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Mistress of MMOs

Unbiased reviews and/or factual statings on what a game has to offer. Maybe even a few other posts as well.

Author: spinach8puff

Annoying personalities of the LFGame forum posters...

Posted by spinach8puff Sunday January 25 2009 at 12:11AM
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Now don't get me wrong. I enjoy helping people who actually have some common sense, but through my efforts of trying to help people find an MMO they might enjoy I have run across a lot of unintelligent people. I am going to leave out the advertisers, trolls, and fanboys as they are in every forum and not only in the LFGame forum.

The many annoying personalities of the LFGame forum posters:

The Ambiguous - These people have no idea what they want even after they are given a list of specifics to choose from. Their only specifics are good graphics, fun game play, and a good community.

Oh wait... that's the type of game you wanted? Why didn't you say so in the first place?!?! I suggest checking out THIS link as it specifically lists those types of games.

"Like this game..." - They want a game just like this other one, but they normally don't list what they specially like about the game. They are very similar to The Ambiguous.

The Unrealistic - "Are you kidding me? There really isn't an MMO that has ninja ballerinas with machine guns that are leaping off walls fighting hordes of mutant slimes?"

The Cheapo - "I'm looking for a game with great graphics, tons of character customization, lots of classes, a big world, loads of stuff to do, easy to level, great support, oh and I want it free to play. I mean that's not asking for much is it?... anyone?... hello?...why isn't anyone responding to me?!?!" They are a close friend to The Unrealistic.

"Question about Game_01" - "Oh hey I am really curious about Game_01 through Game_05 so please list all the pros and cons of each game." It's not like they made a specific forum for those popular games that can be found to your left or from a drop down menu above the name of the forum at the top of just about every page. Even if they did no one has ever asked a question such as this. Oh hey what's this...

"Convince me..." - "I've tried all of the games on the list, didn't like any of them, but I am still looking for a game. So if you think a game is good, convince me, and I might try it again if you put up a good argument." I will never understand why people who are not advertisers actually post trying to convince someone. Is their current game so dead that they have to convince people to join? Does that not give you a hint that the game isn't getting any better?

The Indecisive - They post what type of game they're looking for, people suggest many games, and then... "I just don't know which to choose!!!" Generally these people either get verbally violent or emo because they can't make up their mind. That's when they either turn into the "Convince me..." or the "Question about Game_01". Once they try a game they generally don't last long in it and turn into The Repeat Offender.

The Repeat Offender - These people have game hopped more than most people change their underwear. You will see them post in the LFGame forum at least once a month.


So what makes helping anonymous people worth it? The very few who actually say thank you after you have given them suggestions.

Fusion Fall - First Look

Posted by spinach8puff Saturday January 17 2009 at 4:31AM
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Personal feelings about Fusion Fall are at the very bottom. Everything else is a factual stating of what the game offers.



The WASD keys are the only way you are able to move around. There is an auto run feature which is the Home key (thank you rhinok). You can change your movement, weapon swap, and Nano summon keys in the game binding area. To look in a different direction you can either move your mouse around or use the Q and E keys. All of the other functions are explained in the beginning tutorial. You can look them up at any time in the Game Guide section of your user interface if you want to skip the tutorial.

You hear a little cartoon tune while walking around sometimes and the rest of the time you hear environmental effects like birds chirping or owls hooting.

Cell shaded for your character and other NPCs, but the environmental graphics are more realistically detailed.

User Interface
It can not be shrunk so if you don't play in the maximized screen setting it will take up the majority of your browser window.

Character Creation and Customization
There are four character slots, but two are only for people who pay. Upon creating your character you can either randomly generate a name or do your own. After choosing your name you are taken to the physical creation of your character. There are 5 different body heights, 3 body types, 12 realistic skin colors, about 24 hair styles, 18 hair colors, four faces, and five eye colors. There are also around 30 different starter shirts, pants, and shoes which are replaced as you level.


Game Play

Chat System
Pre-generated words and phrases are your only form of communication if you don't pay. If you pay you have to activate it in the My Account section on their website. There are also 14 different emotes.

You only level when you complete a Nano quest. To get new Nano quests you have to earn a certain amount of Fusion Matter points. To get Fusion Matter points you either have to quest grind, which is the fastest way, or you have to mob grind. You can see how much Fusion Matter you need for your next Nano by hitting the Enter key -> going to My Stuff -> going to the Nano tab -> and clicking on the cell that shows a small shaded figure.

Staying on for long periods of time is discouraged by lowered money and Fusion Matter experience gain. Everything I have experienced is soloable, but they do have a group options.

There are flight and warp paths, but you have to find and click on the NPC when finding a new one so you can use it. Warp paths instantly port you to a different major area. A major area being similar to the capital of a state. Flight paths fly you to different smaller areas within the major area.

Quests consist of kill a certain amount of Mob_01 and Fed-Ex. Quests send you all over the place and while it may take you awhile the first time there is generally a flight path between distant areas. Quest goals are highlighted on your map with a red dot and some quests are timed.

You gain money, Fusion Matter points, and sometimes a box with an item upon turning in a quest. Generally the times you get from quests are going to be the best for you at the time.

There are instances, but the majority of the world is open. You do notice a slight pause whenever you zone into a new area, but besides enclosed regions and warping between major areas you don't see an actual loading screen.

Instances are called Fusion areas, can be found anywhere, and are easily identifiable by tall wiggly green tentacles. The blue circle pads are ports to an enclosed region that are not instanced. Inside of the enclosed regions are timed races where you collect green bloby things. If you finish in time you get some money and Fusion Matter points. If you're good enough in the race you will get to see your rank in the top 10. These enclosed regions are also where you will find platform jumping which makes the timed races difficult. If you fall you do not take damage.

Your head, back, and face are statless cosmetic items. The rest of your armor only has a defense stat and a specific sex requirement. Weapons tell you how much damage you can do to a single target and a group of mobs. For weapons there are guns, swords, and the more rare grenade type items. There is no durability on any item.

Nanos define your players abilities since your character has none. Your Nano's have passive or activated abilities. Each Nano has three different powers that you are able to choose from upon obtaining it. If you choose an activated ability for your Nano you use the X key to use it. Their abilities also have a cool down so no spamming is possible.

You are allowed three Nanos at a time and the rest of them stay in your separate Nano tab until you go to a Nano Station to switch them. At a Nano Station you are able to change your Nano's power with specific reagents called power items. When using a Nano it takes damage over time so you can not keep them out constantly or you will be wasting a lot of money on potions for them. If your Nano runs out of health they go back into your pocket to regenerate health. When they have about 25% health you are able to summon them again.

You aim by moving your mouse in whichever direction the mob is in, similar to an FPS, and you hold down your left mouse button to continually attack. Mobs can either stun you, summon a burst damage area under your feet, like a void zone in WoW, or just smack you. You are normally able to take one burst of damage from the area they summon on the ground, but if you don't move in time you are likely to die on the second burst of damage if you don't heal yourself via Nano ability.

Money, Nano potions, and boxes drop from monsters. In these boxes are either weapons, armor, power items, or gumballs. The gumballs and power items are rare, but can be bought from merchants.

Environmental Freedom
You are able to swim, go over hills, and climb mountains that don't go straight up.

Other Stuff Worth Mentioning
I haven't found any PvP, crafting or professions, guild, or global chat features. There are also no auction houses or a stall setup to sell your items to other players, but you can trade. You can play the game for free until you have to go to the past and then you have to upgrade if you want to continue. The price is $5.95 per account or $9.95 for four accounts per month.


Personal Feelings
I am 25 years old and I love cartoons so seeing some of my favorite characters in game is amusing. I am only level 12 at the moment, loving the game, and plan to make it my primary game for now. There is a ton of environmental content to explore and I love that some items are only for cosmetic purposes as I like to customize my character in noticeable ways. The combat is boring until you get groups or mobs or mobs that spawn a burst damage area under your feet. The platform jumping and races in the enclosed regions are definitely challenging when they move and turn at varying speeds. I read the first areas quest text and found it to be nothing special so I stopped fully reading them after I went to the "past" part of the game. I still browse them now and then to see if it's part of the primary story line.

There are still a few things I dislike about the game. One being that there's also hardly any people around in the pay area, not like that is totally surprising, and the game locks up and crashes quite often with everything on highest quality. My computer is a Newegg Link and I thought it was fairly good, but I honestly don't know hardware that well. The game looks absolutely horrid on its best performance settings so I will deal with the crashes and what not.


Edit Add Jan. 17th 7PM EST: I hit my first brick wall with questing. It turns out the amount of Fusion Matter points you don't gain when you are under the penalty for playing many hours is quite significant. I have looked everywhere for more quests and there are none. It seems I am going to have to mob and/or race grind until I can get the next Nano quest. Extremely disappointing.

Edit Add Jan 17th 9PM EST: The fun was short lived. I can not stand solo grinding mobs for hours on end. I'll come back when and if they reduce the penalty on paying customers, but for now R.I.P. Fusion Fall.

Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine Online - Brief First Look

Posted by spinach8puff Thursday January 1 2009 at 6:27PM
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Personal Feelings
I haven't gotten very far, but there is a lot to learn in your first 10 levels. It's somewhat similar to Pokémon and the old Final Fantasy. However I wouldn't recommend this game to someone just getting into the MMO gaming world as it's not simple. So far I am having fun, even thought it's only in its open beta, and I plan to continue playing it.


The realistic graphics are nothing amazing with everything being on high quality, but I have seen worse. Your character looks somewhat plastic since it has very little shading. Surprisingly what you see in advertisements and on their website is what you see in game. There is also a day and night cycle.

It's not terrible or amazing. The music is comparable with older console game audio.

For movement you can either click to move or use your WASD keys. The WASD controls are rather clunky and not recommended unless you really dislike the other option. You can look around while holding the right mouse button and zoom in/out with your wheel. If you don't like how your key configuration is set up you are able to change it. There is an auto run feature, but you are unable to change direction by simply looking in a different direction. There is no auto attack or jump feature. The different chat channels are easy to use.

User Interface
You can move every part of the interface and minimize it if you want, but you are unable to shrink it. There are four options for you to change the shape of your hotkey bar.

Character Customization
There's anywhere from 3 - 10 preset options to change your height, face, hair/eye color, clothes, hairstyle, and weapon preference. There's only one race. I haven't found anyone who looks exactly like me yet.


Game Play

The first area you get to you are given a brief rundown on how to attack, move, look around, and all of the simple stuff. Later on you are told the same thing again, but they add a better explanation on your other attack buttons and a lot of other information you should remember.

There are no long paragraphs or quest dialogues that you have to read to get an idea of what is going on. There are mini cutscenes and simple one liner sentences that you click though, like in Final Fantasy, to continue a conversation with an NPC.

I'm unsure yet if they are the primary form of experience gain as I have mostly obtained ones to go talk to NPCs. The quests I did get asked me to go kill a certain amount of Mob_01, deliver a letter, and charm a mob to bring it back to an NPC. You are told the area where the mob you need is, but the area is only highlighted when you talk to the quest NPC. You also have a choice of dialogue with some quests.

It is mostly an open world, but there are some instanced dungeons.

Think of the demons in this game like Pokémon. They are out in the field and to charm one you have to use a negotiation skill. To start off you get three negotiation skills with which are taunt, threaten, and talk. You aren't always able to charm one so sometimes you will find they disappear or attack you. Once you have charmed one you get to look at its abilities. Each demon has their own strengths, weaknesses, and looks different. There is also an option to fuse two demons together to make a stronger one. You and your demon have two separate experience bars and share mob experience.

Attribute Points
There are six attributes which you can manually assign:
Strength - Increases damage with close range weapons
Magic - Increase efficiency with all spells
Vitality - Increase maximum amount of your hit points
Intelligence - Increase maximum amount of your mana pool
Speed - Increase damage with long range weapons
Luck - Increase chances of delivering a crit, decrease chance of being crit or status ailments, and affects loot dropped.

You get a few points each level and you are unable to change them once you have distributed them.

There is no auto block, parry, dodge, or attack. Click once on the mob to select it then click once on an attack and then again to use it. At the beginning you are shown how to best use guard and dodge. You regenerate health and mana outside of combat.

There are around 35 different expertise skills with five classes within the specific skill and a few different ranks within each class. It isn't possible to learn everything or reset them.

List of general items

  • Magnetites are used as a reagent to summon demons that you've befriended.
  • Mocca is the actual money used to buy items in game. Neither of them drop every time from mobs.
  • Revival Beads revive your demon or other players.
  • Traeto Stone is a reagent used to hearth/gate back to your home point (bind location).

Other stuff worth mentioning

  • Equipped items takes up your inventory space.
  • You can enter buildings and it's a fast load.
  • In the cities there are these little squares where you can set up a stall location to sell items. It costs money, but you don't have to be there while you sell stuff. You assign a demon to tend to it. If you cancel the stall then you still have to pay the money for it.
  • There is a mail box in game and you can access it anywhere.
  • There are different channels.
  • You can only make one character currently and I am guessing it's because it's in open beta.
  • Mobs don't respawn ridiculously fast and their bodies have a time limit.