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Community Spotlight: What's an Older Gamer to do?!

Posted by MikeB Thursday January 28 2010 at 9:05PM
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This week’s Community Spotlight focuses on the thread “What’s an older gamer to do?” by user Amathe. In the original post, Amathe finds himself troubled, as an older game, by the advent of faster paced MMOG’s coming to market:

“I'm old and I'm a gamer. At least I think I'm still a gamer, being between games at the moment. The old part is for sure.

Over the years I have played a lot of mmos, beginning with original Everquest. At least 9 of them, not including a great many betas.

At times like these, when I'm between games, I come here to research new ones. And I'm seeing a trend. Game after game after game is touting its fast paced, twitchy, "you control every blow" FPS qualities. While this would have sounded great to me a decade ago, I'm slow now and I won't be competitive at that.

But it's worse lol. These new games also promote their free-for-all, oh yes you are going to be ganked so deal with it PvP features. That means not only am I slow, I get to fight people 20-30 years younger who are fast. Oh boy. That will be hot death on a skillet.

Is the type of combat found in more traditional mmos like EQ and even WoW going the way of MUDs and pen and paper games? Is my gaming future Select Quest, Princess Aria wants you .... BOOM HEADSHOT ROFLOLOLOLOL?

I'm thinking it may be time to join AARP, stock up on geritol and call it a day. I'm not seeing very many new games being made that are not FFA FPS?”

As a younger gamer myself, I rue the day when I feel like my reflexes won’t let me compete with gamers younger than myself, so it’s a bit hard to understand Amathe as I obviously can’t place myself in his shoes. Nevertheless, the community offers some helpful advice, starting with the user Comnitus, who recommends EVE Online:

“If your reflexes are slow but your brain still works, try EVE. While some parts of it are FFA PvP (which means joining a corporation is a good way to survive), you never really have to PvP if you don't want to. Combat in EVE is very strategical - it's based mostly on numbers and how you outfit your ship rather than your hand-eye coordination. Plus, it's a great sandbox overall. Most of the people who play it are older.”

Jeger_Wolf suggests Lord of the Rings Online, with a simple reply:

“LotRO seems to be a pretty mature crowd if you haven't played that out yet.”
I highlighted this post because in my experiences with that particular game, I can say I definitely agree.

The crowd in LotRO does seem a bit more mature than what you’d find in some areas of World of Warcraft. A solid recommendation!

A number of users have mentioned the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV as something to look forward to. Cukimunga explains the merits of the game a bit more:

“Like someone has said Id wait for FFXIV, from the looks of some videos the combat is slow like in FFXI.

It will be more solo friendly but im still guessing the bulk of the content will be grouped. I hope they still have skill chains and magic busts it was one of the things to set it apart from every other mmo. It makes you think because different mobs are weak against a certain element so you'd have to do the right skill chain and magic burst to do the max damage. SC and MB had to be timed right for them to work and you could even do a counter attack and stun the mobs so they wouldn't wipe the whole party or most of it with a AoE.

Personally Id rather have slower more tactical combat than fast mindless button mashing. “

What suggestions do you have for Amathe and gamers like him?

And to you older gamers out there: Are any MMOG’s holding your attention at the moment? What future MMOG releases are you looking forward to, and why?

Let us know in the comments below!