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Grinding My Gears - DCUO

Posted by Stradden_bak Wednesday January 5 2011 at 10:29AM
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Ya know what’s been grinding my gears lately? People who have been complaining that DC Universe Online doesn’t conform to what an MMORPG should be. Folks, come on: it’s massive, it’s multiplayer, it’s online and while it’s not a traditional RPG in terms of its combat system, it certainly is an RPG in terms of character and advancement.

I mean fine, if you’re an old school purist who doesn’t like anything that isn’t a wide open sandbox, then sure, slag on the game cause it’s not for you. But for those people out there who play other modern MMOs, but have decided for some reason to attack DCUO, I just don’t get it.

I was actually impressed with DCUO in its open-world MMORPG feel. Instead of shuffling players from instance to instance with some shallow semblance of a social hub, a large number of quests take place in the open world, alongside other heroes and villains.

The abilities that players have to choose from are relatively diverse for a new MMORPG. Sure, it doesn’t boast the most expansive ability trees, but there’s some choice there.

The biggest argument that I’ve heard as to why DCUO “isn’t an MMO” is because players’ hotbars only allow for six slotted abilities at any given time rather than the traditional metric crap-ton of abilities that players have available to them in most MMOs.

This bothers me. Not so much because it’s a style that some people don’t like. I completely understand it being a taste thing. What bothers me is that so many people are quick to point to this as a major flaw in the game, a way that it was “dumbed down” for consoles and a reason that DCUO isn’t really an MMO.

Here’s the thing folks: Like it or not, this is innovation, something that our industry desperately needs if it wants to stay relevant on the video game scene and that  MMORPG players have been screaming and yelling for for years.

I guess what i’m trying to say here is that you don’t get to call DCUO “not an MMO” and then turn around and complain that the current batch of MMOs are painfully cookie-cutter and all Wow clones. you may not like it, but DCUO is taking an innovative approach to MMO design and whether or not you approve of the direction, you should probably give some kind of respect to the fact that they’re doing it.

kirak2009 writes:

i agree,  looking forward to the change  had to restrict my beta time  so i didn't ruin the experience when it goes live.

Not your daddy's MMO  for sure  but something  nice  for a change  of pace,  and I am looking  forward  to getting in on the ground floor,  and seeing how it develops

Wed Jan 05 2011 10:49AM Report
Eladi writes:

Its a MMO.. Just not a MMO-RPG ,Its a MMO-Action game.

The Wold is decent enoug, the combat system fairly "new" and fun. but it lacks in about every other gamemechanic or even lacks what people have come to expect from a MMO. 

In contrast to what you say the game is heavely instanced, it does have a open world granted, as open as Cox or Co and just like those two games a mayor part is done in instances. more importandly the entire endgame is one big que and instance game play.  (exsept pvp server pvp)

Anyway, people still mistake MMO-RP-G  whit the current type of MMO-G's in this case a MMOAG (action).

would be nice if the industie finaly would come up whit thier own names for diferent type of mmo's  tho i suspect that might take a while longer as it could hurt the sales, plenty of rpg players would not buy a game that is defined to be a mmp-action game. or a mm-(t)fps, They might buy mmo-sims tho.. blabla rant on...

Wed Jan 05 2011 10:50AM Report
mCalvert writes:

Well said Eladi. Its not a MMORPG. Its a console based MMO. Thats our problem with it.

Wed Jan 05 2011 10:58AM Report
Elikal writes:

It's a console action game with online function. Don't say this is bad, it just isn't a MMORPG.

Wed Jan 05 2011 11:15AM Report
Azrak writes:

"Well said Eladi. Its not a MMORPG. Its a console based MMO. Thats our problem with it."

So? It's a lot of fun, it's got other players in it, it has PvP for those who like it...why bash on it?

Wed Jan 05 2011 11:19AM Report
MMOrUS writes:

I totally agree with the OP, so many are quick to compile a list of "Flaws" yet are just as quick to bemoan the state of MMO's today, do these ppl actually think before they post thier valuable opinions.

Wed Jan 05 2011 11:22AM Report
Robsolf writes:

Speaking from my few hours experience with the game... the game lacks most of the things that keep me playing, and paying 15 bucks a month for an MMO.  It lacks a meaningful world.  That is, a world that isn't just a map where X-level bad guys are in this zone, Y-level guys are in this one, etc.  Gotham, for example, was basically buildings and bad guys, with occasional victims to click on to update you quest; that doesn't make for a city.

It lacks meaningful crafting.  It, really... lacks downtime activities altogether.  Loot doesn't feel valuable, effective, or meaningful in any way.

Maybe there's something I'm unaware of once you hit level 20-ish that opens the game up and connects you to the character and the world.  But I haven't seen it, and I've yet to see anyone make the case for it.  The only defense I've seen is what the OP says... "it is what it is; what's wrong with that?"  The answer is, get rid of the monthly sub, and I'll gladly say, "nothing". 

Combat-wise, its visceral, action oriented feel works well enough, more superhero-ish than CoX, and just flat out better in every aspect than CO. 

But at the end of the day, that's just not enough to pay a monthly sub for.  And I think, about 3 months after launch, we'll see I'm not the only one that feels that way.  I just already know it isn't enough for me.

Wed Jan 05 2011 11:28AM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

Actually I'm with Stradden. You level up, you take on the role of another character (People forget what the 'role playing' part in RPG means), you gain new skills, equipment, etc all like any other RPG. The only difference is what, it's not turn-based and has a faster, more action-oriented system? How does that suddenly not make it an RPG? I've never once ANYWHERE saw that in order for something to be an RPG, it had to have a specific system akin to either WoW of Final Fantasy console games. Is that really the only way for something to qualify as an RPG? And then you guys have the nerve to complain that everything is the same?

Never played DCUO, don't intend to ever play it; I've made my thoughts on the DC universe clear in previous posts. But I still support the game for trying something different, and I still think it qualifies as an MMORPG just fine. Nothing says an RPG can't have 'action' elements and if you really feel that way, I recommend you guys pick up Secret of Mana or Sieken Densetsu 3 and tell me those aren't RPGs. Until then give the trolling a bit of a rest.

Wed Jan 05 2011 11:28AM Report
Yamota writes:

I am not sure I get what is supposed to be innovative. Limiting you to six power/skill slots is innovative?

That does not sound like innovation to me, more like a limitation. But I agree, number of slots is for sure not what defines an MMORPG, as it is more like a game feature than anything else.

I have not played the game, yet, but the questions to be answered for me is:

Does it have a (mostly) non-instanced persistant world which atleast 1000 players can simultaneously interact with?

That would be enough, for me, to qualify it as an MMORPG.

However for it to be a more advanced  MMORPG I would ask the questions:

Is there anything in this persistant world, beside your character, that you can interact with and change so that it is visible by others? This could be anything from building a house to affect mob spawns.

I feel the devs should focus more on these MMORPG unique features instead of trying to force in more and more single player features which in the end will make the game less MMORPG and more single player, such as single player storylines that has no bearing what so ever on the persistant world.

Wed Jan 05 2011 11:34AM Report
maskedweasel writes:

Gaean is right,  this is an RPG,  it is an Action Game.  Saying it isn't one because it is the other is ridiculous,  Action RPGs have been around for a long time,  just because you add the words MMO to it doesn't mean you have to take off the RPG.


Like it or hate it for what it is,  its an MMO Action-RPG.  Trying to prose your dislike based on a misapprehension geared towards a very biased way of thinking won't change what this game is.  If you don't like it,  don't like it, and move on.

Wed Jan 05 2011 11:39AM Report
Robsolf writes:

@Yamota:  There are alot of breakables in the world, which is cool, though they don't stay broken.  But from my time, there wasn't really anything of significance.  Just maps...

...and I'm certainly not picky or someone who demands a sandbox.  I'm perfectly happy with WoW and LotRO, for example.  But DCUO just feels like maps, to me.  Like the outside city maps in CoX, except the bad guys tend wander around alot more.

Wed Jan 05 2011 11:52AM Report
Kryogenic writes:

More is not always better. WoW's interface is horrendous because of all the abilities. Too many hotkeys and macros.

If you are making macros to simplify your gameplay you are "dumbing the game down" for yourself.  The naysayers would be the first one's to cry foul if a game didn't offer up macros, addons, and a screen cluttering mess of abilities.

I have some issues with DCUO, but my beef is mainly with the way they implemented the power choices and archetypes.

Wed Jan 05 2011 12:09PM Report
Gorilla writes:

I dunno why some people are so hung up on labels. Few 'RP' in 'MMORPGs'. If you held a gun to my head, I'd call it a MMO Smash em Up or MMOSeU. The thing is, is it fun? The answer for me was yes initially. I can't see that lasting more than days to a week or two.

Wed Jan 05 2011 12:14PM Report
Eladi writes:

First off to correct some typical *the mind reads but does not understand the intention as its the writen word and not the spoken word*

DCO is a decent game, it does a few things quite well and that makes it a very fun game to play. I was comenting and as usaly going way beyond the tropic of stradden, I kind of tend to start writing in all directions once i get started on someting.

I personaly will not buy DCO beta, as its not the MMO(G) I am looking for however I would sugest my brother or a few friends I got that love action games whitout to mutch rpg depth.

Why I call DCO a action again instead of a action-rpg, to me and this is personal a rpg needs to have some freedom and a deeper number system and most imporand it must offer more then a linair story to follow. when it bloils down to gameplay in DCO its either following a set path of linair mission were some kind of voice tells you waht to do were to go and kick some ass. or you can go kick some ass in pvp (or get in handed to you) the PvP has no point beyond collecting some points so you can get some new apearance options.

The game has  not the depth of a "true" rpg but that does not mean its a fail on its own. a old game named Beyond Good and Evil is said to be one of the best games ever. and thats a very plain story driven Action game.

having the title MMO-RPG is not a holy grail, its only a title, just as having the title MMO-ACTIONGAME is. embrace what the game does best and be happy about it.

Defining what is a rpg and whats not Is a fairly personal thing tho.. Basicly if you say you play "some character"and thats rpg..well then by that every game on the market is a rpg. even race games or fps have a character that you play in most cases. in the modern version you even get to pick traits and have to make some choices. 

DCO lacks on many fronts, thier plenty of people to say that and thier are plenty of people who will say opposite, its the nature of fandom (being a fan of "old school"vs fan of "new school")

As I said a few times, I do not think DCO to be a bad game, It brings the action gamer to the mmo world, its has great graphics its combat system is absolute fun and the missions while repeative as in any mmo are quite fun to do.

As someone said above, DCO never aimed for the MMORPG title, its a MMOG the general term used for games that wish to avoid the whole rpg trap and just be what they are, its the players, the readers and complainers are the people who gove it titles.

I personaly say what it is,and what its not if people care about what I write in my scrappy english..who cares. just like everyone else im just giving one opinion.. go ahead give yours ;) e

Wed Jan 05 2011 12:19PM Report
GermaximusS writes:

I dont mind the 6 ability bar at all. It can suck for some very specific builds being off by maybe 1 or 2 abilities that would help a bit if you could add them but it shouldnt be necessary.

What i loved about this was that i played these other games with tons of hotbars ok cool but most of those abilities were not used consistently enough for it to matter.

So enjoy your extra pointless hotbars guys, personally i dont care.

Wed Jan 05 2011 12:47PM Report
GermaximusS writes:

Oh yeah another funny thing i see people mention is having downtime things to do.

lol!!!!! Really? I guess, personally my least favorite thing about a video game is having down time. I did not enjoy standing in town in WoW for hours literally doing nothing even tho theres plenty of boring dumb pointless crap to do in that down time.

Yeah i would like to see a sandbox game with more action in it personally.

You want down time? play farmville.

Its possible DCUO may see housing or other "down time" features in the future, but i like it the way it is now and ill take it that way. Anything more will just be a bonus.

Wed Jan 05 2011 12:51PM Report
TribeofOne writes:

DCUO is an  arcade game on steroids..or maybe an anorexic MMO.. whichever you prefer, The combat is so arcadish that a lot will be turned off. Thats why I feel, knowing SOE that combat will be overhauled with 6 months to something more in the middle between arcade and mmo.

Wed Jan 05 2011 12:55PM Report
Nieves68 writes: I for 1 like this game flying is top knoch has none of the bullshit that other mmo's have thank god and 70 years of history = lot of game time with all the Crisis story and so on ,but if you gona down talk the game don't waist your time this game is aim at the people who love the DC comic universe and the fact we don't have to mine for garbage of range battle other players like wow i think that puts a player to the test when he or she has to pvp . Wed Jan 05 2011 1:14PM Report
Samhael writes:

I never said it wasn't a MMO... I said it was missing several things that made it FEEL like a MMO.  And of course, feel = my opinion.  Sure, there's a bunch of people running/flying/hopping all around. So it's massive, multiplayer, and online. No argument there.  There were just too many other WTF things for me to enjoy playing it as a MMO though.

I put in over 60 pieces of feedback via their system on things I couldn't find/locate or events that happened and I didn't understand why or how to converse or form a team. When they announced a January launch date, I quickly cancelled my pre-order.  And I actually removed it from my PC earlier today.  I may revist this after it's been live for 6 months or so to see if SOE has added in those things that I require to feel like it's a MMO.

Wed Jan 05 2011 3:09PM Report
Toxilium writes:

What's with all these people saying its an MMO but not an RPG? For the love of....what MMOs that have come out recently have been a true RPG? WoW? Give me a all run through the same content and experience the same storyline and dialogue. It's the same with every single MMORPG that has come out in the last 10 years. The only true RPGs combined with an MMO environment I can see are the older Ultimas, MUDs, and the upcoming ToR.


Grow up people. The industry desperatly needs games like this to make it mass market and more popular. 99% of MMOs today are absolute crap and we can only blame the customer base for buying into the same shovelled garbage over and over....I welcome a new change to this otherwise stagnant genre.

Wed Jan 05 2011 3:20PM Report
Flynnigan writes:

Genre itself isnt stagnant, its the community of gamers priding themselves as footholders or fact they are the sole source of what is to be what an how things should be played that is stagnant in this genre and more damaging.

Wed Jan 05 2011 3:44PM Report
ramalhosa writes:

OMG so much mistaken ppl, and seeing that from hardcore posters tell me what this site was turned into.

MMORPG Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.


This mean massive amount of ppl in the world hanging and playing around all together with enphasys to the playing part because what ppl forget is that part PLAY IN THE SAME OPEN WORLD and not be in the same server or same chat server.


Play a role you pick a Char and play it like you was him, i mean if you from one faction or archetype, etc act like that in game.

So after that little intruduction, DCUO have all.

You play all in the same open world, you see heroes and villains doing quests you help or atack at any time or Just do pve is mmo anyway.

And RPG, you pick a Heroe well you do missions for heroes you see villains doing there missions in the open world that are the contrary of yours btw, and you can atack and stop them. yey i call that play a role of a hero.....and viceversa.


For the one telling it is too much instanced, dude do you really played the game???????

God the only thing instanced is the final part of the missions of youre ROLE PLAY, wich before you get to there, you done ALL in the OPEN WORLD. So yes i like fight the REAL HERO/ REAL VILLAIN in a instance and don't got pked in the finish of the called Boss just to see the PK get my drop.

Call it a Dungeon in WOW or any other like mmo, it is an instance where you done ALL youre QUEST not part in the open world and part in the instance but ALL.

God i Loved so much for so many Years L2 just because it have not even one dungeon, it's all in open world all bosses Raid bosses was there for anyone. Not in an instance.

But hey remember again DCUO MIssion: Full House or Mission Bizarro, yey Bosses in the open world for all, and go you alone kill it in the same lvl to see what happens.



BTW from the start go learn again what the MMO and the RPG mean before tell i'm wrong :)


And just a note I hate so much well ppl Call a game MMO-FPS.

When i know no game like that in the entire world. Remember again the MMO mean.... and ask yourself what game you know like that.

Wed Jan 05 2011 4:21PM Report
Mykell writes:

Its catch 22. People are bored with the WoW model yet when an mmo deviates too far from that model a lot of people don't like it.

Wed Jan 05 2011 4:32PM Report
Eladi writes:

For those intrested, while it always will remain a personal view and the gerne does evolve from time to time I find this one of the better writeups of the terms Action, RPG,RTS and so on.

DCO = Action game whit some light rpg elemets. (for fans a Action-rpg for non fans a action game.)

Its a very old writeup but the older they are the closer they are to the beginning of all this naming mess ;)

Wed Jan 05 2011 4:42PM Report
elvigy writes:

Personally, I like the game. As for all the negativity, "haters gonna hate". There's no changing human nature.

Wed Jan 05 2011 5:06PM Report
UsulDaNeriak writes:

afaik there will be no open beta and also no free download for a 14-day trial. is that correct?

i am open for new things and tested a lot, also MMOFPS and MMORTS, but finally i always came back to sandbox-type  MMORPGs. my last dissapointment was RIFT, way too linear and refined for me.

so reading this discussion, i doubt, that DCUO is safe enough for me, in order to invest my 50 bucks or whatever.

Wed Jan 05 2011 5:23PM Report
covas12d writes:

Everquest Original....could only memorize 8 spells at a time I beleive, thats one of the granddaddy's of MMO's.

Wed Jan 05 2011 5:41PM Report
wardog250 writes:

I bet if you tracked down most of the users posts on this site, you'll find that a lot of them contradict themselves as far as what they expect a great MMORPG to be.  I see it a lot actually when I read on certain forums enough times.  I'll see the same people come along, bash a certain game into the dirt then turn around and defend another game relentlessly that isn't any different from the other one.  Most of the threads on this site are a giant pile of farcical nonsense anyways.  I try not to read too much into any of it.

Wed Jan 05 2011 7:02PM Report
Misfiter writes:

I agree totally with this actually. At first I thought that only have six skills up at one time was a pain but then after playing and focusing on certain skills in certain roles it made it a lot easier to work with and took away a ton of the crap that I (and we all) have gotten use to in other MMO and it let me actually enjoy the games visuals more then enjoying hot bars or action bars or what ever you want to call them.

Wed Jan 05 2011 7:02PM Report
Konfess writes:

Let me make it clear for you, the problem with this game is was made to run on consoles.  The community knows something is wrong with this game, but they don't know what to call it.  So they say, It's not a MMORPG.  And the OP deliberatly misinterprets this, and glosses over the elephant in the room.  This is an attemp to drag PC gamers to consoles.  In other words, Devs are taking a dump on a silver platter and hading it to the paying public and saying, here eat this.  That noise you are hearing is the paying public saying NO.

Wed Jan 05 2011 7:43PM Report
idosmmo writes:

whoa whoa whoa the last guy was totaly off track......

Wed Jan 05 2011 9:37PM Report
BarCrow writes:

I thought it was refreshing to have only a few hotkeys at any one time... Unlike almost every MMO which eventually end up having you set up  6 rows of hotkeys running across the screen and more along the sides.... Most of them filled with abilities/skills you hope will come in handy yet you still only end up using the same few hotkeys over and over again. DCUO succeeds in cutting away the fat and making the combat lean and mean.

Wed Jan 05 2011 10:01PM Report
Ryowulf writes:

The problem isn't that the game is different. The problem is the game is that it doesn't mesh well. Make a good action game or make a good rpg. Don't make a half-assed mix of both.

The action is fun at first, but gets old fast. The powers are limited and weak. Plus they don't combine well with your weapon moves.

You quickly tap out of powers you want, because each tree only has a couple of useful ones or they just do pretty much the same thing. Take your powers them get a bunch of passives.

The game is fun at first, but write something up a few months from now saying how great a time you are still having.

Wed Jan 05 2011 10:10PM Report
Rohn writes:
Welcome to the community.  I hope you enjoy your stay....
Seriously, the types of "unwarranted" criticisms that this blog is complaining about being directed at DCUO are the same as the floods of "valid" criticisms that have been "grinding many of our gears" literally for years on every other game's forum on
Of course, it's much easier to notice when it's being directed at a game that one likes.
It's funny, because the mob mentality that is currently tearing DCUO apart is the same one that was pandering to with the decision to place "None of the Above" in the Best MMO of the Year for 2010 poll.  The staff has been reinforcing that type of community for years, and further certified it with that choice.  Why be surprised by it now?
Perhaps it's just my opinion, but no MMO will ever satisfy every preference of every individual MMO player.  For each game, those left unsatisfied feel entitled to shred the offending game, loudly and regularly, on any forum they can.  Only the righteous MMOs - the ones that perfectly match their individual vision of a "real MMO" - deserve to survive.  The Abominations must be cleansed from the Earth in a holy torrent of feverish forum prose.
Or some such nonsense.
Game developers are often accused of not playing their own games, and thus not having a clear idea of the problems it has.  I wonder how often the staff of this site drops down to the forums of games they individually have no interest in and evaluate them for the same type of unfair treatment the OP identifies DCUO as getting.
Or, do they believe that DCUO, and DCUO alone, has been treated unjustly here?  This blog reflects a curious incredulity - as if this community's reaction to DCUO were an aberration, something wholly different from what occurs with other games featured on this site.
From my perspective, the criticism that DCUO has been receiving here from the community is just as "valid" as the criticism that literally every other game has been getting bombarded with on this site for the last 5 years.  Infer from that what you will.
Thu Jan 06 2011 1:55AM Report
HitechLolife writes:

Thanks Mr Stradden. How many years have we listened to people whinge about 'wow clones'. Now that people are breaking the mold it's not mmorpg enough? Rubbish

'RPG' can mean a lot more. Secret of mana was a type of RPG and it was a button masher. Diablo was a clickfest. Fallen Earth is too.

DCUO is the breath of fresh air I've been waiting for personally. Take on the game for other reasons I could care less, but don't shit on it's innovation. We need the industry to see that as a good thing.

Thu Jan 06 2011 5:27AM Report
Overfiend138 writes:

but guys it has RAIDING!

Thu Jan 06 2011 8:22AM Report
Akais writes:

I am loving the game frankly.

The complaints about the hotbar are shallow, in my opinion.

Powers are supposed to be used wisely and forcing players to choose their current powers based on need or importance is another way for characters to be different from each other.

It's certainly an MMO, but I can't say it yet has enough optional content to be called an RPG at this point... Maybe in a year or two.  I think of this game as a well done, more expansive playstyle of games like GA or Gears of War.

The game is skill based and forces the player to make hard choices , but very accessable at early levels.

I like that this game has a polarizing effect on folks actually.  Games like WoW tend to straddle the fence in regard to player opinion and there are tons of players who say,"I hate WoW" but still log in daily.

That's bad for the community.

A community that is truly into the game doesn't tend to whine as much about  issues as they  find ways to have fun with the game they have. It's just alot less strife.

I don't see that happeneing in DCUO... It's too much work to be good at the game to to bother logging in if you don't like it.

The only really persistent complaints on the beta boards went to bugs and mob/mission difficulties...Expansive Content (which is an area still missing) was only rarely brought up.

That's the dynamic too few games have right now and they all need it.

Everquest(I) and Global Agenda have it. I can see DCUO with it.

Thu Jan 06 2011 9:46AM Report
Ryowulf writes:

If DCUO was a while clone I would still have a problem with it.

DCUO did a lackluster job in trying to combine action and standard mmo elements.

DCUO did a poor job in the powers it choose to focus on and the powers themselves.

DCUO did do some things right. Trying to get rid of the grind. Fast leveling and a focus on the end game.

DCUO deserves praise for trying to be different. But it was poorly executed.

If DCUO was like Guild Wars (buy box play for free) then maybe. Although for the same price I could buy Dragon Age 2.

However spending 50 for the game then 30 after the first month for two more before the game gets old that's 80 and its to much for what you get.

Thu Jan 06 2011 9:51AM Report
Tymora writes: I think the argument comes more from the cost of DCUO as an MMMO than the content. Most other "traditional" mmorpgs offer a whole lot more for the subscription price than DCUO seems to be offering, and that in itself makes it a target for debate. Thu Jan 06 2011 12:12PM Report
Feydaway writes: Yep, it's MMO-Action, not MMORPG. It's like Vindictus, but Vindictus is way better. Thu Jan 06 2011 12:13PM Report
dlobrecht writes:



DCUO has :

weapons / equipment / trinkets // consumable items

skills, powers, roles, persistent character

pvp and pve content

customizable characters, appearances, colors

quests, maps, teleporters, instances, flight, and a  beautiful open world.

---- does not have crafting ------

( putting items into container and watching progress bar is still not crafting in my opinion and I will not miss it )

It seems pretty safe to say that this game can be best described and categorized into the..... ( drumroll ) MMORPG genre.

But both of these terms are extremely vague and do not describe DCUO very well, or any other mmorpg out on the market for that matter. 

Furthermore, The amount of players who take ROLE PLAYING seriously is PROBABLY a tiny percentage of the total players who play MMORPGS. ( When was the last time you were actually greeted in a manner fitting to the  lore or style of the game your actually playing?  It was DAOC for me.  )

The one thing that everybody is pretty much on agreement on is that this is a console game. But I have embraced it. I play on my pc and I truly think that it is a welcoming difference kicking in everybody's face with my xbox controller, opposed to using my wasd setup or asdf setup surrounded by hotkeys and macros to fill in the gaps.


I love the huge open world cities and interactive environment. Thowing a bus at another player with my mind never gets old. And of course fighting in the air / jumping off a building on to a flying player and knocking them out of the air chasing them to the ground to continue the fight, Is just good fun. No other game could deliver all this and still have a huge open world.

The things I would like to see them improve would be to add more content, polish power/skill trees and balance pvp, finish envisioning all of the roles ( nearly all mmos start out with these minor problems )

It Took blizzard nearly half of the total time I played wow to balance all the pvp and finish envisioning all of the skill trees for all the classes pre BC. Then BC came out and they had to repolish it all over again.

Thu Jan 06 2011 5:41PM Report
hanshotfirst writes:

Considering the vast majority of MMOs I've played over the last +10 years barely qualified as games much less worthwhile entertainment, I hardly find the criticism "it's not an MMO" discouraging.

And some of you folks clamoring to defend an acronym as if it's sacred sound like religious zealots. Seriously, it might do you some good to go outside and get some fresh air.

Thu Jan 06 2011 5:48PM Report
Tukieu13 writes:

I'll give DCUO the title of MMO, but the fact that the chat system is so broken, it hardly feels multiplayer. You may see tons of people all around, but when its nigh on impossible to chat with friends, how is one supposed to do things other MMO's make so readily accessible? 

Fri Jan 07 2011 10:21AM Report
MMartian writes:

I spent considerable time in the DCUO closed Beta.

I did find it to have all the staples of a good MMORPG.

My only complaint about it was the control system on the PC. It is great for console games. On the PC they did try to make it work on PCs that did not have a constol style game controller attached.

For me this was the big failure of the game. Personally I will not own a game console or buy a game controller specificly to play one game. I have not seen a PC game that I wanted to play that bad and it includes DCUO.

When friends ask me about it I point my personal issue out and since most of them have a game console I suggest that they purchase that one.

Sat Jan 08 2011 5:30PM Report
Phlegethon writes:

It's an MMOAG, not an MMORPG, even Sony calls it an Action Game not an RPG. As a console game it just might succeed, as a console game on a computer, that's up in the air. As a console game on my computer, I'll probably be uninstalling the Beta when I get home tonight.

Wed Jan 12 2011 4:45PM Report
Githern writes:

Everyone has their definition for RPG, Action, Hack and Slash. You will not convince someone differently since it's an opinion. The question boils down to this: Does this feel like a comic book world? Who cares what game genre it is labled with? Does it give you the sense you were looking for? If you just read it as DC Universe Online not DC Universe Online "MMORPG" would it satisfy the craving you wanted to satiate? Forget the labels, forget the drama, remember the source.

Wed Jan 12 2011 10:42PM Report
DOLPHYNN writes:

EQ limited me to 8 songs as a bard.  DCUO limiting me to 6 powers and 2 item slots sounds not that far off

Sun Jan 23 2011 12:19PM Report writes:
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