
taliesan writes:


The other issue with raising the $15 price tag is that, $15 dollars for gamers of an age that work for their fun money can afford an increase. A rise in sub fees could see many of the younger gamers, those that rely on mum and dads generosity, possible leave the game, as their parents would wonder what the child is getting for their $20 plus hit on their credit card each month.


Now being an older gamer, and seeing so many of these juveniles logging into new games and comparing them to a certain successful product, might not flood the chats with their bleating and just stick to the one game they are used to and can afford.



Thu Feb 11 2010 7:30PM Report
erictlewis writes:

Rofl 24.95 a month for a sub, there is no game out there worth that lol.  


Thu Feb 11 2010 7:48PM Report
Agart writes:

I would pay more than 15$, but the quality of the game should be worth the cost. I don't see any game worth more than that right now. Give me a quality game that i'll want to stick with for more than 2 months and i'll be glad to pay more since i won't have to buy all the new boring MMO's until i find the right one.

Thu Feb 11 2010 8:14PM Report
Strap writes:

In 2009 I was spending quite a bit of money on subscription MMOs... trying to find one that engaged me. Oddly enough it is an in beta F2P game called Earth Eternal that has grabbed my attention.

I'm honestly prepared to pay up to $50 or $60 a month, but I haven't been able to find a game that warrants even $15 a month, compared what I am playing that is free. Let alone the box cost too.

The thing that gets me is that the gameplay is so similar. I am enjoying character progression and cutomization, questing and collecting armour sets, a decent community and a little bit of grouping for PvE. All for free. The quest writing in EE is just as good as that in games such as Vanguard or WoW or EVE. The community is actually a lot better.

So, my reaction is not to be surprised that the subscription cost has stayed static, and think "ooh, how amazingly cheap is this!" but amazement at how much money I wasted on subscription based MMOs, and to be frank, that the subscription based model isn't in a faster decline than it is.

F2P gives you more control over what you get for your money, IF you spend any. I like that, and one of the reasons for the success of DDO I suspect. In LOTRO for example, I ended up paying the devs to expand the game in directions I hated.

I'm looking forward to SW:TOR and extremely curious about the payment model and just how different it will be to the typical MMO gameplay. It can be different just because the IP stands out so strongly for me, but I hope it will be different in the story telling aspect too.


Thu Feb 11 2010 8:42PM Report
Dwarvish writes:

 I play a given game for one reason....that I enjoy it!!!  People who refuse to play a ptp ot ftp simply based on the business model are going to miss alot in life.  The attitude tends to be a rl one as well.

 Item malls are all lumped together but can be very different. The ones that require purchases to play are understandable less popular even though they are still cheaper than a $15/month fee. Other shops have things that would be neat to have or are just  cosmetic items and  not needed.

A decent game can be played for a long time. People play WOW for years. The same is true for LOTR, Eve and tho numbers are down, Guild Wars. There is no unsubsidised hobby that offers the bargan that a decent game does.

 The constant cpmplaint that 'they' don't care about anything but $$$ is just BS!!!  Its a huge gamble to produce a game as the number of studios going out of biz demonstates. They, and we as a group also work because we get paid. Do a better job and you get paid more or move to a place you will.  There are good years and one that just rot...its life.

 One thing that seems to escape consideration in the cost arguments is the price of actually developing a game.

Anyone who thinks its a no-brainer to become rich in the world of producing games should be investing every cent they can spare with a group that gambles... on the future of game (whoever).  If you don't think thats a good idea, don't have the nerve (Investment groups come in all sizes if you don't have much to start with) ..well, theres a good reason for the  $$$ rewards, if any, that come the way of folks who took that chance and made possible the next great game you play .



Thu Feb 11 2010 9:06PM Report
saker writes:

The old (ancient) model of a "box on a shelf" + monthly subscription is not long for the world, I think that's pretty clear. Some kind of micro-transaction model looks like it'll be the future. Won't be remotely surprised if some kind of streaming takes the place of having a box/dvd or initial download.

Thu Feb 11 2010 10:25PM Report
InvaderGUI writes:

Um, I remember paying only like $10 a month when I first played EQ1 when Kunark came out. I dont think they raised the sub till after SoV or Luclin came out.

Thu Feb 11 2010 11:52PM Report
Nesrie writes:

In what world is 15 bucks a month free?  If you are paying 15 bucks a month for something, that content being released isn't free content... it's being paid for and earning your subscroption. DLC is just a money grab and expansion packs need substantial content to be worth their cost because like i said... YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING FOR IT.

Fri Feb 12 2010 1:57AM Report
Silver_Leaf writes:

man I hate whiners.

I see 2 points to this problem

15 bucks is nothing to someone who can pay. Who has a job or whatever. However, if you are the typical schoolkid it IS a problem. Though my parents may suck in their own way, at least they don't deprive me of my subscription. However many kids have to pay the subs out of their own allowance, which can be (in singapore) anywhere between 2-5 bucks (ok and the fat kid with 10) a day that factors in everything (food+outings+wadever) most probably including comp. upgrades. Well thats in sg $$ so I'm no expert on rates but its bout 20 sg $$ per month to play WoW. No big deal, about 6 'macs.

And I'm not going to get started on economics, but a common critique of the big mac index is that while 'macs are common in the states and in most western 1st world countries, in many 3rd world and developing countries a big mac is considered a great priveledge, something reserved for birthdays and christmas.

So we'll use malaysia as an example, a mac costs (I love crossing border on eating sprees RM4 (bout 1.50 US$). However, though common, it is considered by many a luxury there. YET, I don't hear them complaining. So if you can pay for something important to you, just quit the whining and play the game.

The problem isn't with cost. Even if its $50 a month I'll still pay, most of us who can, will pay. The problem is if we can pay, or cannot pay at all.

The amount isn't the problem. Even if you lower it to $2 a month, those that can't pay currently will still not be able to pay. Well maybe some of those kids will be able to, but no credit card, too bad.

But they will pay with their allowance? Can't if their parents don't let them use their credit card.


Its not the amount, its the means to pay.

Fri Feb 12 2010 5:10AM Report
Evasia writes:

Op are you payed by game industry, to come up with this?

Very suspicious saying whe dont have to complain your theory is in so many ways wrong.

With state most mmo's are in it should be even cheaper a month.

PLus as already some mention you do not pay only for sub you also need to keep your pc up to date pay your internet connection and all other cost you have.

PLus running a server cost avarage less then 10years ago.

And look it at other perspective with billions blizzard make they should drop price per month to 9.99$ .

If they release crap and dont get enough subs well its there own fault its still 15, dont try get more money from customers, try instead release a quality game i say.

Fri Feb 12 2010 5:38AM Report
Jairoe03 writes:

 I think many people forget one major point. Companies generally have a need to also turn a profit. Your subscription costs aren't just going into the maintenance of servers and the influx of new content, update patches to balance the game and everything just about you because half of the player base believes that the world should revolve around themselves. The subscription model has to include profit as well for the company because they exist to make money after all. 

Fri Feb 12 2010 5:45AM Report
Gralyndr writes:

15 bucks, of r me at least, has been a norm for a good span of time.  Using the invested time model on a MMO is rather a pathetic way to compare them to console system.  The new model, F2P, is a new model to break the $15 a month norm and one more way to get past the "WoW clone" bat too many players carry around lately.   As a society, we want everything for next to nothing.  We instill that in our kids as well.  So seeing this new games come out for 50-60 bucks we go crazy.  Time invested?  Who in there right minds plays an MMO to burn it out in one month?  I'm not saying it's impossible but who really does it then stops playing.  Most players who pay for a game that don't like it will stop playing almost immediately not even finishing that initial first month.  If I'm not mistaken, every new title coming out has the first month as free making the initial investment time model a moot point. 

Biggest point to be made, why worry about it?  I'll bet you hands down that if devs raised the price players would still pay.  Same old complaining but they still pay monthly subs to play the games.  If that crowd doesn't, the next player will.  You can never make every single person happy, it's impossible.  Now we're rolling into a console generation that trys to burn a game out in some fabricated time line to say they did it, dump it, and find the next game.  Costs there will double if not triple do to the initial purchases. 

*drops two cents on table* 

Fri Feb 12 2010 6:30AM Report
phlay writes:

if the development of the MMO is captured in the box cost at the store, the sub cost should be able to trend along with internet prices in general.

dialup when first released, 19.95 - 29.95 or up for 'premium' services.  broadband arrives and drives the prices of dialup down. competing broadband services emerge and begin to drive the general price down of broadband ( cable competes with dsl, etc ).

the infrastructure to play a game is being improved and the price to use reduced as more and more consumers begin to use it.



Fri Feb 12 2010 6:50AM Report
alkarionlog writes:

you guys forget just one thing, world who don't work to get dollars, some get yens other euros and so on, one motive to wow keep the 15$ a month is first is a good enough price  A MONTH you pay like several people said the maintenance cost is a lot lower it was, alos computer parts today are a lot more cheaper then it was, before I would need to have 1,5K(currency) at least to build a computer now with 800-900 I can make one (both as average grade for the time).

and I will use me as example I pay aion to play simple because I wanted a pvp game I don't need to pay to win in the cash shops, what is 15 for you guys who life on US is 25 here where I live, and I take the 2 months at time because its more cheap for me that way over the time.

to put my point in a clear way (or at least try it :P), anything more then it they will lose people, if they only close they market on one single country but call himself international or global will lose subs, the market do what the consumer want, if consumers want to pay more they will raise the price and everyone will have to pay, but if they raise they price and no one pay anymore and leave they will have to turn the old price back or close servers, we can control what the devs can do to get money and a lot of games out there don't worth even 10$ a month but some people since are willing to toss his wallet on the other people saying "I CAN PAY you don't" will not help us get a better quality I even fear the quality in games will even get worse, its like that paid DLCs, myself I don't pay for then will not pay for then, if I pay for then will be after some time when they put the expansion pack with all the DLCs in the same price as the new game, only reason dev and publishers try to squeeze more money is because people are paying for it.

a side note, the price to maintain a server up is almost the same, if any server on they side can hold 5k people each jsut to the math how much they get with each server

Fri Feb 12 2010 6:58AM Report
Parmele writes:

I think the OP is spot on.

Don't tell Blizzard or Turbine, but I would pay $50/mo. to play WoW or LOTRO. And I'd still be ripping them off!

Fri Feb 12 2010 8:11AM Report
mCalvert writes:

$15 being too much or too little is relative. The only thing that matters is whether the company is making profit at that prices. If their costs are $17 a month per player, then $15 isnt enough. If its $5 a month, then depending on value its great, or just right. What I really hate is charging for the client, and expansions. $15 a month should cover everything as it does with EVE.

Fri Feb 12 2010 8:47AM Report
Bael13 writes:

Typical American.

With the Economy as it is and not everyone is in the USA, so not everyone PAYS $15 bucks more like $20-$25 bucks.



Fri Feb 12 2010 8:55AM Report
bstripp writes:

Inflation from 2000-2010 has been mostly flat, averaging around 2% per year, which leads to about $18/month.  Household income has not kept pace in that time which directly impacts what people are going to spend.

However, while you mention it, you don't take into account what was the major cost of a MMO early on in the decade, bandwidth.

In 2000, I was paying close to $1200 a month for a T-1 whereas today I am only paying $300/month.  That's a four fold reduction of one of your primary expenses.  Server hosting has done a similar turnabout with hardware and hosting becoming significantly cheaper.

So there is little justification based on inflation to support additional fees in a game.  If their salaries have gone enough that it has eaten away their savings from hosting and bandwidth, then they are not mimicing what has happened across the country.

Sure, $15/month is good value... if you are getting the equivalent of a single player game every three months.  If you don't, then the equation falls shy as you should just purchase some games that you can LAN/WAN with friends. 

Fri Feb 12 2010 9:32AM Report
battleaxe writes:

EQ started at $9.89 per month because 989 studios created the game.  It slowly moved up from there to compete with others.

Fri Feb 12 2010 11:42AM Report
mindmeld writes:

cash shops is the new norm its starting slowly but will increase in regular mmo games

Also a lot of mmorpg games is charging you for changing name, server  etc why? its not because its hard work implement it,

Fri Feb 12 2010 12:10PM Report
UnsungToo writes:

I am not doing subscription based games. If you want me to buy and play your game, lose the subs business model.


Fri Feb 12 2010 12:45PM Report
wcoq458 writes:

 amen UnsungToo. I hat subscriptions.


Have clear, skin once again WITHOUT the subscription. One-time treatment.

Mon Feb 15 2010 10:47AM Report
Gikku writes:

We can only hope it will stay at $15 with the cost of things these days.

Mon Feb 15 2010 11:58AM Report writes:
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