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Mistress of MMOs

Unbiased reviews and/or factual statings on what a game has to offer. Maybe even a few other posts as well.

Author: spinach8puff

Annoying personalities of the LFGame forum posters...

Posted by spinach8puff Sunday January 25 2009 at 1:11AM
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Now don't get me wrong. I enjoy helping people who actually have some common sense, but through my efforts of trying to help people find an MMO they might enjoy I have run across a lot of unintelligent people. I am going to leave out the advertisers, trolls, and fanboys as they are in every forum and not only in the LFGame forum.

The many annoying personalities of the LFGame forum posters:

The Ambiguous - These people have no idea what they want even after they are given a list of specifics to choose from. Their only specifics are good graphics, fun game play, and a good community.

Oh wait... that's the type of game you wanted? Why didn't you say so in the first place?!?! I suggest checking out THIS link as it specifically lists those types of games.

"Like this game..." - They want a game just like this other one, but they normally don't list what they specially like about the game. They are very similar to The Ambiguous.

The Unrealistic - "Are you kidding me? There really isn't an MMO that has ninja ballerinas with machine guns that are leaping off walls fighting hordes of mutant slimes?"

The Cheapo - "I'm looking for a game with great graphics, tons of character customization, lots of classes, a big world, loads of stuff to do, easy to level, great support, oh and I want it free to play. I mean that's not asking for much is it?... anyone?... hello?...why isn't anyone responding to me?!?!" They are a close friend to The Unrealistic.

"Question about Game_01" - "Oh hey I am really curious about Game_01 through Game_05 so please list all the pros and cons of each game." It's not like they made a specific forum for those popular games that can be found to your left or from a drop down menu above the name of the forum at the top of just about every page. Even if they did no one has ever asked a question such as this. Oh hey what's this...

"Convince me..." - "I've tried all of the games on the list, didn't like any of them, but I am still looking for a game. So if you think a game is good, convince me, and I might try it again if you put up a good argument." I will never understand why people who are not advertisers actually post trying to convince someone. Is their current game so dead that they have to convince people to join? Does that not give you a hint that the game isn't getting any better?

The Indecisive - They post what type of game they're looking for, people suggest many games, and then... "I just don't know which to choose!!!" Generally these people either get verbally violent or emo because they can't make up their mind. That's when they either turn into the "Convince me..." or the "Question about Game_01". Once they try a game they generally don't last long in it and turn into The Repeat Offender.

The Repeat Offender - These people have game hopped more than most people change their underwear. You will see them post in the LFGame forum at least once a month.


So what makes helping anonymous people worth it? The very few who actually say thank you after you have given them suggestions.

ZtyX writes:

Heh.. Great blog, m8! :) keep it up..

Sun Jan 25 2009 1:46AM Report
stayontarget writes:

I have seen every single one of those dudes :/

Sun Jan 25 2009 2:11AM Report
axlezero writes:

Haha, awesome, bump from me.

Sun Jan 25 2009 3:37AM Report
Dedthom writes:

Good blog. I will refer to it if I ever post in the LFGame. Now you should do another based on those who reply. Like the "my game for everyone". No matter what the OP wants the poster will advertise there game try to scew it to fit.

Sun Jan 25 2009 10:48AM Report
Salvatoris writes:

The worst for me are the repeat offenders.  I think a lot of them also fall in to the unrealistic category as well.  The thing that bothers me about them is that they are the ones trolling all the game forums telling everyone else how much their games suck. 

They have played everything, and hate every MMO made, but their sure the perfect one is right around the corner.  The only games they have anything good to say about are the ones that didn't launch yet.

Sun Jan 25 2009 12:32PM Report
FadeToBlack3 writes:

So sad yes so true.

Sun Jan 25 2009 12:32PM Report writes:
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