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Community Spotlight: What Commonly Accepted MMO Concepts Bug You?

Posted by MikeB Sunday January 20 2013 at 2:28PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "What Commonly Accepted MMO Concepts Bug You?" by allendale5.

For some time now, there have been general concepts that we as the masses of players have accepted without much thought.  And while it is completely necessary to suspend disbelief to a degree in order to play in our little fantasy worlds, there still are a some quite nagging parts of the games that just, frankly, don't jive.  

I'll start this list of my personal pet peeves, but I ask all of you in the MMO community to please add your own.  This is not a bashing session of particular games, but rather an opportunity to voice our opinions to each other and to the developers in hopes of eliciting future improvements.

1) NPC's that stand in the same spot for all of eternity

2) Mobs that are so crowded together that it loses all semblance of reality - even that of the theme-parked suspended disbelief realty.

3) Zones that cannot be traversed without weaving through mindless mobs 

4) Quest objectives that are right next to the quest giver.  For the love of God, he could do it himself.

5) Class specific weapons and gear.  As if a human mage could not pick up a sword if she had to.

Read on for the community's thoughts!

Raiding and soloing top Kyleran's list:

That raiding is the "end game" for MMORPG's

That there even is a concept such as end game.

That MMO's should be mostly soloable because socialiazation takes too much time and not worth the time

Jemcrystal isn't a fan of spawning:

Spawning.  Very unrealistic.  I think we should have mobs that have to mate and breed in dens players cannot infiltrate; farms to raise them and reintroduce them if they've been killed off.  Obviously I don't like quests that say kill 10 bunnies.  Skinning is fine but mobs dropping armor and coins is ridiculous.  Where was that bunny hiding that chain mail?  Chests in caves, at the end of instances, in random places, buried underground (for game that digs things up from underground see Mabinogi) sounds good to get items and coins instead of dropping off mobs.  Make sure their are plenty.  Quests that solve mysteries simple, moderate, and complex instead of go here deliver this pie to npc Johnny.

Player characters need yet ever more real animations.  Being able to sit in a chair (WoW) or lay on a bed (Runes of Magic) is not enough.  

Game makers need to build their games on low end PC's or create a game station in the shape of a computer that they sell with their game.  No one should be left out of gaming because they did not have enough money to buy the best and latest hardware.  

AlBQuirky offers an exhaustive list of his own:

01) Cash Shops. Nothing brings me back into the real world like a cash shop.

02) A group of monsters standing around. One gets shot at. Only that ONE comes after the attacker.

03) Tanks that "taunt" monsters into attacking them when they don't even speak the same language.

04) Dragons that lower themselves into being a mount for some tiny player character they could eat whole in one bite.

05) As some have mentioned before, animals that drop gear. A coin or two I can see them swallowing, but plate mail and greatswords?

06) Monsters that use weapons and armor that you do not get to loot when they die. They just... vanish...

07) Crafting systems where you cannot break down items, especially those you have crafted, into raw materials.

08) Action combat. Everyone's a black belt in jujitsu, it seems. Or highly acrobatic in their armor.

09) Being able to run, full speed, for endless hours in full gear with multiple backpacks loaded with kilotons worth of loot.

10) Sneaking in full sunlight with no cover or shadows nearby.

11) Time does not matter. You get a quest to save someone's kidnapped daughter. Three weeks later you decide to clear the quest and go save her. There she is, all fine and dandy. Monsters are the same in an area day or night.

12) Seasons don't happen. You can harvest food anytime of the year. Zones don't change with the seasons.

13) Instanced dungeons.

I better stop. I could go on :)

Archaic antisocial mechanics such as having to be concerned about others stealing your quest NPCs, resource nodes, and the like. MMOs are all about being social. I shouldn't be worried that a new player in my quest area is going to make it harder for me to complete a quest. Instead, the game should emphasize cooperation amongst other players. Guild Wars 2 took the right approach in this regard and I'd like to see other MMOs follow suit.