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Diablo III on Consoles

Posted by MikeB Tuesday January 10 2012 at 7:39PM
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Stay awhile and listen...

We learned today that Diablo III would be coming to consoles. This wasn't a huge surprise for some, given that a rumored Diablo III console release has been circulating for some time now. Heck, Blizzard was pretty candid about their Diablo console plans going all the way back to last November, but it seems like no one wanted to believe them.

Blizzard community manager Micah "Bashiok" Whiple confirmed the long-running rumors today in response to a fan wondering about the game's console fate. Whiple simply responded, "Yup. Josh Mosqueira is lead designer for the Diablo console project."

Well, guess that's it then! We still don't know what consoles the game will appear on or even when they would appear, but the news has still sparked tons of chatter on the interwebs.

Personally, I don't think it's a big deal. Blizzard actually has a pretty decent track record of translating their games to consoles, going all the way back to Starcraft 64, which was received surprisingly well. This is especially noteworthy since RTS games don't have much of a postiive history on consoles, period. Of course, no one will ever forget the vaporware that was StarCraft: Ghost, but that was an entirely new game.

Adequately delivering a game like Diablo III to consoles seems a lot more plausible than if Blizzard were to attempt to bring StarCraft II over, despite their relative success with StarCraft 64. The main differences in terms of gameplay would be in the control scheme, but given the number of hack-and-slashers you can already play on consoles it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. What I'm more interested in seeing is how Blizzard integrates with the console experience or even the controversial RMT auction house the game will feature.

What are your thoughts on Diablo III for consoles? Share 'em in the comments below!

Nikecow writes:

Well, I dont really mind it since they stated at Blizzcon that they will not compromise on the quality on both of the versions. In turn this will make Blizzard more popular. I just hope that they will not give in to the inevitable "casual whine" from the console gamers, which will make the game way too easy.

Tue Jan 10 2012 7:50PM Report
Mephster writes:

I'll be playing it on the pc until the console release. I think it is a great idea. 

Tue Jan 10 2012 7:53PM Report
mastaD writes:

lol blizzard as been giving in to the Casual PC gamer on WoW for the past 5years now... of course they will make sure the game attract and is easy enough to all audience

Wed Jan 11 2012 2:52AM Report
Sprintfox writes:

Let's hope they don't adapt the game mainly for console gamers, containing that adaption also for PC.

Because: Then it will be a real "Done on PC, adapted for console, ported to PC"-Bullshit.

Wed Jan 11 2012 4:08AM Report
Hexipox writes: no you did not. You assumed today .. you didnt learn jack.. "Bashiok's response on Twitter was intended as a confirmation that we're actively exploring the possibility of developing a console version of Diablo III, as we've mentioned in the past. This is not a confirmation that Diablo III is coming to any console platform. Our focus right now is on finishing the PC/Mac version of Diablo III and making sure it's a worthwhile successor to the Diablo series." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wed Jan 11 2012 6:33AM Report
Hexipox writes: Really bad you didnt see the disclaimer .. good work mmorpg :) Wed Jan 11 2012 6:34AM Report
Hexipox writes: here is a Link to bashiok's own disclaimer ..!/Bashiok/status/156876497930563586 Wed Jan 11 2012 6:38AM Report
fenistil writes:

I am not against D3 on consoles. Because of two things. One is cause it seem to be PC to console port not other way around. But this was a reason when I still considered buying D3.


Now I don't care cause I am NOT buying Diablo 3. This decision has nothing to do with console version.

It is because I don't like streamlined mechanics, art-style of game (late armor look like asian-anime style from Mu Online) and I really really don't like RMAH idea spreading around ,so I will not support it with my wallet by buying Diablo 3.

Wed Jan 11 2012 6:52AM Report
WhySoShort writes:

I wonder if the console version includes Blizzard's latest hairbrained scheme of making everyone play online no matter how unnecessary it is. 

Wed Jan 11 2012 7:13AM Report
adam_nox writes:

I bet not.  Consoles don't have the same piracy issues, and they are prob scared they will scare off console buyers with online requirements.  So psyched. 

I still lol about people and the RMA thing.  It was going to happen on ebay anyways. 

Wed Jan 11 2012 2:18PM Report
Isturi writes:

This mean that WOW will go console now? lol

Wed Jan 11 2012 3:15PM Report
Zefire writes:

some games are just dont meant for consoles.

Although people still pushing things the wrong way.

Wed Jan 11 2012 6:28PM Report
troublmaker writes:

Gaming developers cannot afford to make PC exclusive games anymore.  Crysis 2 is the most pirated game ever costing Crytek in the upwards of $1B in sales.  There is no amount of online networking you can do that will make a game pirate free, especially one that is notoriously well known for its single player.

As well "quality" is not something Diablo games are especially known for.  They are simple isometric top down games that will require very low computer standards.

Wed Jan 11 2012 9:04PM Report writes:
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