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Spyder's Twisted Web

An "In Your Face" perspective about Online Gaming. Making People Sad & Angry Since 1996

Author: spyderbite

Spyder's Random Travels - The Hater

Posted by spyderbite Sunday December 13 2009 at 8:36PM
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I have a lot of friends online. This is one friend that I found rather entertaining. I call him... The Hater. Enjoy!

TheHater: hey i kno u!
SpyderBite: You do?
TheHater: ya ur on the forums
TheHater: ur a dick
TheHater: hahaha
SpyderBite: Wow. That's a lot to swallow. Not the dick of course.
TheHater: u kno it
TheHater: ur a fanboi
TheHater: and a dick
SpyderBite: Which is it? Fanbois or Dick?
TheHater: both hahahahahaaahh
TheHater: u got banndz too ahahahahhhhha
SpyderBite: Yup. Sure did. What's your forum name if you don't mind me asking?
TheHater: i not telln u
TheHater: u wil spma me
TheHater: cause ur a dick
SpyderBite: But, if I'm banned, how can I spam you?
TheHater: hackz
SpyderBite: So, I'm a technically brilliant fanbois dick?
TheHater: no
TheHater: stoopid
SpyderBite: So, I'm a stupid fanbois dick that is going to hack the forums and spam you?
TheHater: ahahahahahhhhhahha
SpyderBite: I see.
SpyderBite: Just out of curiosity. Is your keyboard broken?
TheHater: no
TheHater: y
SpyderBite: No reason. Just wondering. So, do you have plans for Thanksgiving tomorrow?
TheHater: yes kikin ur ass
TheHater: rahhahhaha
SpyderBite: Will there be Chex Mix or Turkey
TheHater: vhahahbhbhacca
TheHater: no jus blood
SpyderBite: So, we're going to watch Ninja Assassin toghether?
TheHater: ima ninja ur ass hole n stuff ha
SpyderBite: I see. I'm not really in to that stuff. Just for the record though. Do you want to hit me or have sex with me?
TheHater: Ha ur gay 2
SpyderBite: Um. Nope. Not that there's anything wrong with that of course.
TheHater: c ur gay
TheHater: i gonna tel everyone on the forum hahhdhahahah
SpyderBite: But, that's likely to get you banned too.
TheHater: ..
TheHater: no cuz ur a dick
SpyderBite: So, if you're banned too, does that make you a gay, technically brilliant, stupid fanbois dick too?
TheHater: yes
TheHater: i meen no
TheHater: jus briliant
TheHater: hahdhaahhahahdahdasha
SpyderBite: I think I can see your logic now. So, should we set you a place for dinner tomorrow?
TheHater: were do u live
SpyderBite: You're technically brilliant and a hacker. I just figured you had hacked it already.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We spent our Sunday cutting down the Griswold Family Christmas Tree and shopping for homes.

Until next time.. don't troll the forums. Kick a kitten instead. Its much more satisfying and more dangerous!

Christopher "SpyderBite" Whalen