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Grinding My Gears - NGE

Posted by Stradden_bak Wednesday January 12 2011 at 9:59AM
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I didn’t want to get into the habit of using my blog to post rant-like entries, but I find myself once again feeling the need to put fingers to keys and talk about something that’s, to steal directly from Family Guy, Grinding My Gears.

This week, I want to talk about something I can’t even believe I’m still talking about six freaking years later. The New Game Experience added without player consultation or warning to Star Wars Galaxies.

Now, let me start by saying that I think making a sweeping change to your game suddenly is bad. I think it’s a thousand times worse when players are left in the dust feeling as though they’ve had something snatched away from them because they weren’t consulted or given proper warning. I think it’s a mistake of epic proportions that should never, ever, be repeated in the industry.

Still, that hasn’t stopped the events of over five years ago from coming to the forefront yet again in numerous attacks against Sony Online Entertainment’s newest title, DC Universe Online.

I’ve read comments from people trashing the game and then saying that they won’t touch another SOE game after the “travesty” of the NGE. I’ve read about how people will “never forget” the NGE, and I’ve read the comments from people who feel that SOE should be disbanded as a company for their heinous crime... five years ago.

I’m going to say some things now. These are things that have been eating away at me for ages so I’m just going to say them:

  • It was five years ago, SOE is a completely different looking company now, with new people and new faces and new input in the decision making process.
  • John Smedley, SOE’s CEO, has apologized for the mistake and has stated publicly that it wouldn’t happen again.
  • Continuing, after five years, to spam every thread related to an SOE game with NGE hate isn’t productive, and it isn’t “helping” anyone. Anyone who knows about the NGE, already knows about it and probably thinks it was stupid and anyone who doesn’t know, doesn’t care about a single incident that happened five years ago and has been apologized for.

Please keep in mind that I’m not suggesting that DCUO should be free from criticism. it shouldn’t. While I actually like the game, there are plenty of areas for folks who want to complain to have legitimate complaints about it. The combat system is different, the UI has a trimmed down for console feel to it, the quests (if broken down only into their mechanics) can be repetitive, and more.

So, like I said, telling people that you don’t like DCUO because of that thing that SOE did half a decade ago just doesn’t make any sense. f you want to be angry about it, that’s entirely your call, but honestly, and I speak for a large number of others who read this site: I don’t want to hear about it anymore. Let it go, at least publicly.