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Grinding My Gears - DCUO

Posted by Stradden_bak Wednesday January 5 2011 at 11:29AM
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Ya know what’s been grinding my gears lately? People who have been complaining that DC Universe Online doesn’t conform to what an MMORPG should be. Folks, come on: it’s massive, it’s multiplayer, it’s online and while it’s not a traditional RPG in terms of its combat system, it certainly is an RPG in terms of character and advancement.

I mean fine, if you’re an old school purist who doesn’t like anything that isn’t a wide open sandbox, then sure, slag on the game cause it’s not for you. But for those people out there who play other modern MMOs, but have decided for some reason to attack DCUO, I just don’t get it.

I was actually impressed with DCUO in its open-world MMORPG feel. Instead of shuffling players from instance to instance with some shallow semblance of a social hub, a large number of quests take place in the open world, alongside other heroes and villains.

The abilities that players have to choose from are relatively diverse for a new MMORPG. Sure, it doesn’t boast the most expansive ability trees, but there’s some choice there.

The biggest argument that I’ve heard as to why DCUO “isn’t an MMO” is because players’ hotbars only allow for six slotted abilities at any given time rather than the traditional metric crap-ton of abilities that players have available to them in most MMOs.

This bothers me. Not so much because it’s a style that some people don’t like. I completely understand it being a taste thing. What bothers me is that so many people are quick to point to this as a major flaw in the game, a way that it was “dumbed down” for consoles and a reason that DCUO isn’t really an MMO.

Here’s the thing folks: Like it or not, this is innovation, something that our industry desperately needs if it wants to stay relevant on the video game scene and that  MMORPG players have been screaming and yelling for for years.

I guess what i’m trying to say here is that you don’t get to call DCUO “not an MMO” and then turn around and complain that the current batch of MMOs are painfully cookie-cutter and all Wow clones. you may not like it, but DCUO is taking an innovative approach to MMO design and whether or not you approve of the direction, you should probably give some kind of respect to the fact that they’re doing it.