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Torchlight and Diablo....

Posted by southburg Sunday November 15 2009 at 6:34AM
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Is torchlight really similar to Diablo? I admit that Diablo is a great single-player game. A rating of 8/10 is reasonable enough for it. So, I got interested on playing Torchlight because of the issues I heard that it is similar to Diablo. And here's what I experienced after downloading it and playing it.

After loading the game, the main menu will be shown and you'll choose from 'new character', 'load character', 'settings', or 'quit game'. Of course, you start off by creating your new character. Now, you'll choose from the 3 classes:

*Destroyer, which excels at melee combat, like the "Warrior" in Diablo.
*Vanquisher, which is a long-ranged character, just like "Rogue" in Diablo.
*Alchemist, that uses magical power and summoning skills, the "sorcerer" in Diablo.

Choose one then type your char's name, then also pick your pet (dog or cat) and its name. Continue and you'll pick the difficulty level of the game. You can also pick whether you want the "hardcore" mode to be activated on your character (an option available also in Diablo). You'll then be located in the town of torchlight.

Now, let's see the character stats by pressing 'C'.
Strength - increases melee damage
Dexterity - increases ranged damage
Magic - increases elemental damage
Defense - increases armor defense.

Just like Diablo, you add stat points to these four attributes. You'll also see 'Resistance' from Fire, Lighting, Poison and Ice, another one of Diablo's Features.

Now, press 'S' to bring up the skills. Your skills are divided into three types, Diablo again. Compared to Diablo 2, the skills here in Torchlight is lesser because there's only 3 character classes and they also have some skills that are the same from the other 2. And unlike Diablo 2, there's only level requirement for a certain skill, therefore you can freely choose what skills you want and save your points for a high level skill.

Bring up your inventory/equipment by pressing 'I'. You'll see another Diablo-like setting in your character's equipments. Right/Left Hand weapon, shoes, gloves, belt, body, helm, 2 rings and an amulet. If you happen to have played Diablo, and you press 'W', what will happen? You'll switch your weapon right? Well, torchlight also has that. Look at your items and you'll see 2 potions (health and mana), and 2 scrolls. The scrolls are 'Identify Scroll' and "Town Portal Scroll", just like what Diablo has.

Go on to the mines and kill a monster or two. If you see an item/gold dropped by the monster press 'Alt'. If you played Diablo, and press alt, it will show the names of the items dropped on the floor. Well, that's also one of the features of Torchlight. Go along and for some time, you'll see the name of an item in a certain color. The color represents its rarity, another one of Diablo's feature. And you also need to identify it just like in Diablo again. I almost forgot that there are also set items which gives bonus stats if two or more set pieces are worn by the character, and it's also in Diablo.

Once you get to the game a bit far from the start, you'll come across monsters that resurrects another monster. They're a bit annoying and there are only two ways to stop them from resurrecting. One is to kill the one that resurrects or kill them when in "cold" state so they will not turn in to a corpse but shatter. Another feature that can be seen in Diablo.

You can also see health shrines and other shrines in torchlight. Gems that can be inserted into socketed items to give bonus stats. The gambling npc, where you buy unknown equipments for your character. A waypoint for you to teleport instantly to a certain location. And more other features of torchlight that is obviously also a feature of Diablo.

Runic Games just released a good game. But the fact that it has so many features that is similar to Diablo, made some players love it and some hate it. Based on my own opinion, Torchlight is a good game but I would not rate it higher than Diablo 2. Its graphics and effects are better than Diablo but the story and gameplay of Diablo was a lot better. This would be a 6.5/10 rated game because of its lack of unique elements and poor content. And if Torchlight is just like Diablo? Yes, it's more like a cuter Diablo version with a better graphics with an uninteresting story.

First Blog Experience

Posted by southburg Wednesday November 11 2009 at 11:44PM
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To Blog or not To Blog?... That question entered my mind just a few days ago. I'm wondering if writing my own personal blog would improve my self. As far as I remember, I tried to make my own blog twice but didn't continue to submit it. It may be because I was thinking that there's no point writing one or two blogs. Or maybe I was too afraid that no one will read my blog. And the worst case is that someone reads it and gets bored/irritated that he'll flame my blog . But look, I'm now more determined to post this first ever blog of mine. And I really really wonder if there will be someONE that'll read it, even one (other than myself, of course) will be enough.

My First Blog = Too plain... I accept the fact that i'm not creative enough to write blogs that'll attract readers and entertain them. Well, as the saying goes, "Try and try until you get BETTER" (or something like that, LOL), i'll keep writing blogs to improve my creativity. If I find some free time, i'll try to look for some ways to write a blog better.

WANTED: Readers :D ... I pray and wish that YOU'll read my first blog and feel free to add a comment. Oh, and if you have some suggestions on writing a blog, i'll gladly read it. I don't know if it's good to say this but, I'll post my blogs in four different blogspots.

MMORPG... I'll make a blog, some other time, about an MMORPG that I play. Basically, i'll write reviews on MMORPGs 'cause I know, for myself, that I can have the 'feel' of a game good enough to write a review with some sense.