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Unbiased reviews and/or factual statings on what a game has to offer. Maybe even a few other posts as well.

Author: spinach8puff

Requiem: Bloodmare Review (Levels 1-13)

Posted by spinach8puff Thursday June 26 2008 at 1:48PM
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Requiem: Bloodmare is a free to play game and it took me three hours to download. At most it only took five minutes to install and update. My experience with Requiem: Bloodmare was mostly nothing new and quite brief. I only obtained level 13 and I didn’t buy anything from the item mall so don't bother reading further if you feel I am inexperienced with matters concerning this game.


The creators did very well on creating an environment that was creepy, but the graphic style just wasn’t something I could play for a long period of time as I am only into fantasy games. There are still numerous aspects I enjoyed about this game, but it just wasn’t enough for me to overlook its less desirable qualities. For example I kept track of how long it took me to level and since I was still in the early levels I figured the leveling wasn’t going to get any easier. I don’t mind it taking a long time to hit the level cap, but I prefer the option to group or not if I choose.


Game Security

There isn’t much under here, but I really wanted to touch on something interesting they added. After you create your character and go to log in you are asked for a passcode. You have to create a 4 digit passcode for your character. I assume this is so if your account is accessed by an unwanted person and they go to log in or delete the character then they can’t without those numbers. Even if someone is spying on you, from five feet away, behind your back, the keypad changes its number order so even if you enter 4444 as your passcode you won’t always be clicking in the same spot to enter those numbers in.


The character creation was very limited and you could only choose between ~ 4 faces and hair styles. Besides the race selection there weren’t many physical attributes to change in order to distinguish your character from everyone else’s. As for your surroundings it gave me a Silent Hill, the movie, kind of feeling with how the mobs look. When it changes from day to night and vice versa your screen fades to black for a second which was a little weird each time it happened. When your life gets low your body gets covered with blood and if you die you are still kicking, which is pretty creepy, while it asks you if you want to resurrect at a nearby waypoint. Overall the graphics remind me of Lineage II with a horror twist. The Kruxena females also run similar to the Dark Elf females in L2 so you get a nice view of a blue bum with a thong for your first 10 levels.



You can only use the WASD keys to move and the right mouse button to look around. The movement controls get annoying when you are trying to change the TV channel or drink a soda in real life as you have to have both hands free in order to function efficiently. Using the A and D keys to turn is to slow and unfavorable to me. The number lock key is once again auto run which is a simple and extremely useful feature. The emote setup they have is your normal generic line up with cry, wave, and dance with 12 others. Other action buttons include collect all, sit/stand, and group invite. I expected to find those buttons somewhere on the right side where the majority of the primary buttons are, but they are in a small button in the right side of the chat window.



I’ve never been picky about what sounds a game has unless it sounds like an old Atari game. In other words if you really enjoy the ambient sounds and music of a game I am not one to ask since I have low standards in that area.



The community generally seems to be foreign as I saw players speaking mostly broken English, Spanish, and French. There are lots of people around since the game is new and if you run into trouble with a bad pull there are normally people around who will see you running and will try to help. Unfortunately there’s a lot of gold selling spam in the local channel, but the good news is you can turn off that channel or block people if it really bothers you.


Environment Freedom

As for having freedom and not feeling restricted to one set running/climbing path it feels the same as Lineage II. You are able to jump over stair railings and climb most mountains, but I don’t suggest jumping to get higher on a mountain as it seems to take in random directions and you end up falling further than you were. Your character can jump higher than Everquest and World of Warcraft characters, but not as high as Perfect World with their crazy Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon jumps. With jumping there is no fall damage or penalty for taking a leap off a very high location.



It took me three hours to get from level 1-11 and then two hours from level 11-13. You can either quest or mob grind, but quest grinding gives you a pretty good amount of exp. Mobs at level 9 that are one or two levels higher gave me 2-3% exp per kill. Some quests tell you where your objective is and with others you have to run around until you find them. Also don’t worry about not having enough bag space while leveling because each bag you get gives you 25 slots and you start off with one bag. By level 13 I had gotten two more bags from quests.


Once hitting level 10 you go from a generic melee character to a more defined class. When you go to a trainer they give you a description on what "job" you can pick . Choosing your new job makes leveling much easier as with levels 1-9 if you miss hitting a mob a couple of times and you don’t have potions then you are more than likely going to die. Don’t bother running for a guard because they don’t help if you are in trouble. Kiting is possible if you pick a ranged class, but it’s somewhat difficult. If you agro three mobs or more, have a few HP potions, and have at least 60% health you can run away and still make it. Mobs can still hit you from a fair distance away so turn your camera and hold it to see when the mob stops chasing you. You regenerate mana and hp faster when you sit so if you are out of potions don’t forget to sit when you get low and are out of combat. I don't remember the penalty for dieing being harsh so it must have not been anything noticeable.


I suggest from levels 1-9 you carry at least 10 HP potions at all times, but don’t worry because they are somewhat cheap. They cost 36 Lant, which is the currency, and by level 8 I had 2k Lant already. The cool down on potions is only 9 seconds so no you can’t chug potions like RF Online or Diablo. I am unsure if it is lag or this is the way potions were meant to be, but drinking a potion is delayed by a second or two so don’t cut it close. To buy potions look for some type of general provisions vendor and double click the item. I may not have found the right key to hold, but you have to spam click the potion in order to purchase masses of them.



Around level 7 is when you meet your first mob that will agro onto you if you get close enough. Behind the creatures level on your targeting bar there will be a red or black color. The red color means it will agro onto you if you get close enough. If a mob has an icon on its target bar like the Sauron eye from Lord of the Rings it means you can’t solo it unless you are a good kiter. Some mobs also call reinforcements so keep yourself at least around 60% health.



Items with different colored stat text would normally be considered a blue or rare item. It could have been dumb luck but, by the time I was level 13 half of my equipped items were dropped from mobs. Quest reward items helped fill in the other spots. You also get trash drops that you can vendor or reduce down to a reagent type of item which is called a Xeon. I didn’t get too involved in the upgrading of items with Xeons since you outgrow your equipment often in early levels. More information on what to do with Xeons can be found HERE.



While leveling you spend about 80% of your time running around trying to find mobs to kill for a quest or npcs to deliver selected quest items to. If you have a completed quest that you need to turn into an npc it will light up as a small yellow circle on the mini map when you are close.  If you have to travel a far distance there are little airplane type things you can take for around 50 Lent. Just talk to the person by the platforms. You don’t have to pickup the flight points like you had to in WoW which is really nice.