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From both Sides

I am a programmer and I have found that many people don't realize the flip side to most situations, this includes those companies releasing the games.

Author: sohji

Many Faces of Gamers

Posted by sohji Sunday August 23 2009 at 10:41AM
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I've spent my time playing many styles of games and have recently found myself addicted to MMO's. I've played all types from free to pay to racing and shooting.

In my adventures I've found that there are many types of gamers out there. But I think I've boiled it down to a few categories. Adventurers, Questers, Killers, Sellers, Helpers, and Socializers.
I'll describe what I've seen here kinda backwards to get to my point.
Socializers- These people play the games for the very specific purpo

se to talk to their friends. Most commonly they don't even seem to know many of the game mechanics and never go anywhere alone. Of course, in most cases that I've seen they also seem to be some of the most friendly of the group, at least when it comes to conversation. Oddly enough, I tend to avoid these groups of people if possible, for they simply sit there and talk for hours and you never seem to get anything done.

Helpers- Are just that. They spend hours of their online play simply helping those who seem to need it. Although they do help whenever needed, they also have attitudes. They feel if you can't figure something out you shouldn't be playing the game. This is an odd situation to come across really. They try to help as much as possible but can't stand it when people can't figure it out. I actually like this type of person, even though they tend to be mightier than thou, they also tend to have a great sense of humor.

Sellers- These people just piss me off. They run around and pick up every resource they can, be it from gathering, Kill stealing, Auction hunting...whatever. It most cases they are players that have multiple characters on the same server and are trying to make the most money possible to transfer it to their master character or to go out and sell it to someone. They shout constantly if it's a game with shops and gather in hordes. It's difficult running past a series of Sellers because you can't see what's going on around you and in some games it lags from the shouts and massive players gathered. I have noticed that many of these people don't converse at all, and if you bitch to them about KSing they bonbard you with hate messages, as do all their friends.

Killers- They are actually a fun group of people albeit annoying at times, but aren't we all? In most cases they tend to be either PKers or PvPers. They do whatever they can to get a player that seems to be powerful to get them to duel or PvP in some manner. Of course not all killers will just PvP or PK, some actually PvE like mad. They enjoy running around with massive groups and nuking massive amounts of mobs. It's fun to watch really, and in a lot of cases if the group of killers runs across a single Quester they will attempt to add them to the group. In most cases they will work well together, but there is the odd person that will get super pissed if one person in the group doesn't know their character type's role.

Questers- There are two types of questers. Those who Solo, and those who group. I consider myself a Solo player most of the time. Questers tend to gather every mission they possibly can for their level and circle around completing each one and going back to receive the reward. This is most commonly the largest group of versatility. There can be so many types of questers, but ultimately they are more worried about completing the quests than anything else. In some cases that I've seen, the questers will neglect their character stats or equipment and struggle with quests that should be a breeze.

Adventurers- This is the group I fall most in to. This group is rather recluse, they tend to spend a lot of time alone without any other players round. These people, for one reason or another, tend to travel to the lesser known lesser traveled spots. Commonly these locations hold Mobs that are vastly overpowering for their current level, but manage to find a way around them by learning the character agro zone. Many people do this in order to go resource gathering without worrying about other players stealing the resource, or to go and get to a town that may have much better equipment or even where their friends are located because they are different races. I tend to simply travel, I've spent hours upon hours just exploring. I try to find the shortest but possibly most difficult path from point A to point B. As one may presume, I get stuck a lot. We are also the group that tends to not even pay attention to the chat window as we are focused on one of our personal missions. As for conversation, we aren’t the most social groups unless we run across the other random adventurer.

Of course, most players tend to fall in all of these categories at some point but also seem to fall more in to one group more than others, where do you belong? I welcome comments to give any other possible groups or comments on these that I've mentioned. I'm always curious to find other types of players or even games that promote other gamer styles.

Annwyn writes:

You musn't forget Role-Players :þ though they are more common in P2Ps

Sun Aug 23 2009 10:52AM Report
sohji writes:

I actually thought about that one as well. Actually started typing it up, but they follow very closely to the Socializers.

Oddly enough I was a part of that group for a while. But yes, the roleplayers are an elusive group. They are commonly laughed at or made fun of by other players and commonly stick to their roleplay no matter what. It can be difficult to get into a group of roleplayers, but once you are there the game can take on a whole new meaning.

Sun Aug 23 2009 7:50PM Report writes:
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