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Hatred The emotion of intense dislike; a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action.

Author: soulwynd

Once upon a time....

Posted by soulwynd Thursday January 3 2008 at 8:57AM
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   I seriously thought people's demeanor couldn't get any worse, but I have been online since all we had was 2400 baud rate modems and I must say, the internet shaped some horrible people out there. To be fair, there are horrible people everywhere and they probably are just as a bunch of asses in real life as they are online. I'm not entirely sure if that is part of the American culture, but since most online places I go to are mainly populated by Americans, I must assume it is.

   Here is the thing, the online world is mostly textual and it seemingly screws everyone's ability to type correctly and put their thoughts into well formed phrases. I've actually had someone ask me why I ended my phrases with punctuation marks. Of course, he didn't state his question that clearly, he was just asked in one letter words why I used dots. I guess that's why there are so many ugly people out there, the medium screws the content. But I digress slightly.

   Besides grammatical errors becoming banal and not a sign of bad education, we end up with jerks who thrive on it. "Boobs or GTFO" comes to mind as well as typos becoming unique words on their own. We all know "teh" is different from "the" in meaning and "pwn" is used as a derogative therm, creating a whole elite of retards. I'm not saying the occasional use of these words is bad, but when it becomes part of colloquial chatter, it really screams out as either laziness or dumbness.

   Furthermore people hide behind the internet to be complete assholes and cowards, without using any logic or argumentative skills, escaping the medium they are in. Nobody online has to be afraid of being smacked down when they call someone else names. Once childs realize they can do something without being grounded, they will do it. They will grow doing it and that's what your average internet location has became.

   What any of this has to do with online games? Everything, I am afraid. Text is still a medium in games and the internet is still a shield. But in games these horrible people have yet another mean to annoy us as they play several hours a day leveling their character just to pwn[sic] people who is there to have fun. Even in FPS games, they go around trying to humiliate people with their 'elite skills'. Oh, okay, so they can be single-minded enough to play a game well and for hours. I'm sorry but that's a sport that wont give them any scholarship aid and they will probably need it.

   Can people become any worse? I'm sure they can and they will.