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The Wild Adventures of a Dragon

Seeking fame and glory? A way to master the art of loading your bank? Or a top notch on the field of battle? All is revealed! -Achaea

Author: SnJ08

Its all fun and games in the Arena... but I still want to win!

Posted by SnJ08 Monday April 30 2012 at 4:52AM
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My tales of arena success in the land of Achaea, provided by IRE!


The Arena is a grand stage crafted for entertainment of combat. Used for various things, arena event games, training, or even more rewarding events such as tournaments. Some of my favourite games in the arena are the rampage and the king of the hill.

In the game of rampage you have a bloodbath period which lasts usually around 15 minutes. During this time you just run through the arena finding challengers and fighting. The person who loses does not get cast out of the arena during the bloodbath. Once the bloodbath is over the finale begins and this is where it gets thrilling. In the finale when you lose your'e out, and the last one left is declared the winner to the whole world.  Below is a list from my STATS that shows what events I've won and how many times.


Arena Duels Won:      673    Party Duels Won:      36     FFAs Won:             178
Rampages Won:         279   KOTHs Won:            72      CvAs Won:              0
TOTFs Won:              5      Royal Guards Won:      1   Freeze Tags Won:       1
Frog Baits Won:         4    Jousts Won:             0        Chess Games Won:       2



My other favourite is the King of the Hill, short term KOTH. Its a game that puts you on a team. There's the red team and the blue team. The objective is to obtain the flag in the arena and plant it where the hill is. The hill can be stagnant or it can move. Most of the times the arena is set to have a moving hill every 5 minutes. There is a point goal, usually 1200 to 1500. While your team has the flag in the hill you gain points and this is the only way to gain points. If your team has the flag planted then your job is to protect the hill and the other teams job is to take the flag. This doubles as a great training excercise for raiding and raid defense.


Each city has an arena as well as the town of Delos has the arena that pays homage to the Lord of combat Himself, Lord Matsuhama. Earlier this  month I engaged in upwards of 7 rampages all of which I won.


You call upon Sllshya and unleash a forceful blow towards Synbios's head with
your trusty staff.
You have slain Synbios.
You look around triumphantly and realise you are the last one standing. You have
WON the game of Rampage.



The thrill of getting that victory line is amazing, one that makes you feel quite accomplished as a combatant. Achaea is home to probably one of the best and most complex combat systems around. IRE put alot of effort into it!