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Spyder's Twisted Web

An "In Your Face" perspective about Online Gaming. Making People Sad & Angry Since 1996

Author: spyderbite

I Miss The Old Days

Posted by spyderbite Sunday December 20 2009 at 8:25PM
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I started playing Ultima Online when it arrived in a white cardboard sleeve which I had paid $10 for during the Beta Invite.

Back then in 1997 there were the Hunters and the Hunted. There were hundreds of people eager to run out of Trinsic and just explore this brand new world. And then, there were people like me. Those looking to prey on those eager souls.

So many targets that it was like an ADHD's dream. They came at us in unarmed, unarmored hordes.. like lemmings. And we cut them down with delight. Listening to them plead and cry for their lives on their way to Britian.

Where are those days now? The newbie zones in today's games I suppose. But, only for those too stupid to know what PvP stands for when they create a new character in a new game.

Why did we start catering to the "Age of the CareBear"?

I understand that people don't like being killed in an onlne game. But, has it become so traumatic that they need a Nirvana server for them to avoid the mental shock of being killed by another player? I realize that there are kids and adults (who act like kids) who do things to flaunt their kills. But are their acts really that upsetting? They emote or play animations in interesting positions to mimic tea-bagging and activities that take place in Cell Block C. How hard is it to just dust yourself off, hit revive and walk away?

I read forums daily. Almost religiously. And, when somebody brings up PvP (Player vs. Player), they always counter with an argument to the tune of "I play to relax in my free time and don't want to be stressed". This confuses me.

How is a Raid not stressful? You have an over zealous raid leader screaming in your ear telling you how you fucked up during a wipe. How is a PUG not stressful? You have 5 other people yelling at you and telling you how you fucked up and usually in more than one langauge. How is solo'n not stressful? You are screaming at yourself for not taking down that epic/heroic mob meant for 6 people and pissed off that you don't have any friends or a guild to do it?

MMOs are competitive. PvE, PvP or RvR. If you want to decorate your home or craft uninterupted and live in peace and harmony. Fine. You don't have to leave your home city. Its already an option in most P2P games.

But, when you subscribe to a new game and have a bad experience in a game that advertises that it is FFA (Free-For-All) PvP.. do us a favor. Quit. Don't QQ (whine) to the developers to acommodate your play sytle (smoke opium, grow flowers and listen to John Lennon tunes).

When you do.. God kills a kitten in a violent manner. So, its sort of redundant. I heard that sodomy is involved.

Until next time, pay your Mom some rent. She still claims you as a dependent for fucks sake!

Christopher "SpyderBite" Whalen

Preponerance writes:

I also started out in UO like yourself.  I remember the first time I killed someone and when I turned red.  I think why most people cry about open PvP is not of being killed by another player but infact getting griefed by one. 

Too many times have a seen people kill the same person over and over again and even gone out of their way to make sure they kill the person again.  Yeah it's easy to revive/res dust it but it another thing when someone kills you out of spite. 

I love PvP but when I kill someone I move on to the next victim, I don't sit around and wait or go out of my way to kill that person again.  For one, I already suceeded and two he/she could bring some friends =)

Alot of people have in their head PvP = ganking/griefing. Why?  Honestly this is what it has become. 

Sometimes I wish these forums were PvP......

Mon Dec 21 2009 11:03AM Report
spyderbite writes:

I was the same way, Prep.

In my UO days I setup shop at a popular farming area such as Fire Isle. While people moved slowly and overloaded I would kill them, dry loot them and and empty it in to my house and wait for the next one.

I never griefed and I actually roleplayed with them and offered a rez. Today, however, those days are gone.

I blame the popularity of the forums myself. When somebody dies in a MMORPG.. whether its PvE or PvP.. they run directly to the forums and complain about it. And, the developers will accommodate the majority no matter how ridiculous. Case in point.. Polar Bear Mounts in UO? LOL

Mon Dec 21 2009 3:54PM Report
Shijeer writes:

 I hear you guys, I myself, although not from the start. have begun my epic journey into the wonderful land of mmo's with UO. I too often wonder, I ponder the current predicament and have come to a simple conclusion.

Back in those days you either got over it and played, or stopped playing because the mmo pickings on the market were slim at best, often and most definitely in the case of UO, if you left with any intension of continuing your mmo career, you were essentially condemning yourself to shit. That in addition to the innovation of the game back in the day lead to the wonderful sense of perseverance, most players didn't know anything else and MUDS were often even more brutal lol. Also add to the mix the flood of newbies that know nothing about gaming in general (thanks WoW), their ignorance and the cockiness of an average choosing modern day capitalist gives off that dreadful aura of bullshit. IMO at least.  

Fri Dec 25 2009 5:42AM Report writes:
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