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Bad Tanking And The Fall Of Western Civalisation

The Thoughts And Random Musings Of An Old narcissistic MMORPG Addict.

Author: spookydom

Hello again my little ducks.


It has been a long time since I have updated my blog but there is a very good reason for that. You see I have been given superpowers that destroy all known computers. What's that genteel reader? You do not believe me ah? Well.......Read on and prepare to eat your respective hats because your uncle Spookydom is going to tell you the whole sordid story.


  It began one dark and stormy night in November...........Ok, when I say dark and stormy it was quiet a pleasant  day if not a little fresh, and when I say night I mean more like mid afternoon....just after lunch.  There I was minding my own business when I received a text message from a friend of mine. "Why wont you talk to us on WoW?"  I think the key and fundamental reason why I wasn't talking to him on WoW was because I wasn't playing it at the time. In fact I had been un-subed for a few months. "Cor blimey!" I exclaimed "I have been hacked!" So while my friend informed a Blizz G.M, I got promptly onto customer support, did a complete scan of my computer then changed my password, email e.t.c e.t.c. I didn't find any viruses but that means nothing. At this point I realised that I couldn't get into any of my email accounts either. It had to be a keylogger of some kind. I found it in my Java directory. Apparently it had come from a keylogger and exploit kit that I had picked up from the online streaming site T.v Shack. After cleaning it out I realised the nice hackers had left me some game time on the Blizzard Behemoth and decided to have a go. "There we are" I said to myself. "All is right in the world....Of Warcraft" I was wrong. The next day I was hacked again and this time my account had an authenticator on it. Phoned customer support who where very good and cleaned it all up instantly. But where in Satan's portion was the keylogger coming from? The Blizz customer support man sent me an email about how to clean up your system. Followed it all to the letter, bought or downloaded all the recommended cleaning software. Took hours. After I finished I rebooted my computer. Bang! Pop! "Fire!......Oh my god! Save the women and children first! I am to pretty and talented to be very badly burnt in a fire!" I overreacted a little maybe but the long and the short of it was that my computer exploded. I still do not know what caused it. Could have been the virus, could have been the registry cleaners, could have been the fact that I scrimped and saved for years to buy that computer. Built it myself and had to lovingly hand craft some of the parts from cheese or soap.  This is what pisses me off with people who hack. Sometimes it really effects peoples lives. If I ever get hold of them they are in big trouble. Check this link. This guy is my direct ancestor on my fathers side and a major suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders. If it was him then I would say what I will do these guys will pale in comparison;)


  After taking it round to some of my boffin friends who have brains the size of planets and all the social skills of a baboon on crack, I was told the prognosis was not good. The motherboard had blown up, the hard drive was shot and several important things on my graphics card where kind of crispy and smelt like bacon and the tower itself looked pretty damn post apocalyptic. All in all it would be much cheaper to buy a new computer.  This is a bummer for several reasons. I had just started a new business that is souly reliant on me owning a half decent computer that works. I had everything riding on it and I didn't have any bloody money. To keep the business afloat and earn enough money to live I had to work all day and be seen to be working. Not to mention that I just lost about six months worth of work and was locked out of many of my business email accounts. I had no backup and I was in trouble. Then I had a brainwave....Oh! that could probably do with it's own headline.


  As I was saying, I had a brainwave. A few years ago I had to return something to a catalogue that I never replaced. They did owe me a bit of cash. What I really wanted was something with a long guarantee and good customer support. What I got in the end was pretty good for the money and from a reputable high street brand. Quad core, 8 meg of ram and a half decent but dated graphics card and Windows seven. Also picked up a four year extended warranty. "Sweet!" I thought. Nothing can go wrong now. But yet again I was wrong.


 So I had my new computer. Everything was going fine. I was playing WoW again and having not a bad time of it. Doing lots of work and even selling some of it. This lasted two weeks. One morning my new computer would just not boot up.I can not open it myself as it will void my expensive warranty. I phoned customer service and was put on hold. The call centre was outsourced and when I got through the conversation went a little like this.

Rep - "Hello you are through to &^%$ What is your name?"

Me- "Ummm...Hi!

Rep- "My name is Sam"   (The guys name was clearly not Sam)

Me- "My name is Dom, Hello Sam....Listen I am on a pay as you go phone..."

Sam- "Hello Dom, how may we help you today?"

Me- "Listen Sam I am on a pay as you go phone and have been on hold for half an hour. I think..."

Sam- "You wan't to buy a phone?"

Me- "No Sam, I am just about to run out of phone credit, Can I give you my number and can you phone me back?"

Sam- "We do not sell phones"

Me- "I know Sam, I have a problem with my new computer and I need you to phone me back so that I can get it fixed"

Sam- "I'm sorry but I can not help you. We do not sell phones we sell computers"

Me- "I know Sam, I have one of your computers. I just bought it and it has a fault. Here is the serial number. (Give him serial number). I need you to phone me...."

Sam- "We do not sell phones"

Me- "I'm running out of...." 

Credit on my phone runs out. That call just cost me £25 for just over half an hour. I am a little angry. But nonpulsed I scamper two miles to a friends house so that I borrow his phone as it only costs Ten pence an hour from his landline. I have never set great store by phones and have not really used them much over the last few years due to cooler things like Skype and Msn and the fact that I mostly hate talking to anybody. I really regret not owning one at this point. When I finally get through to customer service again they agree that I most definitely do have a fault and should send it in for repair at once. They give me details about how to contact D.H.L and arrange a pick up. I phone D.H.L who unfortunately because of the snow in my country and the fact that it is close to Christmas will not be picking up any parcels until further notice. I log my order and they tell me they will contact me when my order can go through. A very frustrating month passes where I have ninja'd myself into friends houses so I can use their computers to work and I have heard nothing from D.H.L regarding the waiting list I am on.  I am loosing money and reputation hand over fist. I phone again and they tell me they have forgotten me and to make it up to me they arrange a same day pick up. So the computer go's into be repaired at last. There is no television in my house. Who needs one when you have a computer? I remember thinking. I catch up with a lot of reading in this time.


  After a week and a half my computer is returned to me at 6am, Just as well I never sleep. Can't express to you all how relived I was to have it back. According to the repair report the attending technician had re-seated the ram and the c.p.u. That struck me as a bit strange. C.p.u's just don't fall out. Must have been a manufacturing fault. Anyway, for the next week I have fun catching up on work and playing all the games I have so missed. I installed my copy of Cataclysm that had been sitting on my shelf since December the 7th like an unwanted Christmas present. As it turns out it has ruined the game for me which I was already somewhat bored of. So now it has gone back to sitting on my shelf....Like an unwanted Christmas present. Everything was fine for that week. Then one morning I turned it on and it would not boot again. Just like before.


  This time I used my friends phone first time, Then I got back in touch with customer service and spoke to an old pal. It was Sam but he did not remember me. I was a little miffed but that's bye the bye.;) He assured me his most personal assurance that this time my computer would be repaired and I would not have any problems with it for the foreseeable future. I have to admit that when he got going he fully convinced me the smooth talking bar steward. So once again and a week later than it was returned to me to my computer went in for repair. At this point my housemate lent me his old laptop so so I could work. I have to say that this laptop is only slightly more powerful than A Sony walkman from out of the 1980's. I was grateful though. Also my bad run of luck continued as my housemates laptop's hard drive died. He blames me for it and want's me to replace it. At this point I am beginning to wonder if there is some kind of techno curse upon my personage. Maybe placed there by some kind of Techno-Witch. You have to wonder.


 So I got my computer back yesterday lunchtime.  Wicked Cool! This time the repair report stated that they had replaced the c.p.u and updated the bios. They had even given me a small upgrade free of charge. I was also given a steam key for Star Trek online by the boss of a website I work for to say thanks for all the hard work under difficult circumstances. What a nice thing to do. Things where looking up. I beta tested S.t.o from day one and really fu^&ing hated it. Have to admit I had a blast playing it last night. I thought I deserved one night of gameing freedom.  Was looking forward to playing again today after work. Got up this morning and powered on my computer. You guessed it. Not booting again with the same fault. I have to say I am absolutely furious about it now. Two times is kind of understandable but three times with the same fault inside as many months? When I got through to customer service I gave them the wrath of Dom. (It was Sam I spoke to again by the way.) He assures me that time he will make sure a senior technician will work on the repair. Senior technician? What kind of retards had been working on it before? So I am kind of undecided as to what I should do next. If I send it back or make a big deal about them replacing the unit. Money back is not an option as there is no way I can afford a replacement to the same standard of parts and I am paying on instalments and in the meantime, my business is going down the toilet. Any advice you guys have would be appreciated as always. 


  Never lend me your computer.  Never buy a computer from Dell or Acer or any of them. They are built and maintained by total retards who odviously take no pride in their work. 

  So do you believe I have super powers of computer breaking now?  I can't believe it is all down to bad luck.  As a wise old Jedi once said; "In my experience there is no such thing as luck."  Sorry about the big QQ as well. But sometimes it's good to let it all out and a blog is as good a place as any. And as always, I never expect anybody to read my entries anyway, especially a big wall of text like this one. But if you did manage to get to the end a big thank you for reading. Will be back for another one soon and hopefully with my own computer.  There are much worse things going on the world than this inconvenience after all.

Stay out of trouble you crazy kids!:)

This Month - Spookydom Plays Zentia

Posted by spookydom Tuesday August 3 2010 at 7:34PM
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Hello Again Everybody.


This month amongst other things I have mostly been playing Zentia..........What other things do I here you ask?. Well, none of your business.......Oh don't look at me like that!. You know, the usual stuff. Working, eating, sleeping, going to the toilet, eating cheese, getting drunk and finding myself upside down in various strange locals, drinking tea, stopping the Earth being invaded by aliens and teaching Dolphins to talk.


Anyway, not to digress to much but for this entry I wanted to talk about Zentia. Usually and with a few notable exceptions I have one feeling about the Asian free to play market and that feeling is DIE!. So I do not know what posed me to give Zentia a try in the first place. It may have been the advertising on this very site and the epic Prawn v's Squid battle from the main sites intro video.  The comedy value in that was enough to peek my interest. Heavens knows it certainly wasn't the graphics, as you can see from the linked video they look at first glance like they have designed by the drunk baby I wrote about in last months Blog, The afore mentioned baby of course having lost the use of both arms and chubby legs due his drink problem.

  So after scoring a closed beta key from Massively I was ready to download and give it a whirl. Normally when I get ready to play a free to play game for the first time I am preparing myself for three things

1 - To uninstall three or possibly four seconds after logging in.

2- To vomit all over my expensive monitor.

3 - To feel so soiled with myself I usually develop mild agoraphobia and can't leave the house for a few weeks.


 So when the log in screen came up with the standard Chinese picture of a guy on a cloud (standard if you have ever played any of Perfect worlds games) my hopes were not high. I was greeted by the character create screen and that was not at all standard. The toons on offer are a set bunch and you have no customization options. But this is presented in such a colorful way I was bamboozled enough not to let it bother me, what with all the character models hanging around a busy street scene and looking like they are having a great time. I ended up going with a little fellow that looks like a two year old...probably because I still had drunk babies on my mind. The classes on offer are different to say the least but if you are a fan of Asian Horror or Anime you will feel instantly at home with them. I like classes that summon and classes that use swords so the Master Summoner class had everything I wanted. And so my mighty toon was born. Two years old...the latent magic ability of a god.....the fine motor skills of a frog on amphetamines! His name......Was Spoons!

Yes he is riding that donkey backwards.

So after a brief but to the point tutorial I was in the starting area and ready to do some quests and see what this game was made of. My initial impressions where that the controls and camera movement felt very clunky and counter-intuitive and this game has a very subtle and tongue in cheek sense of humor. I think it was the sense of humor that kept me playing through the initial quests. Also that my initial gripes about the graphics were not warranted. They are standard fair to be sure and dated,  but also colorful and suit the mood of the game very well. You spend a lot of time in the same areas but at no point did I feel the game world was small or restrictive like it does to me in games like Warhammer or Age of Connan.  This is clearly a game aimed at the younger audience but it definitely does have elements that would appeal to all ages. A lot of the humor and the many and varied film references would be lost on the younger players. You are given your first pet and mount very quickly, and indeed the pet system is a large part of the game. Capturing pets is a separate skill that has to be leveled like any mmorpg crafting skill. Almost any mob in the game is tameable and all have different buffs that affect the player. Finding the right pet and choosing it's skill selection is a fun task in its self. Mounts are also tameable but a bit trickier to get hold of but there are different ones that complement specific classes and can be trained and leveled just like pets. Bears for example can seat two players, have taunts and the ability to slap mobs around. Rock Crabs are ideal for casters as you can cast while mounted and train skills that will augment your magic abilities.

Spoons and party during an escort quest.

  There are plenty of other things to do apart from the standard. Random events, daily events and quests, collections and mini games and even afk dancing that gives you experience. So what does this game have over its free to play competition? The truthful answer would be....Not much, and I do have a few reservations. At this time the item shop is not available but we will be testing that for the first time at the weekend. At this point we do not know if the shop will cause any imbalances or to what extent crafting mats will be tied to it. However I have to say that this game does have one and very large factor going for it. It's really really good fun. I do not think I can put my finger on exactly why, I think it's a combination of a few different elements. Its sense of humor and the fact that it takes its self in a very light hearted way is very refreshing. There are plenty of things to do and the game world, while not the prettiest you will ever see is colorful and engaging. I find it to be very addictive as well. There is always just one thing you want to do before logging and that I find is a much sort after element in an mmorpg.  The game will be heading into open beta very soon and I recommend having a look at it for yourself. It really wont be to everybodies taste but I definitely feel there will be a market for it.  I don't think Zentia will be my main game of choice but I certainly do not feel the urge to uninstall it or indeed vomit of my monitor. I think like my other free to play favorites Dungeons and Dragons Online and Earth Eternal it may be a game I can come back to again and again.  I am reserving final judgement until I see what happens with the cash shop. If it ends up not being a game breaker then I can actually envisage spending some money on it, and that is the highest praise I can give to a free to play title.

 So to other matters, I have finally got my key through for the Lord Of The Rings Online free to play Beta. (Thanks and Turbine) So now that the NDA has been lifted I hope in my next entry to provide some thoughts and feedback on that. Lord Of The Rings Online is my favorite current mmo bar none so I have mixed feelings about the possibility of seeing the changes to the game first hand.  Anyway, as for you. Thank you very much for reading and hope to see you again next month.

Stay out of trouble kids ok! :)

Spoons busts a move with Zentias version of Michael Flaherty.

This Month - Game Jumping And I have the Attention Span Of A Drunk Baby

Posted by spookydom Tuesday July 13 2010 at 12:01PM
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Hello again everybody.


you know babies right? Little people, look a little bit like miniature Winston Churchills. Have you ever seen a drunk baby? Have you ever seen a drunk baby on drugs?........well....neither have I, but I imagine they would have an attention span very similar to my own over the last few months. For those of you who read my last Blog entry right here on you will remember that in the last instalment that I had re-subbed to World Of Warcraft  for a month to see the vanilla content for the last time. Needless to say from the title of this latest Blog entry that I did not last the duration, and that...well....I've been playing a few other games as well. If you don't mind and even if you do, I would like to take you through just exactly what I've been up to.........lets hope it leads somewhere ah?


World Of Warcraft.

I have a lot of love for this game, even though it has pretty much changed for ever. I leveled my new Shaman to cap and then was faced with the imminent specter of gear grinding, faction grinding, badge grinding, daily quests etc etc. I have to tell you, normally I have no problem with grinding, I just sit down, whack on some tunes and get on with it.....the moment you stop to think, well, thats's when your brain catches up with you. And in this case my brain was all up in my face saying things like "What the hell in satan's Portion are you doing?"  and in this case I had to agree with it. (in most cases me and brain have never really got on.)  I just could not be arsed with it, and I can not put it any more eloquently than that I am afraid. I will no doubt be back for Cataclysm for some Goblin action (that does not sound right does it?) but for now I would rather remove my own testicles with a wooden spoon than go through that again.


   So...what to do next? I was still feeling like some more mmorpg was the way to go. Maybe it was time to reactivate some old subscriptions and see what the deal is with some of those other games.


Age Of Conan.

Here is a very brief synopsis of how that went for me.

Week One - WOOOOOO!!!! This is friking awesome! Did you see that? I just cut that guys head off with my axe! How do you like me now bitch!!!

Week Three - /crying I am so bored and life did not turn out how I expected, I demand that somebody shoots me now, right in the face.

I have some time for this game I have to say. the new expansion looks very pretty on my sassy new desktop and to be fair, I did initially have fun with my HOX playing through the new content. But with me it's the same old same old with Age of Conan. The world feels far to restrictive, the lore and quests do not engage me, and the community on the pvp server sometimes just left my jaw hanging open with there incredulous stupidity. (The community on the pve server are a much cooler bunch of heads.) Don't think I will coming back to this one in a hurry. it's like I told Bristol Airport security...."It's not my bag!"

At this point the Steam summer sale happened and I picked this up for twelve English pounds....despite warnings on these very forums not to do it.



Here is an even briefer synopsis of my time on Aion.

Day 1 - Wow! this is a good looking game. I like some of these features. Oooh look! I have got to level ten and now I can fly......That's just wicked cool!

Day 5 -  ARGHHHH!!!!  What the hell did I just spend that money on??? That's a bottle of half decent scotch I could have got drunk on and then glassed myself in the face with for ever considering buying this!  /Gets in the Willem Dafoe pose from Platoon and screams into the air for half an hour before realizing he looks silly and then poping to his local shop for more scotch.

Hey, I don't have anything against anybody who enjoys Aion. I just never ever ever ever ever ever ever want to go near it again.....and I can't stress ever ever ever ever ever enough.


So me, I've always been a bit of a game loyalist I suppose. When I find a game I like I generally stick with it for months if not years. I have always been a bit skeptical of people who jump from game to game. My thoughts are that maybe they just don't like or appreciate this genre in the first place. I think I was wrong about that. Sometimes people have an idea of what they want to play and jump games because they can not find anything that grabs there attention. Sometimes people are just suffering from burnout and are not ready to let go just yet.  It could be a myriad of different things, there are after all a myriad of different personalities on the planet. I will endeavor not to generalize about it again. Sometimes though you strike lucky and find the right thing at the right time. This leads me to.....


Dungeons And Dragons Online

I was ready to knock mmorpg's on the head for a little and concentrate on some of the other sweet deals I had picked up in the Steam sale. One of my friends was chatting to me on MSN one night and he asked about D&D, how it was going since it went f2p. I realized I had not really played it recently so we decided to download the client and see what what was going on with it. Here is another synopsis.

Week 1 - Cool, I'm having fun!

Week 4 - Well look at that! I'm still having fun and am totally not bored yet or had any urges to hurt my unmentionables with blunt objects.

This game is just what I'm looking for right now. It doesn't take over my life. I haven't found the grind anything that makes me want to commit seppuku. you can solo or play in a group whenever you feel like it without some jumped up little terd telling you your missing the point of mmorpg gameplay. Granted playing through content with a friend also makes a big difference. So for now I am happy where I am, and what mmo addict can ask for more than that?


Other Games I have Been Playing

Blood Bowl - I love it!

GTA IV - If companies made sandbox mmorpg's like this. I would be a happy bunny.

World Of Tanks Beta - I am really enjoying this game so far, and when I'm playing I find myself chanting "WORLD OF TANKS! WORLD OF TANKS!"  (So what? I never claimed not to be a compleat mentalist.)

Magic The Gathering Duels Of The Planeswalkers - Who doesn't enjoy playing Magic? Non bespectacled Geek's with a life, that's who! I like it very much though.......ummmmmm?


Thinking of re-subbing to Fallen Earth or Evercrack II for next time, wonder how that will go? Well I'm off now. Those who got to end thank you very very much for reading. Will see you soon. You all stay out of trouble until then ok?

OK lets get this out of the way quickly.........ummmmm.........This month, I kind off, sort off.....Re-subbed to WoW. (I know, I KNOW! STOP JUDGING ME! STOP JUDGING ME!)  Anyway now that's out of the way and if you are still reading, I would like to share with you genteel reader,some of my experiences. I also don't really want to touch on the feelings of some of the community about what this game has done to the industry or what negative things some people feel the game is responsible for. This Blog is just about my recent experiences and I hope it can be appreciated as such.  Let me start by saying I love this site and the community, warts and all. I have never written a Blog here before but have always had a hankering to contribute one. If its any good and people like it I will continue. If not I'm happy to pretend it never happened if you guys are. I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself now whether you like it or not. I'm a 35 year old currently single player from the Grand City Of Bristol in the UK.  In my time I have been a professional session musician, a drug addict, a youth worker, sold second hand furniture for charity and part of NASA's first maned space mission to Mars. (I made that NASA  bit up, that never happeneddd) I am also badly dyslexict...deslaxtic....dislactic.....Oh,  you get the idea so please forgive the inevitable spelling and punctuation mishaps that are bound to ensue, especially with my penchants for overly flowery  and  pretentious words and things. So, lets get started.  I think in my time of playing these games I have been a very lucky boy indeed. My five year love and addiction to MMORPG's started.......ummmm.....five years ago with World Of  Warcraft. I came into the game with a large bunch of my real life friends. Most were established already on the server ( Neptulon E.U) and some had been playing since beta. Over time we formed into a pretty kick ass guild. We knew each others play styles, we worked well together, we never took things to seriously but still dealt with anything the game could throw at us. In short we were wicked cool and I had a great time. When I moved on to other games I always seemed to find myself in good guilds with decent players.  I've never really had to p.u.g or had problems finding a group and that is why I say I am lucky. There has always been somebody online I trusted to work through content with. This brings me back to the re-subbing to wow .(Sorry for the big digression there folks).

        I don't know why I did it but I did,  and  that was after I made a solemnn vow by the powers of Greyskull and the great Jimmi Hendricks never,  ever to touch it again. I checked back in the old server (By the time I left the game we had rolled as Horde on Vek' nilash E.U. In my opinion The Horde is were all good players end up;)). At this time only two of my old gang are still playing the Blizzard behemoth and they are members of some of the hardest working raid guilds on the server. Uber Geared out the backside etc etc My main was a level 80 holly pally heal-bot who I am not currently on speaking terms with. Just the thought of his smarmy Blood Elf face makes me want to drop kick my computer out of a window.  I decided I  wanted to start again, experience the game from the beginning with a new toon before it changes forever with the coming apocalypse. Kind of a farewell tour if you like. I could not expect any help from my friends as those two have there own commitmentss now (Big shout out to Catbrain and Tigels. You know who you are......also have you ever thought about forming some kind of crime fighting team?)  and even though I'm still a bit confused as to why I actually re-subbed in the first place, I always knew I wanted this to be a solo mission:).  So after faffing around for a few days on Neptulon with some old  Alliance toons, relearning how to play the game I was ready to start. I had to roll Horde so back to Vek'nilash.  Just after a few days spent amongst the self righteous Alliance made me realize I was playing in the wrong band. But what to roll? Decided on a Shaman in the end. Had heard most of there leaking manna problem had been sorted in the time I was away. And Enhancement Shaman's melt faces. Also if I missed healing I could re-spec later on or duel spec or whatever.  Chose to go Tauren. yeah, I know they have a habit of defecating wherever they feel like and Thunder Bluff smells of poo but nobody can deny they look pretty imposing and if you don't think that. then I would like to take this opportunity to go on record as not agreeing with you.

 So there I was, balls deep outside Red Cloud Mesa. No guild and no mates  with a new toon on World of Warcraft for the first time in two years. A lone Tauren Shaman with poor bowel control on a one cow mission to experience the noob zones before Deathwing nukes the crap out of them.  levels one through twenty went pretty smoothly. I realized two things in this time.

1 - Oh my goodness has this this game been nerfed or what?
2 - This is not the game I fell in love with.
3 - I was actually having fun....and nobody was more surprised than me.

  OK that's three observations, and I apologize for that. As I was saying this is not the game I fell love in love with, this is a different game. Maybe all the time I have spent away from it has given me a fresh perspective and I read these forums every day and I've heard about the changes and was expecting to get massively narked off by them, put on a sailor suit and sit sulking in a corner with my thumb in my mouth crying about the good old days. Maybe I have just been missing Wow's pick up and play happy go lucky style but as much as I wanted to, I could not deny that I was having a good time. Hours passed and I realized I wished I had installed an intercom system so I could buzz my housemates to bring me a potty and some Hot Pockets. (Being a Brit I have no idea what a Hot Pocket is. WTF is a Hot Pocket when it's at home anyway?). So, I was getting into the game. reading the quests and kind of making up my own story in my head about my toons adventures as lots of us do. Before you know it I'm level 35 with a Kodo mount. Yeah, mounts at level 20 now? actually that's one nerf I can forgive. After running round Mulgore for a day or two I really appreciated my Kodo. As an aside just for a moment one mount nerf I will never forgive is the Pally epic mount. That is one quest chain I absolutely friking despised with a passion, but the feeling of accomplishment I got when I was finally holding the keys to my brand new bad ass Charger  I would want all future Pally's to share in. Back on topic, I'm level 35 and realize I get mail Armour in five levels. I want the scarlet chain set. The scarlet monastery has always been in my top five instances and this was as good a time as any to go back in for some dungeon crawling. I needed a group. I had a quick look at my friends list  and realized my old buddy's now spend most of there lives in Icecrown. Doubt  they have  time for my little Shaman. Then I remember the new dungeon finder feature. "Sweet!" I think to myself "I can just spend the next five levels living in the scarlet monastery until I get my Armour set.......How bad can it be?"

   You remember how I said at the beginning of this Blog how I've never had to find a pick up group...........well as you vet's can imagine I was in for a bit of a surprise. Over the last two days I have run the Scarlet Armory alone sixteen times all through Dungeon Finder. I have never used Chat Roulettee but I imagine that dungeon finder is the mmo equivalent.. What an experience. I have seen the best and worst aspects of the games community from friendly like minded players, distant but highly competent pro players  Kids running it for the first time through to the horror story kind of players you only ever read about if your lucky not to end up in a group with them.  I have to finnish up by telling you about this last run that I made with my Shammy into the armory. I have trouble sleeping so I was up and ready for another crack at some Scarlet Armor at 4:00 am GMT this morning. There was no Waite time and I was literally inside the instance short of a minuet after logging on.  Had a quick scan of  my group for this run. Pally tank, shadow Priest, resto Shaman, feral Druid and my guy. You know it's a bad sign when two of your party take one look at the tank and then disappear saying things like; "This guy again...i'm out" and "I am never running an instance with this $%^&"£ again". Two members down and our  fearless Pally tank seemed non-pulsed. Bravely he runs into the first group of mobs and starts bashing away with gay abandon despite the rest of the group shouting he needs to waite for a healer. He shows no signs of stopping so I nobley take on the role of healer while the druid gets involved as a D.P.S bad boy. Inside five minuets and we are joined by a Blood Elf Priest and an undead Mage, who quickly go about there business.  As time passes it becomes apparent that this tank is not stopping for anything. Not manna breaks (not even his own), not to deal with adds, not for loot ,not for other team members to be rezed. He is not talking to anybody either. We get to Herod's room after three wipes. (God awful) the tank is not even waiting for heals himself. We ask him in the most polite way possible in the situation if he wouldn't mind just stopping while the healer has a drink.  I am just settling down for a nice glass of moonberry juice myself when all of a sudden the great one speaks to us for the first time.  "You come follow" and without further ado hes opening the door and going toe to toe with Herod. Nobody has any manna and just at the moment mobs we must have missed appear right on top of us. I don't remember how the actual conversation at that point went but is something like this.

Mage - "Tank adds"
Priest  - "oom"
Druid - "Tank wtf are you doing?"
Tank  - "-----"
(priest dies)
Mage - "tank!!!"
(Mage dies)
Druid try's to combat rez I try to heal the tank and Druid. To slow and taking to many hits. Druid dies, I die, tank dies. It's another wipe.
Mage - " Tank wtf!!"
Priest  - "Expletive expletive expletive you expletive expletive"
Tank - "noobs"  Tank disconnects
Me - "ff4 that!"
Mage -  "Omg what an expletive!"
Priest - "lets get back in and waite for another tank"
Me - "I have a reincarnation up, will bring you back in a sec"
I start rezing just at that point our new tank appears....its the same guy
Druid - "Omg no way"
Me - "unbelievable!"
Priest - " Happens a lot at this level"
Tank - "Follow me"  Half the party is still dead tank jumps into Herod and starts attacking again.
Everybody - "W8 ffs!"
Tank dies we all die. Another Wipe. Tank disconnects. Three minuets later we get our new tank guessed it, it's the same guy again.
Mage - "Holly crispy crap not again!"
Tank - "You guys lets go!" Starts attacking Herod

At this point I am spurting my morning coffee out in gales of laughter. I have not seen something so funny in a long time and I realize that I am not frustrated or annoyed, I actually have enjoyed this little adventure. Perhaps I was wrong to think I was lucky never to have to p.u.g.  It's like seeing Leroy Jenkins in action first hand. Maybe it's because I have no p.u.g experience or that  I have been away for a while, or I have stopped taking the game so seriously or even stopped taking myself so seriously. I love the fact that characters like this are out there. They defiantly bring something to the game as an overall experience that I feel would be missing if everybody was a "leet" or "pro" or even just up for a bit of rational discourse. So I would like to dedicate my first ever Blog to you Mr take no crap Pally dude wherever you are and to all players of your particular idium. Thank you for beeing you:)

  And as for anybody who made it to the end of this rambling wall of text well done and thank you very much for taking the time to read it. You all stay out of trouble OK!