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Diablo 3 Cosplayers: The Good, the Bad, and the Horrifically Ugly

Posted by solidus8 Wednesday May 8 2013 at 12:19AM
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Diablo 3, the latest installment in the hit hack-n-slash RPG series, has grown its already massive fanbase. The newfound love from first-timers and the rekindling of old passions from longtime players are made manifest in the highest form of praise in geek culture – cosplaying.



Credits By - Kombokitten


The Butcher of Diablo 1 makes a surprising return in Diablo 3, looking even more horrifying in full 3D. The same can’t be said for this cosplay wherein the only horrifying thing is the sheer lack of effort in creating it.  Even that girl feels like slitting this fat guy’s throat for having the audacity to pose with her in her much better costume.



The new Witch Doctor class’ appearance takes its inspiration from African tribal shamans, complete with intimidating ritual masks to create an authentic mystical visual. Nothing intimidating about the concept though when applied to a white boy with hairy legs who is shameless enough to not cover his face up! At least he got the emaciated body down pat.



The folks at Blizzard were gender-sensitive enough to give players the option to choose female avatars for all classes, finally affirming the bizarre but inevitable act of cross-gender cosplaying! This big lady was self-aware enough to go for a costume that fits her well, looking mighty fierce in her female Barbarian getup.



Darkness shrouds the mysterious Demon Hunters, and that cloak-and-dagger air to their character makes for a dangerous allure. Bathed in the harsh light of geek conventions with thousands of socially awkward dudes staring, this female cosplayer owns the attitude anyway (although that dinky little “crossbow” won’t stop a wave of hormonally charged nerds).



The old Sorcerer class from the previous Diablo games gets a big upgrade in the form of the Wizard. Unbound by silly codes and ethics, the Wizard toys with the supernatural forces of Sanctuary. Much like how this cosplayer is toying with my heart with her fantastical outfit and enchanting looks!




The Monks of Diablo 3 are a group of highly disciplined warriors of the light, training both mind and body beyond human limits to wage holy war against the Burning Hells. This stern-faced cosplayer captures that fearsome fighting spirit tempered by restraint. Garbed in impressive battle armor and free-flowing cloth while brandishing lifelike weaponry, she is a sight to behold.




There’s a reason he’s called the Lord of Terror, as the very sight of his frightening visage strikes fear even in the hearts of the bravest warriors. But when some random guy decides to recreate it in his ordinary-looking house’s foyer with a pose that screams “LOOK AT HOW BIG OF A DORK I AM”, it all looks rather silly. A for effort, though, because that costume must have been a bitch to create!




Deckard Cain’s intrepid adopted daughter may have been fated to a tragic end by forces beyond her imagining, but she lives on through her many fans cosplaying her. This particular Leah fan scores points for the accurate costume (complete with fur-topped leather boots!). Extra points for having the official Book of Cain as a relevant prop, but minus points for covering what I assume to be a pretty face with it.

It seems pretty clear that the ladies do a helluva better job of recreating the Diablo 3 cast in real life, but everyone has an opinion. Let the world know which of these cosplayers did their characters justice by leaving a comment below.

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