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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Story of the Day 1/27/2014 - The Repopulation's Alpha Impresses

Posted by BillMurphy Monday January 27 2014 at 8:13PM
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I’m going to go back to Saturday to shine the light on Josh Halls’ and AB Tech’s The Repopulation. This weekend the team released a new alpha gameplay trailer that really finally got me amped to dive into the sandbox they’re creating.

There was a lot that happened at the end of this week, what with Vanguard, Clone Wars, Free Realms, and Wizardry all shuttering this year and Smedley teasing SWG vets that their next unannounced game would please them very, very much. But this trailer from The Repopulation is what stoked me the most from games that tend to be “under the radar” with the general public.

I’ll admit, despite growing support for the game here at, I’ve not been paying it all that much attention as “a gamer”. Now? After hearing more about its goals for PVE as well as its already burgeoning PVP plans, and seeing how polished and fluid combat’s beginning to look… I’m finding it hard to resist offering my own pledge to the Kickstarter. 

I’m also reminded of Carolyn Koh’s preview from late last year (PAX Prime). It seems in a few short months, the game’s really come a long way. But what stuck out to me most were the little things: like no fast travel, and reliance on crafted everything. From the article:

The siege process will take about three days and the defending city gets to set the time windows. A two hour combat window is set for two days during which time the assaulting teams can set up siege camps and make preparations as well as test the cities defenses. The city at this time also gets to set up defense towers. During this time, the camps can also be attacked. On the third day, a four hour combat window opens up for the siege and attempted takeover. These sieges are not lightly undertaken as a lot of resources will be used. An energy shield is set up and the Offense has to take the shield down first before they can invade and get to the player combat. A city can be built also, in such a way to prevent Mechs from entering. Low doorways and narrow streets will certainly hamper them.

Travel in Repopulation doesn't have any of that fast-travel teleporting. It is either hoof it, ride player created vehicles, or use the rail system between major hubs. In time, player cities will be able to tie into these hubs.

Have you been following the Repopulation?  What are your thoughts on AB Tech’s sandbox hopes and dreams?

Lanfea writes:

the short version: IF they (ab tech) can deliver what they are promising mr smedley don't need to develop a successor soe just need to buy ab tech.


the concept behind the repopulation is great and it would take too long to point out all the good ideas they have. it seams that they found the right formular for a thrilling unpredictable pve experience, long term solo and group goals, meaningful crafting and teambased pvp. all of it with enough freedom for the players in their decision what they can do, when they are going online. the repopulation does indeed - at least on paper - fullfill all the cornerstones a sucessful sandbox game need to have: emergent gameplay, playerbased economy and social created content. that said the concept isn't that of a hardcore sandbox and should be attractive enough for casual mmog gamers who want more than simple, boring and linear quest and gear grinding.


for the moment all i see are promises, but if they can deliver their concept with solid programming and an engine that can handle a huge amount of players in one place, it will be a slap in the face of all those big companies and their lead designers who told us that f.e. "player housing is very complicated and the development of this feature isn't within our (250 million) budget". of all indi mmogs coming to us in  the next years the repopulation seams to be the closest to a release and then we will see what we get.

Tue Jan 28 2014 4:16AM Report
CrazKanuk writes: If any game is going to prove once and for all that people want sandbox games, this should do it. I mean there isn't another title I can think of, sandbox or themepark, that promises as much as Repop does.  Tue Jan 28 2014 7:42AM Report
Dreamo84 writes: Never been a question of whether or not people wanted a sanbox game. It's a question of how many people want a sandbox game. I do think Minecraft proves there is a market for sandbox style gameplay and I don't see why an MMO sandbox couldn't see similar success. Tue Jan 28 2014 11:22AM Report
Ziegler writes: It's a very good idea to keep a close eye on this one. Cant wait til beta. Tue Jan 28 2014 12:12PM Report
Wizardry writes:

Only two things mentioned ...Siege ,i don't liek any pvp in mmorpg's always crying and changes made for balancing issues,also pvp is never done well in rpg's.

I do like the travel idea,i like the idea of having to learn your surroundings and move about in a realistic fashion.

Am i following the game?No

Why? To be honest,i have almost no confidence that they can deliver the quality i want .That does not mean they can't and if somehow they can convince me to at least try the game and it delivers then kudos to them.


Tue Jan 28 2014 3:48PM Report writes:
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