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Spyder's Twisted Web

An "In Your Face" perspective about Online Gaming. Making People Sad & Angry Since 1996

Author: spyderbite

Oh hai! Better Hide Your Teenage Daughters!

Posted by spyderbite Friday December 11 2009 at 11:05AM
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Long time follower of here! I've been observing the evolution of for almost 6 years. But, alas, I never had much time to really dig in and get involved with the community here.

I plan to remedy that now!

I've been blogging, writing for gaming/tech magazines, and hosting radio shows for more than a decade. I've interviewed developers, producers, players and presidents in the gaming industry on all three media outlets. Whether you recognized me or not, I've probably cut in line at registration during one game conference or another. And, on more than one occasion I'm sure I've stolen your drink after the bartender cut me off!

I've been pretty visible over the years, working for various gaming communities including Stratics, Allakhazam & UO Radio just to name a few. Some adore me. Most hate me. The rest have restraining orders and are non-relevant.

Everybody finds personal bios rather boring. Even more reason to share mine with you before I dive in and start spouting on about your favorite games and doing my best to irritate you.

I was born a poor black child. *blinks* Ok.. that line only works for Steve Martin I suppose.

I come from a rich online background beginning in the late 70's when my Uncle introduced me to an ASCII based online game based on Star Trek on his state of the art Tandy computer with cradled modem. A few years later my parents sold one of my siblings in order to finance a Texas Instruments TI 99-4A computer which they gave me one Christmas morning. 3 hours after I unwrapped it, they entered the room and shrieked in terror upon discovering that I had disassembled it just to see how it worked!

Flashforward to the 90's. I had a small ISP with a bank of 100 28.8 modems and about 500 customers in a small tourist town in Northern Arizona. As often happens, a big fish ate my little fish, so I bought myself a T1 line from US West and started a website hosting service. That did pretty well and subsidised my addiction to hookers and blow for almost 5 years. And then Microsoft took note of my handiwork and I began working on several projects with them. I did live testing for their first NT based web hosting service and had the first commercial IIS servers up and running. This endeavor required a lot of patience, anger management and beer.

I jumped ship in 2000 and did what any nerd in their early 30's would do and joined the Amateur PGA tour. I played the southwest circuit for about 2 years before they burned my tour card and asked me to burn my golf clubs. Since, I never won any tournaments, or even placed in the top 40 for that matter; I needed another income. So, I began shoving articles, reviews and editorials at various gaming and computer magazines. A few were foolish enough to publis my drivel and once again I had found a reason to avoid the time clock and work from my couch with beer in hand.

Today, I am freelance columnist for a syndicated news company. My fiance and I both work from the comfort of our ocean front home in Connecticut just a stones throw away from Yale University. We live the nerds life these days. Showering when the geek stink becomes too much for us to bear and scares the cats out of the room. We're both writing books and Jenny's is to be published next year with nearly 100,000 people eagerly awaiting its release. Mine on the other hand, will probably sit on the shelf next to "101 Tips To Get The Most Out Of AOL".

Well, if that wasn't better than Tylenol PM with a Nyquil chaser I don't know what is!

Looking forward to sharing my warped view of the gaming world with you in many blog entries to come!

Til next time.. Keep it out of yer bum,

Christopher "SpyderBite" Whalen